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Foiling Magazine the first magazine of Foil is born !

Foiling Magazine

It is in the office of Water Born Media in Hayle, Cornwall (UK) that Foiling Magazine the first magazine on paper and published worldwide (plus online) of Surf Foil (Surf, SUP, Wake, E-Foil), launched this summer 2019.

The Surf & SUP Foil trend initiated by Kai Lenny in 2016 quickly conquered the whole world and established new boundaries on the surfing world. The possibilities of different ways to ride are just infinite : surfing for several minutes on unlikely surfspots that are impracticable on a regular surfboard, or even more on the ocean to reach unimaginable speeds on small boards. But also carving fast with new angles on tiny waves or bumps, rediscovering any body of water nearby in a whole different way and far away from the crowd. Finally, to experience unique and pure riding/flying feelings that are incomparable to any other boardsport, with the best freedom of movement on water.” This is our vision of the Foil and we are very pleased that such a fine magazine publishes it and shares it to many readers across the world.

This first edition features an all-star cast of contributors with Kai Lenny, the pro surfer Caio Ibelli, Chuck Patterson, Erik Aeder, John Carter, Robby Naish and Marc Chambers to only cite a few.

You can Find in the edition the following subjects : an interview of Kai Lenny (One of a kind), the tale of a stormy surf foil trip in Europe with Fernando Mizo and Julien Salles, the presentation of Caio Ibelli and his vision of oiling in between the stops of the World Championship Tour of surfing, an interview of Robby Naish, an article about the arrival on the market of the E-Foil and finally a presentation of all the major brands of foiling (The Players) and their boss/shaper in which SROKA is introduced.

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We wish you a good reading of Foiling Magazine the first magazine of Foil!


cover v2 foiling magazine 1st edition
Kai Lenny on the cover of the first edition of foiling magazine

Brand presentation of SROKA and Bruno Sroka in the category “The Players” of Foiling Magazine

First advertisement page of SROKA foiling magazine

Presentation of the S-Foil with Martin Letourneur in action in Villefranche-sur-Mer on this add for Foiling Magazine

We have been the first foil brand in France to offer kite foils at the best quality-price ratio. We continued our journey by designing a dedicated windfoiling hydrofoil and the first version of our S-Foil, the new 2019 version of the S-Foil is a six-in-one hydrofoil developed on the Brittany coast with 4 wing sizes that permit to practice 6 disciplines : Surf Foil, Downwind SUP Foil, Wing Foil, Kite Foil, Windfoil and Wake Foil !

Find our whole collection Foil On our website.

M-L-XL-XXL Front wing - Surf foil - sup foil - wake foil - wing foil - aluminum 2019 - SROKA Company

M-L-XL-XXL Front wing - Surf foil - sup foil - wake foil - wing foil - aluminum 2019 - SROKA Company