With its unique landscapes, sunny and windy spots, Lanzarote is for us the perfect destination to have fun with Wing Foil.

Located in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, off the African coast, Lanzarote will satisfy all your desires for a change of scenery and escape. Indeed, this Spanish island has managed to protect itself from the mass tourism present in its neighbours (such as Tenerife and Fuerteventura) and to preserve its rich and natural environment. You will find very contrasting decorations, each one more beautiful than the next, with spring temperatures in winter.

First of all, the island abounds in volcanic landscapes, inherited from its many volcanoes. You will be able to admire this spectacle of nature in the Timanfaya National Park (just to name a few).
These lunar landscapes make the cactus-populated corners of greenery stand out more in winter. It is one of the places on Earth where you can listen to complete silence, without any noise from nature. This is very rare! You can also take advantage of the fine sandy beaches and the turquoise water, in which it is possible to bathe all year round.

A sunny destination all year round, perfect for Wing Foil practice.

The weather is also what makes Lanzarote so charming. The mild temperatures (an average of 23°C) throughout the year are due to the sun, combined with the Azores anticyclone which soften the temperatures. Canary Islands are considered European Hawaii.

To take advantage of the sunshine and the most pleasant temperatures, we recommend the period from May to June, but to avoid heavy traffic, you should opt for March or September. Nevertheless, the island remains ideal for a break in the sun at any time of the year. Another advantage of Lanzarote is that it is easily accessible from the mainland, with very affordable flights and temperatures in December of up to 23 degrees. The water temperature in winter is 20 °C.

The number of windy days is expected to be high due to the trade winds (North-East wind). For us, Lanzarote is THE destination that will offer you the perfect conditions to practise WingFoil, at a lower cost in the middle of winter. The number of people who can practice Wing Foil is limited, so the atmosphere on the water is very friendly.


Our Wing Foil spots in Lanzarote

To allow you to discover and enjoy all the treasures of this island, we would like to share with you our favourite spots for WingFoiling.


This stretch of coastline to the north-east of Lanzarote offers a range of beaches perfect for your board sports sessions. Our favourite place to sail Wing Foil:Playa del Charcos. Thanks to the two stone walls that border the bay (and which also offer a magnificent view of the bay), the water is calm and the swell is very gentle. To optimise your session, we strongly recommend that you go there at high tide. Otherwise, you can always relax on the sandy beach and enjoy the surroundings. Another advantage of the Playa del Charcos is that it is easy to get to and you will find grassy areas to prepare your equipment.

At low tide, the lack of bottom is obvious and will prevent you from practicing. In this case, go down to Playa las Cucharas, where several windsurfing schools are present and ensure your safety while sailing. Green environment, turquoise water, white sand,this beach receives the North-East trade winds, and is therefore very famous for Wind Surfing. Nevertheless, it is possible to sail on this spot in Wing Foil because of the smooth water on the edge, protected from the swell by dikes (beware of the shore break at high tide). You can easily leave as soon as you get into the water thanks to the riprap. Sail a little, and you will then have a stronger and more regular wind, which will allow you to fly on the swell with complete freedom. This spot has everything to please, and what’s more, you’ll find plenty of bars for the after session.


On the northwest coast of Lanzarote, 25 minutes drive from the Costa Teguise, you will find Famara Beach. Beneath the cliffs of El Risco de Famara, this beach of 6 km of fine sand and volcanic pebbles will be perfect if you are looking for waves. The orientation/location of the beach offers generous winds and constant waves. It is thus strongly recommended to have a good level and especially to choose your conditions and the launching (the departure from the port of Famara can be an option if the swell is consequent). Famara is the meeting point for experienced skiers and snowboarders, whether it’s for Surfing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing or even Wing Foil. The beach is wide, there are no rocks, so there is room for everyone. Beware of the many surf schools on site.

Make the most of your visit to Caleta de Famara, a small local village where you can enjoy typical local dishes. Finally, don’t forget to watch the sunset on Famara beach, which offers a beautiful show of colours.


The spot of La Santa (north-west of Lanzarote, a little lower than Famara) allows you to sail in WingFoil on a very flat stretch of water. Ideal for beginners and learners. Wing schools come to this small artificial lake to initiate new practitioners. It is a seaside village frequented by many locals and good surfers. In fact, La Santa is located in an area of volcanic coast, the rock forms a reef break, where superb waves, long and easy, are formed. La Santa Centre will be the most suitable spot for beginners. On the lake, launching is very easy. This lake is perfect for families who are looking for a quiet place for their children and allows them to learn the Wing without difficulty. This is the ideal spot if you want to learn manoeuvres such as jibe, 360 and board tacking.


Finally, still in the north-east of the island, is Jameos del Agua, a unique and magical place. You will find there natural lake, inside a cave, imagined by César Manrique on a collapse of the top of a volcanic cone. Just behind this singular place, you will discover on the coast, the spot of Jameos del Agua, still within an impressive volcanic landscape. It is a dream spot for experienced surfers and windsurfers. The winds blow in a north-easterly direction and when the swell is big, from the north-east, enormous waves are formed (especially in winter)’. The conditions require experience in the practice of Wing Foil, surfing or windsurfing. Launching is done at the tip: there is a small pass, which is technical but allows you to get into the water.

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Not far from Lanzarote airport (to the north-east) it is possible to fly WingFoil on the Playa Honda. The spot is flat, ideal for beginners. Moreover, navigation works very well in thermals during the day (around 11 o’clock). The place is particularly pleasant because of the fine sand and above all the few tourists that can be found there. It is a small seaside resort, little frequented, there are mainly typical dwellings and few shops.

Which quiver to practice WingFoil in Lanzarote?

Derived from all board sports (Windsurfing, Surfing, Kitesurfing and Stand-Up Paddle), the Wing Foil consists of holding a wing in your hands, the Wing, while standing on a board and a Foil (which is similar to an underwater plane). If you would like to learn more about how a foil works, we refer you to this article. Wing Foil is for us a revolutionary, practical and easy nautical practice. You can sail even in light winds, the equipment is easy to transport and prepare and you can get out on the water quickly. In addition, the Wing Foil will give you the pleasure of flying over the water, gaining speed, making jumps and manoeuvres with ease.

SROKA Company thinks and develops Wing Foil packs allowing you to have all the equipment together, ready to sail, each pack contains a Foil board, a Wing, and a Foil. Above all, we are a team of enthusiasts and practitioners. Our aim is to share this passion with you, using the equipment we offer. It is therefore imperative for us to design solid, high-performance products at a price. Based on our experience, we recommend for your WingFoil practice in Lanzarote to go for a 5m Wing, as well as a 1750 Foil which will be the most versatile. As far as the board is concerned, we offer rigid and inflatable models. Weinvite you to pay particular attention to these criteria: its volume, length/width ratio, construction, and hull (we explain everything in detail in our article “Choosing your Wing Foil Pack“).

Discover Lanzarote in inflatable Stand-Up Paddle

Thanks to its flat or swell and wave waters, you can ride along the coast of Lanzarote in an inflatable Stand-Up Paddle. This is for us the ideal way to discover the island in a different way, while strolling and enjoying the turquoise water. With our different ranges, everyone will find the SUP that suits them, and you will be able to sail with your family, regardless of age and size. You will be able to vary your practice according to your inflatable SUP by trying your hand at long-distance water sports, paddle racing, surfing… Our colourful designs are sure to please the whole family and will bring back memories of your holidays. We want to make paddling accessible, that’s why we make it a point of honour to ensure that our products are of high quality, rigid, and at an affordable price.


At SROKA Company, the ocean is our passion, and we would like to share it with you through your rides in an inflatable SUP:

Each paddle board is sold with its own set of accessories according to the range. You will find with your SROKA board: a carrying bag, an inflation pump, one or more fins, a leash (Easy range), a 3 piece paddle (Easy range). Our range of accessories completes all the additional needs that our practitioners may have. We offer leashes of different sizes, a multiple choice of paddles, electric pumps and retractable fins which will allow you to navigate in shallow water as well (Exclusive to SROKA in France).

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Latest information for your trip to Lanzarote:

    • You can easily find round trips for less than 100 euros, especially through low cost companies.
    • Beware of excess luggage, which is sometimes more expensive than airline tickets.
    • On site, car hire for the week is around 130 euros, and diesel is at – €1 per litre.
    • You can find accommodation for 4 people at around €60 per night.

So all you have to do is fly away and let yourself sail freely on the magical waters of Lanzarote.

Share with us your most beautiful memories on the ocean. Welcome to Sroka family.

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