instagram by clicking here. How ? By listening to your suggestions, then having each piece of equipment tested and approved by a team of riders. We are inspired by the riders, our passion and our life on the coast. Based near Brest, Brittany, we surf, row and fly with the products we design. It is also thanks to our ambassadors (based in the four corners of the world) that we can evaluate the performance of each product according to levels, spots and sailing conditions. Whether they are experts in their sport or in images, they all contribute to the development of the brand through their skills. Discover the SROKA team, in this article, or on our networks: Facebook and Instagram.


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Gabriel Bachelet

Gab is a talented waterman who practices SUP racing and surfing. Originally from the Var region, he is now living in the Basque Country where he is studying marketing and e-commerce in the surf business. He tests the performance of our Surf Foil and SUP Foil, and has fun in the waves with the S-Foil High Aspect and the Fast Flyer 4’6 board. Check out Gab’s surfing and surf-foiling sessions on his instagram.


Marine is a waterwoman who never misses an opportunity to go kitesurfing, SUP, Kitefoil, surf and Wing Foil. Her life near the ocean has led her to develop her own brand of eco-friendly, watersports-friendly swimwear, Abalone Store. Marine is having a great time on the Wing Foil, both with the Sroka Air and the Sroka Sky Rider rigid board, as well as in SUP with the Malibu 10’6. Check out all her Sroka sessions on her instagram account.

Paul-Conrad Delaëre

Paul is a physiotherapist in Corsica. Outside of work he spends a lot of time on the water, whether it be paddleboarding, canoeing or foiling. Paul has competed in many SUP races, and shares his expertise by sailing our S-Foil Sroka (in SUPFoil or SurfFoil) and our SUP Alpha 14’x27. Just a stone’s throw from heavenly beaches, he shares his passion for water sports with beautiful images on his instagram account.


Titouan is a young man from Finistère who takes advantage of his life on the coast to have fun and test our Wing Foil and Surf Foil equipment. In fact, he never leaves his Wingfoil performance 4’6 Fast Flyer pack. His technique and performance provide great shots for SROKA, which he also shares on his instagram account.


Marie lives in Tahiti where she practices her favourite board sports: surfing, SUP, Kitesurf, Foil and Wing. She takes pictures for SROKA Company, in the turquoise waters of Polynesia with her Wing 4m, her Fast Flyer and her S-Foil. If you want to dream through her pictures, click here to discover her Instagram account.


Originally from Tahiti, Louis-Arnaud is a waterman who sails Windsurf, Kitesurf, Wing Foil and Surf Foil. He is also a videographer, and has managed to combine work and passion by specialising in sports video. Louis-Arnaud takes some great pictures for SROKA, often sailing in paradisiacal waters, and shares them on his instagram account. Louis-Arnaud sails a Wing with the Sky Rider full Wing Foil package.

Matthieu Milliot

Matthieu is a designer and kitesurfer. He is an accomplished waterman but also the man behind the visuals of our inflatable Foils and Stand-Up paddles. Thanks to his graphic design work for Sroka, Matthieu has the chance to ride with equipment that he has designed. In addition to his visual work, he also organises kite events like the HAK FOILANTE during Houlgate Plein vent. Find all Mathieu’s sessions on Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo.

Hélène Milliot

Waterwoman at heart, Hélène practices surfing, kitesurfing, Stand-Up Paddle and foiling. On land, Hélène markets edible seaweed through her company Foodtaste.

Clotilde Grenier

Clotilde is a graphic designer and community manager. A sportswoman at heart, she owns a Malibu Girly with which she takes beautiful pictures that she shares with us on her Instagram account.

Vivien Palluat

Vivien is a specialist in light sail, kitesurf and windsurf repair in Brest through his company “J’ai cassé ma voile”. He also recycles unrepairable wings into kits, computer sleeves and even lampshades! In addition to being good at sewing, Vivien sails with Ouesk Sroka and a Kitefoil! Find his sessions and creations on instragram by clicking here.

Thomas Milliot

Thomas is a young versatile waterman, he practices paddle, kitesurf and foil. He shares some great shots from his sessions on his instagram account.

Emma Milliot

Like all members of her family, Emma practices a wide range of water sports with SROKA equipment. She sails in Sroka as well as in foil or SUP and shares it with us on instagram.


Dee is a skilled waterwoman in all water sports. Third at the European Kiteboarding Championships in 2012, she prefers freeriding to competition. She lived in Hawaii for several years and therefore enjoyed extraordinary conditions. Dee does not fail to share her passion through her instagram account.

Antoine Milliot

Passionate like all his family about board sports, Antoine practices Kitesurf, Kite Foil, Surf Foil, and Paddle. You can find her performances on her instagram account by clicking here.

Bruno Sroka

Founder of the brand, he develops and tests every product that is sold by Sroka Company. Passionate about water sports, he combines work and passion by practicing all the sports sold by the brand, in order to perfect the equipment and ensure its reliability over time. Bruno is 3x World Kitesurfing Champion and holds records such as the Cape Horn crossing in Kitesurf. Find Bruno on his instagram by clicking here.

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