A stand-up paddle all around is a versatile SUP, both for a leisurely ride with the family, to admire the landscapes, to go for a picnic but also to ride small waves (if the board is not too thick between 10 and 12 cm). The longer a stand-up paddle is, the more stable it will be.

The size of the board will differ depending on whether the person is large or thin. We will choose a paddle 10 for thin to a medium person under 90kg and a paddle 10.6 for larger persons, who are additionally beginners. A beginner will tend to oversize his board to have the maximum stability thanks to a large board width. He can reduce the size of his board later as soon as he is more comfortable. The stake of a smaller board is to have a more reactive board, especially during turns.




Our stand up paddle waves 9.5 is a SUP particularly manageable in the waves, thanks to its round outline, it is a reactive board in the turns, it will allow you to make a bottom turn in the waves. Plus this SUP is a compact board which is a perfect match to both discover the joys of the surf and going on walks.


If you are looking for a board for long-distance rides, cardio workout and performance rides, the alpha range is the perfect compromise it combines speed with stability. A perfect match for all of those who want a stable board with an excellent glide.

The Alpha 11 range is a touring board that combines the Malibu 10’6 ’s stability with the glide of the pointed nose range. Thanks to its tail, a little wider than 12’6, 11 alpha will have a maximum of stability.

If you’re looking for more gliding and performance, go for the 12’6 alpha range.

The 12’6x 28 will be a smaller board, better for cardio and race because of its lightness, its small width will give you a maximum of speed and decrease the drags.

For those who want to slide while having stability, we recommend the 12’6x 31 alpha.