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Should you sail a Wing Foil with or without straps? Many practitioners have questions about the use of straps. That’s why we’re taking the time to explain to you in detail, under which conditions footstraps can be adopted.

Wing Foil with or without straps?

What is a footstrap?

The Foot-Straps have been designed to provide maximum support and comfort when standing on your board, whatever the sport. These are foot strap inserts placed at the front and back of the board. Their position will depend on your way of sailing (goofy or regular) and your preference in terms of comfort on small boards or sailing on both sides depending on the board model.

First of all, it will depend on your level in Wingsurfing, your preferences and your practice. Testing the different possibilities and choosing according to your own feelings is the best way to know if you prefer to sail a Wing Foil with or without straps. Nevertheless, our experience and our practice of board sports allow us to give you the best advice in this article.


Why use straps in wingfoil

This option will satisfy those who want to have fun, do jumps, back flips etc. You will have more control and your abilities will be maximum and sensational, both in the jumps and in the stronger wind and pumping. This is also interesting for making aggressive curves when surfing in Wing Foil.

Keep in mind that sailing this way will be fine on a straight line, on the beam and upwind.However, you may be at a disadvantage in the curves or depending on the point of sail. Here we can see that Titouan is pulling on the footstraps to give the board some angle to  get closer to the wing on an intense ride using the 4’6 Fast Flyer board (40L volume).

Most of the time, when you want to go freeride, you turn to a smaller board, usually all equipped with inserts. This provides a feeling of stability in flight. It also allows you to jump with the small boards.

It’s important to know the ideal position of your feet, in order to adjust your foot-straps and have the most optimal position. This position changes depending on the front wings and your weight and level.
However, we do not believe it is necessary to start with straps, which increase the risk of sprains in case of falls (and there can be many at the beginning!). Especially since, when you are a beginner, the priority is not usually on jumps and freeriding. To begin with, not having straps allows you to reposition your feet in case of a positioning error. Still, even the pros not always use straps, especially when it come to surfing.



Among our SROKA Wingsurfing boards, the Fast Flyer 4’6, as well as the Sky Rider 5’2 and 5’5 are equipped with front and rear inserts. Allowing you to send jumps, jibes and surfs without any concession.