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the SROKA Wing Foil 2020 range

Wing Foil (or Wing Surf) was clearly THE trend of the year 2019 in the world of boardsports following the first images of the Hawaiian sessions of Kai Lenny and then an international development with videos that always create more buzz. As for many other players in the industry, our first reaction to this new discipline was rather skeptical but it was while trying it that we realized the high potential of Wing Foiling, especially in France.

Our approach was then not to rush to market underdeveloped and technically unsuccessful equipment as many competitors have done to position themselves, to the detriment of users who end up with equipment that does not meet their expectations.

Whatever the support (Kitesurf, SUP, Foil and now Wing Foil) we have always developed and evolved our products ourselves with very high performance and quality criteria. Bruno SROKA wishes to apply the same rigorous methodology in the development of SROKA equipments than the one for modern kitesurf boards which helped him to win 3 titles of world champion in kitesurf racing. After having successfully designed our kitesurf wings, our SUP boards and our hydrofoils, it is natural to offer the SROKA Wing Foil 2020 range at the start of the year.

This Wing Foil range is the result of almost a year of prototypes, development and testing in all types of conditions by our riders. The quality criteria that we have retained are accessibility, ease of use, resistance, performance (weight, balance) and finally the price. You will find below a summary presentation of each of the equipment of the SROKA Wing Foil 2020 range: SROKA Wings 4m & 5m, SKY RIDER boards 5’5, 6’3 and 7’8 and S-Foil available in 4 sizes.

You are juste starting or you are not yet practicing, discover our complete guide to learn how to Wing Foil and take-off from the first session.

Depending on your level and your weight initially, then on your type of practice in a second time, we advise you to really think well before choosing an evolutionary Wing Foil Pack. Wing Foil equipment can be very different from one brand or size to another and will condition your experience on the water. Here is what we recommend for each level:

Beginner level pack – for Wing Foil / SUP Foil : 
Board: SKY RIDER 6’3 x 29 – compact dimensions ideal that are ideal to begin with a lot of stability even on rough water
Foil: S-Foil XXL 2000 – optimal stability and lift for an easy and controlled takeoff
Wing: SROKA Wing 4m2 for people weighing less than 75 kg, 5m2 for people weighing more than 75 kg

It is the best compromise of stability, lift and control to successfully take off from the first session and to progress in all conditions whatever your size, even in very light wind.

Beginner level pack – Best versatility : 

Board : SKY RIDER 7’8 x 30 – our very stable 6 in 1 board, allowing you to practice : Wing Foil, SUP Foil, SUPsurf, Windsurf, Windfoil and SUP Wake foil.

Foil: S-Foil XXL 2000 – optimal stability and lift for an easy and controlled takeoff

Wing : SROKA Wing 4m2 pour les gabarits de moins de 75 kg, 5m2 pour les gabarits de plus de 75 kg

It is our most versatile pack for those who want to learn how to Wing Foil in a very safe and stable way, but also to enjoy several other watersports with friends and family using the same gear (less equipments, less expenses, more time on the water)

Intermediate level pack : 

Board: SKY RIDER 6’3 x 29 if you are riding on a rough water body / 5’5 x 27 if you are sailing on a calm water body.
Foil: S-Foil XXL 2000 (wind from 8 to 20 knots) + S-Foil L 1500 (wind greater than 20 knots)
Wing: SROKA Wing 4m2 for people weighing less than 80 kg, 5m2 for people weighing more than 80 kg

An intermediate level is characterized by the ability to sail alone without assistance and to be able to go upwind to navigate freely on a body of water. You must then choose the wing foil pack that best suits your type of practice and the prevailing sea and wind conditions in your region. It is therefore more interesting to vary the sensations (speed, maneuverability) by changing the size of the front wing of the foil than by changing the size of the wing. It is also more economical and simpler, which is why we recommend using two sizes of Foil front wings for intermediate riders.

Confirmed level pack : 
Board: SKY RIDER 5’5 x 27 for more lightness, maneuverability and performance in flight.
Foil: S-Foil XXL 1750 (wind from 10 to 25 knots) + S-Foil L 1250 (wind greater than 25 knots)
Wing: SROKA Wing 4m2 for a compromise of maneuverability / lift ideal in all conditions.

As for the pack for confirmed riders, we recommend using two sizes of Foil front wing rather than two Wing sizes. The SKY RIDER 5’5 and the SROKA Wing 4m2 associated with the S-Foil M 1250 and XL 1750 allow to cover the widest range of use (from 10 to +35 knots) with incredible performances in terms of speed and maneuverability. We are also working to offer even smaller front wings sizes by 2021 using the same attachment system as the current S-Foil to continue to evolve towards more performance.

Discover in this article the detailed description of each item of equipment in our Wing Foil 2020 range.

Big news in 2020 : The SROKA Wing

The SROKA Wing, available in two sizes (4m and 5m for early 2020 and 6m for the end of 2020) is a wing with an inflatable structure which is held in the hands thanks to the handles positioned on the leading edge and on the central bladder. These V-shaped handles stiffen the wing and allow you to comfortably control the wind angle and the speed that the SROKA Wing generates. Two flight windows help for an easier navigation with a better view of the gusts while reducing the risk of hitting floating objects.

This wing of only 2 kg (4m2) is halfway between the kitesurf wing and the windsurf sail. Its handling is accessible to all and its management is very gentle and intuitive. Ideal for practicing the Wing Foil on a board provided with a Foil, the SROKA Wing requires only 10 knots of wind to allow the riders to take off. It is also possible to vary the pleasures by using the SROKA Wing with a foil-less board, a skateboard or even a snowboard.

Materials : D2 teijing Spi, Dacron Teijing

How to Wing Foil

Choose the size of your SROKA Wing

tips of SROKA Wing

Wing Foil SROKA handle

The SKY RIDER range gets wider!

The aim of the SKY RIDER range is to provide more accessibility, versatility and comfort for the practice of water and foil board sports. Our 7’8×30 (120 L) is a real Swiss-army-knife, a board for the whole family allowing you to practice up to 6 board sports from the same gear: SUP Foil, Wing Foil, Paddle Surf, Windfoil, Windsurf and Wake Foil. The compact length / width ratio and volume of 120 L allows anyone who wants to get started with Foiling to do it easily regardless of the discipline and to stand on the board with excellent stability even on bumpy waters.

For 2020, we developed two models of SKY RIDER dedicated to WING Foil and SUP Foil : the 6’3 x 29″ (120 L) is ideal to learn and progress quickly in any conditions while the 5’5 x 26″ (90 L) has the best performance to reach the highest level for confirmed riders and/or very light riders. We have particularly reworked the hull of the board with burrs on the rails and a cut tail which limits contact with the surface once in flight and optimizes speed. Cut-outs reduce drag when touching and taking off. Then, the double concave also improves stability for easy starting. Finally, the very compact dimensions of these two models give ideal handling for the Wing Foil according to your level of practice and/or your weight.


SKY RIDER SROKA Wing foil 5'5x27


S-Foil : when VERSATILITY brings the best PERFORMANCE

Accessibility, versatility and performance are the main criteria that we used to develop the S-Foil. Accessibility in terms of price and ease of use for all levels of riders. Versatility for each discipline, conditions but also the size and level of each practitioner for a wide and evolving practice. Performance to guarantee a progression in free-ride to the highest level from the same you used when you started. Concretely, we have chosen to focus our development on the profile of the front wing of the foil because this is what most influences the overall performance of the Foil. We opted for a fairly thick profile with a nice thickness curve between the leading edge and the trailing edge to give more tolerance and acceleration. We kept a rope (width) sufficient to ensure excellent stability with an interesting wingspan and lateral curve in terms of speed and maniabilité on each of the 4 front wing sizes.

The S-Foil is assembled by parts : the fuselage, the mast and the plate are in highly anodized aluminum for more resistance, rigidity and to offer a more affordable price (the choice of foamed carbon for the mast or the fuselage is nonsense). Our wings are made of 3K carbon. The profile of the stabilizer (rear wing) has also been designed to give more lift and stability. To better understand how a Surf / Wing Foil works, click on our full article here.

The S-Foil has been designed and developed with four options of front wing size to switch for a plurality of uses allowing to navigate in Wing Foil comfortably and efficiently according to the force of the wind. In addition, this hyper-versatile model allows you to practice many other disciplines (Surf Foil, Wake Foil, Kite Foil, Windfoil, SUP Foil) always according to the level of each practitioner and the conditions. We recommend selecting the size of your Foil according to the following parameters:

how does a surf foil works composition S-Foil
  • S-Foil XXL 2000 : beginner to expert level / light to medium wind (8 – 20 kts)
  • S-Foil XL 1750 : beginner to expert level / light to strong wind (10 – 25 kts)
  • S-Foil L 1500 : advanced to expert level / medium to very strong wind (15 – 35 kts)
  • S-Foil M 1250 : confirmed to expert level / strong to very strong wind (25 – 35+ kts)

Foil S-Foil Wing Foil sizes


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