No need to go to the other side of the planet to practice SUP Foil in the sun, France has its little Eldorados. Corsica is one of them. This island will offer you a diversity of natural landscapes, with heavenly beaches, not to mention the climate and water temperature: everything is there to make your stay unforgettable. It is easy to understand why Corsica is nicknamed “the island of beauty”.

The mountains and cliffs overlook the white sandy beaches and the turquoise and translucent water. The island has a strong cultural history, a rich heritage and many beautiful typical villages. As soon as you arrive, you feel a real change of scenery and the impression of being at the end of the world, only a few hours away from the continent.

A paradisiacal island, suitable for SUP Foil

The advantage of Corsica is that you will enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round thanks to the Mediterranean climate. The sun is present whatever the period, with an exceptional rate of sunshine from April to October.
Be aware that in the summer, prices and the flow of tourists increase considerably. It is therefore ideal to go there out of the summer season.
For swimming, the water temperature is pleasant between June and October.

There are two ways to get to Corsica: by plane (the fastest) or by ferry. The plane will take you directly to Ajaccio or Bonifacio, with regular flights from many French cities. As for the boat, you will find daily crossings from Marseille, Toulon and Nice to Ajaccio.

Corsica offers a multitude of possibilities for water sports. We have tested the SUP Foil in the South of Corsica, and we would like to share our favourite sailing beaches with you. Don’t miss out on our practical advice below, so that you can practice SUP Foiling on spots as inescapable as they are incredible.


Located on the west coast of Corsica, the Roccapina beach is behind the Col de Roccapina. This beach has the wilderness of everything to please. White sand, turquoise and crystalline water, with vegetation all around. It is a small corner still preserved from the facilities, a true haven of peace.
Less crowded than the surrounding beaches, you will be able to sail in SUP-Foil, ideal for beginners.


Not far from Propriano (still in the South-West) the different beaches of the Gulf of Valinco will offer you various conditions depending on the wind. The days with waves will allow you to surf and develop your technique in SUP-Foil, but the calmer days will be perfect for flying over the swell with ease. In any case, this place is worth the diversion just for its beautiful surroundings.


On the southern tip, Figari, a little before Bonifacio, has some exceptional beaches. On the southern tip, Figari, a little before Bonifacio, has some exceptional beaches. This is probably the only spot (in the south of Corsica) that works by thermal during the summer. The conditions are pleasant and correspond to all levels, for practices ranging from SUPFoil to WingFoil and Kitesurfing.

Take advantage of your after-session to visit the exceptional site of the town of Bonifacio. From the cliffs you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea. East of Bonifacio, stop at the “lagoon of Piantarella“, a magical place ideal for the whole family.

Which quiver to practice SUPFoil in Corsica ?

Derived from the Stand-Up Paddle, the SUP-Foil consists in a Stand-Up Paddle board with a Foil (which looks like a “submarine plane”) ). This will allow you to move around and bring speed as you paddle. The volume of a SUP-Foil board will allow you to start directly standing up.

At SROKA Company we develop and manufacture several SUP boards. We are the only brand to industrialise the production of our rigid Foil boards in France. The Sky Rider 6’3, with its generous volume, is perfect for beginners in SUP-Foiling. More technical surfers will be able to go for our Sky Rider 5’8, with an accessible and compact shape. Our boards can be used in several disciplines such as SUP-Foiling on long soft waves, Paddle-Surfing in waves from 50cm to 2m, or Wing-Foil and Wind-Foil from 10 knots of wind.

In 2021, we imagined the SKYRIDER inflatable version in 5’3, 6 and 6’4. This new board will facilitate your transport and make travelling easier.

Thanks to our new S-Foil High Aspect, you will gain in gliding sensation, speed and power when pumping, with little effort.

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Corsica, a dream destination for the Stand-Up Paddle

The conditions in Corsica are favourable for stand-up paddle rides, alone or with the family. With the many creeks of southern Corsica, you can move from beach to beach without necessarily having to go through the paths! Whatever the spot, the Stand-Up Paddle will allow you to discover the magnificent landscapes of the island in a different way, all under the sun and in the turquoise water. Being on the water in this way allows you to feel a sense of freedom and escape. At SROKA Company, the ocean is our passion, and we would like to share it with you through your rides in an inflatable SUP.

We thus offer ranges for all ages, all sizes and all levels. Our philosophy: quality products at affordable prices that last over time. We design inflatable SUP boards with a colourful design that will blend in with the Mediterranean Sea and remind you of your holiday memories when you return home.


SROKA Company has thought about and developed several ranges of inflatable SUPs:

Stant up paddle gonflable Sroka EASY

Share with us your most beautiful memories on the ocean. Welcome to Sroka family.

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