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How to choose the right SUP paddle?

An essential part of your stand up paddle equipment, don’t forget that the paddle is the engine of the stand up paddle board.
Therefore, the choice of paddle is very important according to your different practices. Numerous models, blade and handle shapes, materials as well as sizes and fastening systems are possible.

To row correctly and be efficient in the movement without hurting your back, the length of the paddle must be adapted to the size of the practitioner.

The objective is that every stroke of the paddle should be effective. To achieve this, the blade must be fully immersed to get the best possible performance.
If you touch the water with the tip of the paddle you will not be able to reach optimal speed and you risk being unbalanced.
On the other hand, a paddle that is too big will cause slow and tiring movements, especially in the action of bringing the paddle forward.
If the practitioner is stiff when rowing, then there is a good chance that his paddle is too big. Paddling involves using the whole upper torso and not just the arms, it is natural to have to bend forward when rowing to get more efficiency. The paddle is actually a third point of support on the water which balances your upper body and lightens the support of your legs on the board.

We detail in this article how to choose your SUP paddle and how to adapt it to your practice according to: the size adjustment and the materials used for the blade and handle.

We illustrate this article with our SROKA paddle range which we invite you to discover in detail in the accessory section of our website.