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Our priority: the quality and sustainability of our products

Wind, land, ocean, sand, and nature in general are our inspirations to develop, test and share with you the products we design. We live on the coast of Brittany (France) and adapt our lives according to mother nature. Our goal is to reconnect people with nature by producing the best material at the most accessible price. We make quality, accessible products to explore any body of water in the world. Since 2013, we have been testing and developing SUPs, and equipment for KiteFoil, SurfFoil, SUPFoil, WindFoil, WingFoil, WakeFoil and Kitesurfing. Our mission is to evolve the water sports sector,
while respecting our planet as much as possible.

Our priority: the quality and durability of our SROKA products

Let’s be honest, the water sports sector has a significant environmental footprint. Buy better, use longer : this is the leitmotif that guides us in the design process of our SROKA products. By turning to quality water sports equipment, we will use it for longer, and therefore contribute to the reduction of waste. Our priority: the quality and durability of our products.

What are the risks of buying equipment at a low cost?

We can find equipment of all prices on the market, and it is sometimes difficult to find our way around. It’s tempting to go for the cheapest, thinking that you’ll switch to a more expensive model when you’ve reached a higher level. This logic will generally not be the most profitable in the medium or long term. Indeed, an abnormally low price should always be a red flag. A product offered at a price 40%, 50% less than competitors, is often a sign that certain criteria are not taken into account : the quality, the durability of the product, the manufacturing conditions, the warranty, or simply the time spent testing and prototyping…

For example, a poor quality board can quickly cost you more than a slightly more expensive board. It may be that if the quality doesn’t keep up, you’ll have to constantly make repairs. As a result, the original cost soars, in addition to the time and structural quality lost, and you will end up resigning yourself to changing gear, frustrated and disappointed with your purchase.

A quality rigid board will follow you for years. We can take the example of windsurfing boards, still on the water twenty years later. As for inflatable boards, they must be solid to last over time but also well swipe. It will be impossible to paddle on the board, which is similar to an “inflatable mattress”.

Example: everyone wants a light board, but light means more fragile because you put less raw materials inside. At SROKA, we reinforce our boards using specific glues with reinforced PVC (zodiac boat type). This construction guarantees a longer service life for our products.

It is in this type of aspect that value for money is important. Designing robust, high-performance products is expensive. Understand that a low-cost product cannot, always, cover the price of such a manufacture. It will necessarily be necessary to cut back on the quality and quantity of raw materials.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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