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Don’t have the right conditions for surfing? The Surf Foil is a water sport that will multiply your riding possibilities. No matter what the wave conditions are, you can have fun on an infinite number of spots. The practice of Surf-Foiling has exploded in recent years, and we understand why. This water sport consists of lying on a board with a foil, rowing and catching a wave, just like surfing. Once on the wave, the speed generated by your foil will allow you to take off and fly over the water. Close your eyes and imagine yourself skiing or snowboarding on 1m of powder! Feeling like you’re flying like a bird, that’s how soft you’ll feel.

Why start Surf-Foil?

First of all, this sport has the undeniable advantage of allowing you to experience surfing when the waves are soft and not breaking. It allows you to optimise
poor wave conditions, for example in summer when there is less swell and surfing on overcrowded spots can get boring.
Surf-Foil is also a way to disassociate yourself from the surfers on the line-up. You can go and enjoy the spots with fewer people, and sail in complete freedom, without constraints. The other undeniable advantage over traditional surfing is that the Surf-Foil allows you to multiply the number of waves caught during a session.

Indeed, it is possible to link waves, to accelerate, to fly on the soft zones, to return to the peak with ease. A well mastered pumping can make you go up and link more than 6 waves in a row! Everything becomes easier and more fluid.
As you progress you will find that Surf Foil is just as sporty as surfing and is great for your cardio. It is also the stage to go Downwind (in SurfFoil or SUPfoil) or surf-tracted with a foil.

How to choose your SurfFoil pack?

Do you dream of surfing the swell away from the crowded playgrounds? At SROKA Company, freeride surf-foiling is one of our passions. Our aim is to share it with you, through material that we have enjoyed developing and using ourselves, without being overpriced, through this article.

All the answers to the questions you may have when choosing your foil!