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How Are Wingfoil Boards Constructed?

The constructions of wingfoil boards vary wildly depending on the brands and where the boards are produced. This is because the way your board is built will directly influence its quality, longevity and price. Questioning the construction of Windfoil boards seems essential to us to make the right choice.

Design can sometimes blow our minds. However, let’s not fool ourselves. What makes the soul and quality of a board is its construction. It is in the water that you will realize the difference: lack of rigidity, nervousness, fragility, breakage at the slightest impact… All of this limits the life of the board, causes delamination of the deck or hull, etc. The list can go on and on… and expensive.

Some brands sell products made in Asia for a strong and resistant construction at a very aggressive price. Alas, either the boards are very heavy or the construction doesn’t live up to the selling points. They then quickly go for repairs, the original cost soars, in addition to the time and structural quality lost.

Understanding how wingfoil boards are built will allow you to make the right choice when making your first purchase.

The board is often the most complete element of a foil/board/sail set. It is essential that this element is also of a high quality. The choice of the size of the wingfoil board is also an important criterion to take into account before making your choice. Understanding how wingfoil boards are built can help you choose the right package and avoid disappointment.

How Wing Foiling Boards Are Built

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