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SROKA in Foiling Magazine!

The Foiling Magazine is one of the first print and digital magazines specialising in foiling and related practices. This magazine collects SurfFoil, WingFoil, SUPFoil, and WakeFoil adventures from all over the world. Shared by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. In the middle of sublime photographs, interviews with athletes at the height of the sport, feedback on memorable sessions as well as product tests are published. Foiling Magazine tests the products of brands specialized in foiling, and presents the latest innovations from them. All this in a neat magazine, which makes you want to experiment with new spots, and new sensations of gliding, pure and unique. SROKA shares the same vision of foiling and high standards on products as Foiling Magazine, and it is with pleasure that we collaborate with them to transmit our passion to as many people as possible.

SROKA in the new Foiling Magazine!

In the 8th edition of Foiling Magazine (Summer 2021), we share an incredible session in the Canary Islands, in Lanzarote. Gabriel Bachelet had accompanied us to test the new 2021 S-Foil High Aspect. The Canary Islands are a little paradise on Earth, especially for testing our entire range in water close to 18 degrees in winter.

There are year-round sailing conditions, unique landscapes, sunny and windy spots. Nicknamed the little European Hawaii, it is for us the perfect destination to have fun in Foil. We are sure to have the ideal conditions, every day, in any season. Also, theAnother advantage of the Canary Islands is that it is an affordable destination in price, to maximize the pleasure. A change of scenery, Thelimited number of practitioners, the atmosphere in and out of the water make it a nice place to sail.

Find our latest issue in issue #8 of Foiling Magazine by clicking here.


Gabriel did three sessions a day because the conditions were so perfect, to test the new foil. This trip allowed us to evaluate the performance of each High Aspect S-Foil according to the waves, in pumping, jumping, back flip, etc. Here he performs a back flip with the S-Foil SROKA HA 1190 Lift, very easy for pumping and gliding with optimal lift. This shoot was done on January 1, 2021. Very heavy conditions were forecast for three days. But by the time the swell wrapped around the island, the conditions had become perfect: very calm and windless. We were alone on the spot due to the semi-confinement period on the island, and the golden light was perfect for the shoot. It was a magical session, to start the year 2021.


Foil performant pour le pumping et la vitesse avec un high aspect ratio, vendu par Sroka Company.

S-Foil High Aspect 1190 Lift

Aimed at Surf Foil, SUP foil or Wake Foil enthusiasts. The 1190 Lift fin has been designed with a load-bearing profile (15 to 20% more lift than the HA 1190 S). Its slim profile, large wingspan and low chord ensure optimal speed, less drag. This increases pumping efficiency with the least effort, to reconnect the waves to infinity, with great gliding efficiency. This new 2021 S-Foil High Aspect gains 50% stiffness, compared to the 2020 model, with a weight reduction of about 500g.

Fast Flyer Board 4'6

If you want to have fun in SurfFoil, WingFoil or KiteFoil, we have thought of the Fast Flyer 4’6 for you. This high-performance and versatile shape will allow you to get off to a very early start, even in the weakest conditions. This 40L all-purpose foil board is equipped with inserts for footstraps, which will allow you to perform jumps or aerial or freeride maneuvers. Those who want to take their Foil to the next level will appreciate the performance in the different disciplines that the Fast Flyer allows you to explore. From its design to its construction in our Morbihan factory, its test phase on our coasts, your board is 100% French and Breton, and benefits from an exceptional and unique know-how.

planche de foil surf


If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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