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Choosing the right SUP Foil

Do you dream of flying over the swell with a stroke of the paddle? SUPFoil is a discipline that will allow you to enjoy the first sensations of foiling. Indeed, if you have mastered the Stand-Up Paddle and you want to start foiling, we advise you to start with the SUP-Foil. This will help you to start discovering the foil, to understand and analyze how it works. You will quickly feel the incredible sensations of gliding and speed that this water sport provides. The feeling of freedom and escape when you fly over the water. This will open up the opportunity to discover Downwind in SupFoil over tens of kilometers ,with the only sound being the breath of the wind, it’s just exceptional. Here are our tips for choosing the right SUP Foil.

What is SUP foil?

The practice of SUPFoiling consists of flying with a Stand-Up-Paddle board mounted on a Foil, and using a paddle to gain speed to take off. The volume of the board allows you to start directly standing while paddling with the paddle to catch a wave.

How do I get started with SupFoil?

First of all, starting out in foiling requires a minimum of technique and mastery. That’s why it’s advisable to start foiling with SUPFoiling. Indeed, the paddle board is bulkier and more stable than a kitefoil or surf foil board. Although this practice is accessible to everyone, we advise you to have a good foundation in SUPsurfing. It’s complicated to start directly with a foil. This practice requires a lot of accuracy, especially for the positioning of its center of gravity. In fact, it can be dangerous if you don’t do the right thing.

If you want to start alone, we advise you to choose very soft waves that break little, with little power. Also avoid crowded surfer spots to avoid conflicts on the water. Ideally, it is interesting to take lessons to learn the practice, especially to overcome the apprehension of falling on the fin and to understand the mastery of the flight height.

For more information, we have taken the time to give you all our advice on how to choose the right spot when you are just starting out in SUPFoiling in this article.

How to pump in surf foil?

Surf foil pumping is a technique that consists of making the board fly on the water using the strength of the legs and the movement of the foil. This makes it possible to take advantage of the potential of the foil, connect several waves and glide on almost invisible waves.
Here are some tips for learning how to pump in surf foil:
  1. Get out of the wave at the right time, preferably when it’s flat or before it breaks.
  2. Make a wide, smooth turn to maintain maximum speed and inertia.
  3. Look far ahead, towards the wave or target you are aiming for.
  4. Coordinate your arms and legs to give the foil a boost and make it go up and down.
  5. Lighten up on the board and let the foil accelerate on its own.
  6. Alternate phases of pressure and lightening on both legs.

How to choose the right Sup Foil pack?

SUPFoiling offers many advantages and in particular the fact that you can have fun in many conditions, even with 50cm of wave. Downwinding is even faster with this practice. It’s also a complete and interesting sport for cardio: with control, you go back up to the peak by pumping, you catch the waves, then you go back up by pumping, endlessly!

Are you looking for the SUPFoil equipment that will perfectly match your needs? SROKA Company gives you all its advice through this article. Our goal: to democratize the practice, by designing equipment that we enjoy using ourselves, all at an affordable price. (while building the boards in France)

All our answers to the questions you may have when choosing your Foil!

How does a Foil work?

The operation of a foil is comparable to that of an “underwater” aircraft thanks to fluid dynamics. The speed of travel creates a lift force on the front wing and allows the foil to take off. The higher the speed of the foil, the more the foil will be “pulled” upwards. Therefore, you need to put more pressure on the front leg, or decrease the size of the front wing. The rear fin, also known as the “stabilizer”, is used to balance the lift of the front wing. Be aware that your weight (center of gravity) will act as a balancer between these two fins.

If you want to know more about how a foil works, check out our article How does a surf foil work?


The Foil is composed of a mast, attached perpendicular to the board and fuselage and two front and rear wings. The front fin is the largest, with a domed top, with a rounded leading edge, which quickly gains thickness and then tapers to a thinner trailing edge. At the rear is the stabilizer, which is similar in shape to the front fin (but inverted), with a reduced surface area and a different profile. The size of the stabilizer determines the maneuverability and speed of your foil.

Sroka Company tutorial explaining how a Foil works

Sup foiling Sroka supfoil s foil

How to choose your foil?

In SUPFoil practice, an Low Aspect fin will rotate very fast, but will be slower and less efficient than a Medium Aspect. Indeed, the latter will offer you the advantages of a fast foil, while having a lot of tolerance and forgiving of all mistakes. As for the High Aspect models, these can be interesting, as they are more efficient at pumping.


  • A classic fin type S Foil Classic SROKA (Mid Aspect) will be accessible for all levels and very versatile. Beginners looking for lift and stability will head for the 1750 (XL) or 1500 (S). These two fins will allow you to sail in SUP Foil, Wake Foil or Wingfoil. It will be suitable for people around 80kg. The 1250 (M) will be faster and more manoeuvrable due to its smaller size.
  • A High Aspect fin will give you performance, but will require a little more technique. For those who want to take your SUP foil to the next level, the
    HA 1190 L (Lift)
    will provide lift and ease of gliding.

Choosing your front foil fin

As for the stabilizer, the S-Foil is the best compromise between maneuverability and stability. We are working to offer you a wider range, and make your Foil more playful. (Available in 2021)

Everything you need to know about the differences between a High Aspect and Low Aspect foil

The mast:

The smaller your mast, the easier it will be to get started. Nevertheless, a longer mast will be more scalable over time.

  • A 70cm mast is ideal for beginners in learning to foil. Its relatively short size will be more forgiving of all your positioning mistakes, and falls will be much less impressive.

  • An 80cm mast
    is extremely versatile. It will allow you to evolve, pump, surf, and maneuver more efficiently.

Guide to choosing the length of the wingfoil mast

The fuselage:

Fuselages for the Foil Sroka

The length of the fuselage impacts the maneuverability of the foil:

    • A
      standard fuselage
      will provide more stability, the pumping will be less physical but less maneuverable.
    • An
      average fuselage
      will rotate better, be more maneuverable but will require more frequency to pumping.
    • A
      short fuselage
      will be very manoeuvrable but will require even more frequency from the pumping.

Sky Rider 6'3 board for foiling

Which foil for SUP foil?

  • If you want to surf waves of less than 90 cm, we recommend S-foil HA 1190 Lift, it will be ideal because it offers good lift and stability. If you want to gain speed or surf bigger waves, the S-Foil HA 1190 Speed is the one for you.
  • The other option is to opt for the S-Foil 1250 which will be the right compromise between manoeuvrability, lift and responsiveness. The 1250 will be more manoeuvrable in corners and to carve effortlessly thanks to its shape mind aspect (more compact).
  • Finally, if you want to enjoy small waves with a minimum of effort, the S-foil HA 1350 Lift is the foil you need because it allows you to pump very easily and fly for a long time, its glide seems endless.

How to choose your SUP-Foil board?

Our rigid SKY RIDER boards (7’8, 6’3, 5’8 and 5’5) are made in Brittany in order to implement the best of French know-how. This production technique is more expensive but guarantees incomparable quality and durability. SROKA Company is first and foremost a team of enthusiasts, and we take pleasure in developing products that we use ourselves. That’s why all of them are extensively tested and approved by Bruno Sroka, founder of the brand, and his team of ambassadors.


7’8 : Due to its generous volume, it is the ideal board for a mixed practice, both in SUP Foil on long, soft waves, than in Paddle Surfing in waves from 50cm to 1m50… It allows you to optimize your time on the water and vary your practice according to the conditions. You won’t be able to miss a single session! It can also be used as a wind foil (free ride) or to make the first flights in a wing.

Sroka Company Wind Foil SUP Foil Board

Sky Rider Sroka Foil Board


6’3 : Its volume of 120L is perfect for beginners in SUP-Foiling. Stable and easy to handle, this board is scalable and will accompany you in your progress.

5’8 : This board will delight the most proficient in SUPFoiling. Its volume of 105 L is pleasant for downwind or surfing, and adapts to all conditions. Its shorter length makes pumping easier, curves more radical and sensations more intense.

5’5 : Its small dimensions (90L) will give you an incredible flying experience, due to its speed and maneuverability. Light underfoot, its ease of pumping will allow you to go from SUP Foil, to WingFoil or SurfFoil without any difficulty. (intended for small or very good levels).


Inflatable boards don’t have to send anything to rigid boards. The design of our SROKA AIR boards makes them just as strong and durable over time. In addition, they have the advantage of being easy to store and transport, ideal for travelling.

6’4 : It is intended for beginners and larger builds. Very accessible and stable, it will make you take off in SUPFoil in all conditions.

6′ : This board will be perfect for beginners who are looking for a scalable model. Its 144L volume makes it stable and very versatile.

5’3 : It will allow the brave riders to make the most of the sensations of SUP-Foiling. It will also be suitable for beginners with a light frame looking for a board that will accompany them in their progress.

Inflatable board for Wingsurfing and Foil from the Sroka Air range

Sup Foil Sroka Spain - Supfoil

How to choose your SUP-Foil paddle?


  • Carbon paddles are the best paddles on the market in terms of quality. Unlike aluminum paddles that are likely to break in this type of practice, carbon paddles are both Lightweight and strong. LThe flexibility of a carbon paddle is more nervous than that of an aluminum one (depending on the percentage of carbon: 100% carbon and 50% carbon, they will be more or less rigid). For the practice of SUPFoil, or a sporty ride in SUP, we recommend a 50% carbon paddle for an optimal paddle, with the best quality-price-performance ratio.spec of SROKA paddles


    • The fixed paddle from SROKA Company has been designed for optimal paddling, with a lighter weight than the 2 and 3 part paddles. As a result, nervousness is more interesting: you will have less energy loss while paddling than with an adjustable paddle.
    • The adjustable paddle from SROKA Company has the advantage of being versatile and being able to change the height according to the size of the rider and the practice. Be aware that the more parts you have (2 and 3 part paddles), the heavier your paddle will be. Another advantage is that they are undeniably easier to store and transport than fixed paddles.

    Fix and Adjustable Paddle

Which boards for surf foil?

If you’re looking for a high-performance, versatile, and durable foil surfboard, the Fast Flyer 4’6 is for you. This 38 L volume board will allow you to easily go on all waves, even the softest ones, thanks to its compact and rounded shape. Once in the air, you’ll appreciate its lightness, control, and responsiveness, whether you’re pumping, carving, or even jumping. Its double concave and smears will prevent you from losing speed when touching, while its concave bridge will offer you incomparable comfort and precision.

The Fast Flyer isn’t just a foil surfboard. It is also a multi-support board that will allow you to practice wing foil, kite foil or wake foil with the same pleasure. It has inserts for footstraps and a housing ideally positioned to fit all foils on the market. It will offer you the best compromise between lift and performance but also between manoeuvrability and stability.

Safety Tips:

The discipline of SUPFoiling can be dangerous, several precautions must be taken into account before launching.

Practitioners must:

  • Choose a spot that is deserted or with very few surfers around you.
  • Plan a spot where there is enough background (the longer your mast, the more depth it is necessary).
  • Choose a spot you know, to avoid the rocks.
  • When getting into the water, remember to position your foil upside down behind you and slide it on your back until there is enough depth to turn the board over and start paddling.
  • Look for soft and flat waves that roll out, these waves usually correspond to mid-tides. The ideal and fun waves in foil are the 40 cm waves up to 1m for the more experienced riders.
  • Do not hesitate to protect yourself by using a helmet, an impact jacket and any other mandatory or recommended safety equipment.

Inflatable SUP Foil Guide & Hard SUP Foil

In short...

Choosing the right SUP-Foil pack will determine the way you foil. Our advice is therefore to take into account:

  • The choice of Foil: To start with, a classic medium-sized fin such as the Mid Aspect fin from SROKA (1750 for the largest sizes, 1500 under 85 kg, 1250 for a size of less than 70 kg) will be the most suitable. Are you familiar with SUPFoil and want to improve performance and technique? A
    High Aspect
    foil with a 1190 L fin will allow you to reconnect the waves without difficulty while maximizing your speed.
  • The choice of mast: Starting with a 70 cm mast will be easier. However, a standard mast (80 cm) will evolve with you for a longer period of time.
  • The choice of your board: rigid or inflatable, the larger the volume of your board, the more suitable it will be for beginners and larger riders. This type of model guarantees stability. Medium-sized models will be just as easy to handle, but will be more versatile and scalable in your progression. A board with a small volume will be light underfoot, easy to pump and will allow you to navigate with technique.
  • The choice of your paddle: carbon paddles will be the most suitable for the practice of SUPFoil, which is the perfect compromise between lightness and solidity.

Inflatable Board for Wing Foil

Vary the practices: our boards are also adapted to WingFoil!

Each of our boards is a model of versatility, so that you can fully explore all that foiling and its disciplines have to offer. Whether it’s Wing-Foil, Surf-Foil, SUP-Foil, Wind-Foil or Wake-Foil, our Sky Rider boards adapt to you.

The SROKA Air board will allow you to sail in SUP-Foil as well as in Wing-Foil, depending on your desires, the spot or the conditions. All you have to do is choose the volume that suits you.


If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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