SROKA company is not just a simple brand, it was born from the meeting of enthusiasts who seek to share the desire to democratise board sports such as stand up paddle, kitesurfing and all board sports based on foil. Every day, we give the maximum of ourselves to develop, produce and market the best products at the best value for money.

Every day, we give the maximum of ourselves to develop, produce and market the best products at the best value for money. In 2009, Bruno and Paolo Rista developed the first race boards in kitesurfing, the ones that revolutionised the practice. From then on, Bruno never stopped developing his expertise as a tester in order to be more precise and rigorous in his analyses. For more than 5 years, he has put all his know-how at the service of the SROKA brand in order to design, develop, test and market inflatable Stands up paddle, hydrofoils and kitesurfing equipment.

It is therefore by understanding and observing today’s sportsmen and women but also by imagining tomorrow’s practices that we develop our products to facilitate the practice, the comfort, the accessibility, the pleasure, the progression and the safety of the rider. We listen to our customers’ opinions in order to continue to innovate and advance our products. We listen to our customers’ opinions in order to continue to innovate and advance our products.

Our Each product is intensively tested by Bruno Sroka before being put on the market. products are easy to use, evolve over time and will accompany you throughout your progress.

Our aim is to offer you high-performance, quality equipment at the most affordable price. To do so,we place the practitioner at the centre of our approach.


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Stand up paddle SROKA

We have developed inflatable stand up paddles for every discipline in paddle. From SUP cruising to SUP racing to SUP wave, the SROKA inflatable paddles will be adapted to your practice.

From SUP cruising to SUP racing to SUP wave, the SROKA inflatable paddles will be adapted to your practice. We have developed a pack consisting of a paddle, a leash, a pump and a bag at an unbeatable price. The Easy range consists of an Easy 10′ and 10’6 (cruising/family type), an Easy 11’6 and 12’6 (touring type).

We then developed the All Around range:

The Malibu collection is a range of stand up paddle boards with two different sizes (10‘ and 10’6) and three different designs (blue, orange and girly). This SUP is an ideal partner for a family and to get to know the marine environment close to the coast in the best conditions. Its Fusion technology (different layers of PVC assembled by thermo-welding) makes the boards very resistant and very light. The Malibus are high performance SUPs that provide excellent glide but have been redesigned with a shape dedicated to riding.

For windsurf enthusiasts, we have created the Inflatable Windsup. The principle is simple, this inflatable paddle of length 10’6 and width 32″ can be converted into a windsurfing board with the presence of a mast foot.

One of SROKA’s main objectives is to make the practice of paddle accessible to everyone, so it was natural to develop a SUP for everyone. This stand up paddle has been redesigned for people with reduced mobility. With the collaboration of two C champions. Martin and C. Ballois, we were able to develop a board adapted to be used standing, sitting, in waves or on flat water.

The Alpha range has been designed for all those who want a top-of-the-range paddle, more powerful than the All Around range. The different layers of PVC are assembled by thermo-welding using Fusion technology which makes the boards 2kg lighter and more rigid. Just as family-friendly with its 11’x30″ and 11’x32″ models, the Alpha combines speed and stability. This is the right compromise for the whole family but especially for those who want a stable board with excellent glide. In addition, we have launched 3 models for those who are looking for performance above all else. The Alpha 12’6×28″, 12’6×31″ and the Alpha 14’x27″ have more tapered shapes, i.e. they may be a little less stable but they give you an unbeatable gliding sensation. With a sharp nose and a narrower tail, these shapes easily cut through the chop to get a better glide.

Finally, we thought of all the surfing enthusiasts. The inflatable Waves 9’5 is a short, thinner board with a rounder outline, which makes it easier to turn on the waves. To discover the joys of the waves this board is ideal and it will make the joy of the children as a crusing board.





The S-Foil SROKA is an all in one product, in other words, we have developed the sky rider 7’8×30″/ 120 litres which allows at the same time 6 different disciplines: the SUP Foil, the Surf Foil, the SUP Surf, the WING Foil, the Wake Foil and the Windfoil . The SUP FOIL SKY RIDER Board will allow you to foil in any wave conditions. This board, made in France, has been tested in Brittany and is therefore suitable for European conditions. Because of the generous volume, you won’t have any problems with stability.

As far as the foils are concerned, we have developed the S-Foil with 4 sizes of front wings to be able to practice these 6 disciplines by choosing the right size.

These adapt to your size, your level but also your type of practice: M = 1250cm2, L = 1500 cm2, XL = 1750 cm2 and XXL = 2000cm2, and High Aspect wings for pumping and speed.


For the surfoil, two boards have been developed by us to make you fly in surfing. We have launched two different sizes of boards. To start, we advise you to take a board with volume as a 160×52 SROKA board. The volume brings stability, this board is ideal for starting out in the practice of foil. In very small conditions and at a beginner’s level, this board will erase timing and foot positioning errors.
As you progress, you will be able to change to a more technical board such as a board with the following dimensions: 130x 55 cm.

S-Foil is the best product on the market with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Wake foil :

The pocket board 125×47will be ideal to have fun at the pontoon start or around a wake boat. This board is adaptable on aluminium and carbon foil.


Concerning the KITEFOIL, we offer you two different boards with two different foils.

There are different board sizes. To start, we advise you to take a board with volume like the 160 x52 Sroka board, as volume provides stability. In a light wind, a larger board will be easier to take off and will allow you to generate good speed and above all, avoid over-covering.

As you progress, you will want to switch to a smaller board such as the pocket 138 x 47 or 128 x 47 which will allow you to reach a higher speed thanks to its lightness and will be perfectly adapted for strapless sailing.

Both boards are compatible with K-foil Alu and K-foil Carbon. The carbon foil has been elected best foil of the year 2019 by the famous magazine “The KITE mag” in the category FREERIDE PERFORMANCE. While aluminium foil defies all competition in terms of price/performance ratio.


We have also developed two foils for the windfoil.

The 100% carbon windfoil:1000 cm2 front wing / 85 cm mast / case: Deep Tuttle
This foil has been designed to make you fly easily on a windsurfing board. With a 7m2 sail, a 130L board and 7-8 knots of wind, the flight arrives quickly. This foil is very accessible and easy to handle. In addition, this foil is upgradeable thanks to its possible change of fin according to your level (passage of a smaller fin of 650 cm2 for the most expert).

The aluminium windfoil : Front wing : 1000 cm2 / Mast of 85 cm / box : Deep Tuttle
This aluminium W-foil brings together the best value for money on the market. With a design similar to carbon, this aluminium w-foil will give you a feeling of pleasure from the very first edges.


As far as Kite Surfing is concerned, we have developed the Ouesk. A very stable wing that provides very good lift, which will allow you to unhook easily. Unparalleled ease of use makes the Ouesk accessible and efficient at the same time. It is a complete wing that meets all practices and conditions of navigation.
Model available in 7m, 9mand 10, 5m – 3 slat model – design: marine/red or cyan/orange.

The twin tip SROKA is a versatile, high-performance and lightweight board. This Twin Tip made in France consists of a wooden core and ABS rails.

The SROKA kite surf bar has been thoughtfully designed to offer the best possible grip thanks to a brand new and very comfortable moulded grip. The bar ends are wrapped in soft foam for a pleasant feel but it also limits friction on the bar. It is a bar particularly resistant to corrosion and deformation thanks to its T6061 aluminium composition, it will accompany you in your wrinkles for many years.