Do you dream of flying over the swell with a paddle? SUPFoil is a discipline that will allow you to enjoy the first sensations of Foil. Indeed, if you have a good knowledge of Stand-Up Paddle and you want to start foiling, we advise you to start with the SUP-Foil. This will help you to start discovering the foil, to understand and analyse how it works. You will quickly feel the incredible sensation of gliding and The speed that this water sport provides. The feeling of freedom and escape as you fly over the water. This will give you the opportunity to experience SupFoil downwind for dozens of kilometres,with only the sound of the wind,is just exceptional. Here are our tips for choosing your SUP Foil.

SUPFoiling is the practice of flying with a Stand-Up-Paddle board mounted on a Foil, and using a paddle to gain speed to take off. The volume of the board allows you to start directly standing up while rowing with the paddle to catch a wave.

How to start SupFoil?

First of all, starting out in foil requires a minimum of technique and control. This is why it is advisable to start foiling in SUPFoiling. Indeed, the paddle board is larger and more stable than a Kitefoil or Surffoil board. Although this practice is accessible to all, we advise to have a good base in SUPsurfing. It is complicated to start directly with a foil. This practice requires a lot of accuracy, especially in the positioning of the centre of gravity. Moreover, it can be dangerous if the right actions are not taken.

If you want to start alone, we advise you to choose very soft waves with little power. Also avoid crowded surf spots to avoid conflicts on the water. Ideally, it is worth taking courses to learn how to practiceespecially to get over the apprehension of falling on the kite and to understand how to master the height of flight. For more information, we have taken the time to give you all our advice on how to choose the right sport when starting out in SUPFoiling in this article.

How to choose your Sup Foil pack?

SUPFoiling offers many advantages, not least of which is the fact that you can have a blast in a wide range of conditions, even with 50cm waves. Downwind is even faster with this practice. It is also a complete and interesting sport for the cardio: with mastery, you go up to the peak while pumping, you take the waves, then you go up while pumping, ad infinitum!

Looking for the perfect SUPFoil for your needs? SROKA Company gives you all its advice in this article. Our goal: to democratize the practice, by designing equipment that we enjoy using ourselves, all at an affordable price. (while building the boards in France)

All the answers to the questions you may have when choosing your foil!