Windfoil on Annecy’s Lake

Sun and turquoise water with a light breeze on Lake Annecy at the foot of the mountains for an unforgettable Windfoil session with Jean-Guillaume Charrier of Gomera Production. Let yourself be lulled by the scenery and the magic of long flights over the water surface in Windfoil.

You don’t have to be in strong wind conditions or be located on the seaside to do Windfoil on Annecy’s Lake. it’s a great playground for light wind conditions. But with a compact board like the Sky Rider 7’8 with an S-Foil in 1500 and a 5m2 will allow you to sail from 12 knots of wind.  Strolling over the water to find the winter powder sessions is quite possible. It’s up to you!



The Windfoil is a simple hydrofoil mounted on a windsurf board, allowing you to get pure glide by flying over the water anywhere from just 7 knots of wind. The first Windfoil prototypes appeared in the early 1980’s as windsurfing developed rapidly and brands competed for innovation. However, it wasn’t until the explosion of Kite Foil that the Windfoil movement was really born. It is a practice that has developed a lot thanks to competition but now knows a majority of freeride riders because of its technically accessible side and the unique sensations it provides.


The interest of the foil with windsurfing is to increase the speed of the boat by rising above the water so as not to be slowed down by the chop. Foil also provides lift for jumps and allows you to keep all the speed during a “jibing” turn. Our vision of Windfoil at SROKA is that of Free-Ride and the pleasure of sailing in complete freedom: without noise, without friction and by optimising the wind energy to the maximum.

Windfoil convertible supfoil: skyrider 7'8

The 7’8 x 30″ SKY RIDER

SROKA Watersports has designed the SUP Foil SKY RIDER to allow riders to start WindFoil easily with control and stability on a large, wide and stable but light board. We have added an insert to install a mast foot on the 2019/2020 model so that it can be fitted to any Windsurf mast.

It is THE board that allows you to optimize your time on the water by choosing up to five board sports that can be practiced from the same board: Windfoil or Windsurf, Paddle Surf, SUP Foil, Wing Foil or even Wake Foil behind a boat and starting directly standing up.

With a Carbon Sandwich construction and a 100% French manufacture/design (Brittany) we ensure the quality, performance and top-of-the-range durability of this board which is the fruit of French know-how.

Handle on the inflatable paddle Easy 12'6x32

Sky rider board – Compatible with Windfoil, SUP foil and paddle Surf SROKA

The S-FOIL L 1500 cm2

The S-Foil SROKA has been designed to practice Windfoil with the SKY RIDER but also up to 5 other disciplines with our other boards: Surf Foil, SUP Foil, Wake Foil, Kite Foil, Wing Foil?

The idea of the S-Foil is to allow riders to have a foil that evolves over time with 2 sizes of mast and 4 different sizes of wings to vary the disciplines and adapt to the size and level of each rider, but also to the conditions.

We will continue to innovate in this direction by offering different mast constructions and sizes as well as new front fenders and stabilizers so that you can continue to progress along with your equipment.

Windfoil convertible
This convertible board is a board for windfoil, supfoil and wingfoil. A convertible foil board to do everything.


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