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Lanzarote, a dream destination for Wing Foil

Singular landscapes, sunny and windy spots, Lanzarote is for us the perfect destination to have fun in Wing Foil.

Located in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa,
will satisfy all your desires for a change of scenery and escape. Indeed, c
This Spanish island has been able to protect itself from the mass tourism present in its neighbours (such as Tenerife and Fuerteventura), and to preserve its rich and natural environment. You will find very contrasting scenery, each more beautiful than the last with spring temperatures in winter.

First of all, the island is full of volcanic landscapes, inherited from its many volcanoes. You will be able to admire this spectacle of nature in the heart of the Timanfaya National Park (to name but one). These lunar landscapes make the green corners populated by cacti stand out more in winter. It is one of the places on Earth where one can listen to complete silence, without any noise from nature. Which is very rare! Also enjoy the sandy beaches and theturquoise water, in which it is possible to swim all year round.

A year-round sun destination, perfect for Wing Foil

The weather is also what makes Lanzarote so charming. The mild temperatures (on average 23°C) throughout the year are due to the (omnipresent) sun, combined with the Azores High and its trade winds which soften the temperatures. The Canary Islands are considered to be the Hawaii of Europe.

To benefit from the sun and the most pleasant temperatures, we recommend the period from May to June, but to avoid the crowds, choose the March or September. Nevertheless, the island remains ideal for a break in the sun at any time of the year. Indeed, Lanzarote has the other advantage of being easy to get to.It is accessible from the continent, with very affordable flights and temperatures in December that can reach up to 23 degrees. The water temperature in winter is 20°C.

The number of windy days is high due to the trade winds (north-easterly wind) that sweep across the island. At SROKA Company, Lanzarote is for us THE destination that will offer you perfect conditions to practice Wing Foil, at a lower cost in the middle of winter. As the number of participants is limited, the atmosphere in the water is really very nice.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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