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The 10 mistakes when starting out in Wing Foil

Starting out in Wing Foil is accessible to everyone but requires a minimum of practice and learning to evolve effectively. If you don’t know the practice yet,
Wing Foil
consists of sailing on the water, standing on a board and a foil, with a wing held in both hands (the “wing”). The WingFoil will allow you to move with freedom thanks to the energy of the wind and the swell.

Starting this sport allows you to feel new sensations on any type of body of water with simple and easy to set up equipment. To avoid wasting time in your progress, SROKA Company informs you of the 10 mistakes not to make when starting out in Wing-Foil. If you want to learn Wing Foil, you can also find all our advice in our article “How to start in Wing Foil?”.

The 10 mistakes not to make when starting out in Wing Foil

Mistake n°1: Unsuitable equipment

Starting Wing Foiling with an old piece of equipment or a foil that you used for another practice, will not allow you to progress with ease. Equipment evolves very quickly, and companies innovate every year to offer more and more comfortable and efficient products.

For starters, a large front fin area will provide you with stability and lift. Your foil will be a little slower but the advantage is that you will be able to fly in light wind conditions. Beginners will prefer the
Medium Aspect or Low Aspect
models with a fast start in light wind. However, if you are looking for a fin that is easy to use, while having good performance, we recommend the
Medium Aspect
. This scalable model will be able to follow you throughout your progress, without forcing you to change equipment. Our SROKA 1750 (XL) front foil fin is for us the ideal weapon to start in Wing Foil and get you off the ground immediately.

The size of the mast is just as important. Indeed, it will be easier to find the balance with a relatively short mast (60 to 70cm), while more experienced WindFoil or SurfFoil practitioners can turn to a longer mast (70 to 80cm). However, a mast that is too short will very quickly be limiting, so we advise you to go for an 80 cm mast.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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