How to choose your inflatable stand up paddle according to your practice:

First of all, Stand up paddle, just like cycling, consists of several different practices. This results in a wide choice of products adapted to each of these practices.
Indeed, there are many stand up paddle disciplines. SROKA’s inflatable stand up paddle boards allow you to go for a walk with family or friends, long-distance water sports, paddle racing, surfing and many other ways of rowing that depend only on your imagination.
The SROKA team is first and foremost a team of enthusiasts. She has been invested in stand up paddle since 2013 and works hard to develop the best products on the market and accompany you with advice so that you can have maximum pleasure on the water, because the important thing for us is to share this passion. We consider the use of the right equipment with which you practice safely to be of paramount importance. We choose to offer different ranges of boards depending on the construction of the models, the sizes of the boards and the price of the boards. However, in this article we explain how to choose an inflatable stand up paddle, whether it is a SROKA or not.

The different muscles used during the practice of paddle :

How to choose your stand up paddle

Stand up paddle is an excellent physical training and fitness sport because it uses almost all the muscles of the body. The power of the rowing gesture certainly passes through the arms, but it is transmitted through the legs to make the board glide. In addition, the legs are stressed with regard to the general balance on the board. Finally, like any water sport, stand up paddle has a strong mental dimension because it is necessary to analyse the body of water, i.e. the water movements due to wind, waves, boats and currents, whether they are strong or not.




The SROKA team has thought of the beginners. In fact, we have developed a range that allows you to start paddling in complete safety and with the right equipment.

The Easy range at SROKA is perfect for starting the SUP, whatever the intended practice.
For cruising, the Easy pack in 10′(-90 kg) and 10’6 (+90 kg) is perfectly adapted to beginners who want to discover water sports. These inflatable Stand Up Paddles are sold in ready-to-go packs. We have studied these packs and boards to make them as accessible as possible, while remaining efficient. From the very first use, the Easy packs will make you feel like you’ve always been able to do Stand up Paddle.

SUP inflatable Sroka Pack Complete Easy 10
The Pack Easy 10′, for sizes of less than 90kg beginners in the sport
Complete inflatable SUP pack Easy 10'6 Sroka
The Easy 10’6 pack, for sports beginners over 90kg.


For long distance hikes, we have created the inflatable paddle Easy 11’6×32 and Easy 12’6×32. The 11’6 and 12’6 will meet the needs of all those who are looking for a pleasant glide with great stability. These boards are also sold as complete packs at Sroka Company.

Thanks to their streamlined lines and a pointed nose, the long-distance Easy’s keep a line of direction while maintaining a high level of stability.




The size of the board must be chosen according to the rider’s size and type of practice. We will choose the Malibu range for beginners: a 10 paddle for weights under 90kg and a 10’6 paddle for weights over 90kg.
A beginner will want to oversize his board for maximum stability due to the large board width. He will be able to reduce the width of his board later as soon as he is more comfortable.
The interest of a narrower board is to obtain more reactivity especially in the turns but also a better glide, this is the case with the Alpha 11×30 and 11×32.

Our Malibu stand up paddle is a versatile SUP, both for family outings, to admire the scenery, to go on picnics but also to take small waves on the shore. Note that the wider a stand up paddle is the more stable it is.



Walking is the most accessible practice of stand up paddle. The ride consists of rowing/slipping on a calm body of water without forcing too much. The practice of stand up paddle while walking or hiking is interesting because it allows you to put most of your muscles in motion. It is a very complete sport in terms of physical motricity.


The ride has the advantage of being accessible to everyone, regardless of level of practice or physical ability. However, you should choose your board according to your level and the regularity of your rides. The Malibu range will be suitable for beginners and those who wish to go on the water during the summer months, while the Alpha range will be more suitable for regular practitioners who wish to achieve better performance over the long term.

How to choose your stand up paddle




If you’re looking for a board for long rides, cardio work and performance, choose the Alpha range, which combines speed and stability. This is an excellent compromise for those who want a stable board with superb glide and speed performance.

The Alpha 12’6×31 and the Easy 12’6×32 are touring type boards that combine the stability of the Malibu 10’6 with the glide of bow boards. With the tail (back of the board) slightly wider than the 12’6×28, these boards have excellent stability.




The practice of stand up paddle race is the most physical discipline of the SUP. It’s all about speed, endurance and technique. For paddle riding, the ideal boards have a fine, long outline with a sharp, bow-shaped nose (nose of the board) to split the water with a minimum of friction and optimise glide.

For paddle riding, the ideal boards have a fine, long outline with a sharp, bow-shaped nose (nose of the board) to split the water with a minimum of friction and optimise glide.

  • Traditional Flatwater is a discipline that combines endurance, cardio, strength and technique. The principle of the race is to carry out on a flat piece of water courses of different distances (linear or loop) ranging from 3km to more than 50km.
  • Downwind is a sport that combines endurance, gliding and a sense of the sea. The principle is to make a course from a point A to a point B in the direction of the wind and waves (wind and back waves) to surf on the swell in SUP.
  • TheBeach Race offers races with beach starts and hand boarding to complete courses with buoys in the waves and passages on land. It is often short and intense around 5km long.

If you are looking for maximum glide and performance, opt for the 12’6×28 and 14’x27″ alpha boards.
The 12’6×28 and 14’x27″ are narrower, more cardio and racing boards because their lightness and narrow width give you maximum speed with good inertia.




Paddle surfing consists of taking waves while using the paddle as a motor and as a support point.
SUP surfboards are chosen according to your size, your level, your surfing style (long curve or more aggressive curve) and the type of wave you are looking for. The SROKA surf paddles are inflatable/deflatable in order to optimise the space in your car or in your garage.

The SROKA team has created the best inflatable paddles for the practice of SUP Surf.
Indeed, the Waves 9.5 Fusion inflatable paddle is ideal for discovering the joys of surfing. It is a relatively short board with a round outline, which makes it easy to make curves on the waves. This board has a reduced thickness for a better contact with the wave and adapts to all levels of practice.
In addition, our teams have thought of the youngest and smallest riders with the Easy 8′ inflatable paddle designed for strolls and stand up paddle surfing.




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