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Best Wing Foil Spots near La Rochelle

Pourquoi utiliser des straps en wingfoil

The Wingfoil is a booming business in recent years. Many people become addicted to this incredible gliding sensation. Are you one of those people and would you like to sail around La Rochelle? You’ve come to the right place. Discover a selection of the 5 best Wing Foil spots near La Rochelle.

Wing foil in La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a destination with many assets. It is full of cultural, historical and seaside places. There’s something for everyone! This region is ideal for families, you can take beautiful walks along the coast, visit the Ile de Ré and the Ile d’Oléron, but also go to the famous Aquarium of La Rochelle, or eat in good and charming restaurants.

For lovers of board sports, La Rochelle and its surroundings are also home to some of the best Wing Foil spots. It is a destination where you can sail all year round thanks to its many spots with different orientations. The conditions are conducive to this to learn and progress in wing. Whatever your level, you will find the ideal spot where you can enjoy yourself!

The 5 best Wing Foil spots near La Rochelle

Châtelaillon beach

Located about 10km from La Rochelle, Châtelaillon plage is without a doubt one of the best wingfoil spots in the region. This family-friendly seaside resort of fine sand stretches for no less than 3km. Depending on the wind conditions, it is an ideal wing foil spot for both beginners and experienced skiers. The wind is usually side shore and hovers around 20-25 knots in summer. When it’s more powerful, the waves come in. Châtelaillon beach then becomes a great playground for those who like to have fun in the waves in wing or surf foil.

The Lumberjack's Bench

This huge stretch of white sand beach, with its clear and shallow water is the perfect spot for wing foil beginners . Indeed, when the wind is predominantly easterly, northerly and northeasterly, it will bring you back to the beach. However, don’t panic, it’s also a great spot for experienced foilers! It allows you to improve your skills but also to perform your best freestyle tricks. Also, if you want to sail further offshore in peace, the beach is a great starting point to get away from the shore and sail into the bay.

meilleurs spots de wing foil vers la rochelle

The island of Oléron

About an hour from La Rochelle, the island of Oléron has several excellent spots for wingfoil enthusiasts. In north-westerly winds, the beach of Seuilières is a must-see. Indeed, this spot in the open sea shelters shore break waves (waves at the edge) when the tide is high. Enough to have a lot of fun!

Then, if you want to foile further north of the island, there is the boating beach with its shallow waters.

Otherwise, a little further east you can go to the magnificent spot of La Gautrelle. A fine sandy beach that offers a magnificent view of Fort Boyard and the island of Aix.

meilleurs spots de wing foil vers la rochelle
Seuilières Beach
meilleurs spots de wing foil vers la rochelle
Plaisance Beach
plage de la Gautrelle, île d'Oléron, meilleurs spots de Wing Foil vers La Rochelle
Gautrelle beach

For beginners who want to learn wing foil in complete safety around La Rochelle, we recommend without hesitation the Wind Oléron Club nautical center. This club offers Wingfoil lessons with professionals. It is located in the magnificent setting of the Anse de la Perroche which offers superb sailing conditions!

For practitioners who want to go wing foiling in a wilder environment, the Aytré spots are perfect. Indeed, the beaches are located in the heart of a preserved environment. These are places that are not very crowded outside of the summer period and on days of high conditions. In a natural setting, the beaches of Aytré are safe spots, they are exposed to south-west, west and sometimes north-east winds. At low tide, the sea goes down a lot. We therefore advise you to do your sessions at high tide so that you don’t have to walk too long to reach deep enough water.

The beaches of Aytré

meilleurs spots vers La Rochelle
Plage d'Aytré, La Rochelle, meilleurs spots de wing foil vers la rochelle

Rivedoux beach

At the gateway to the Ile de Ré, this is one of the best Wingfoil spots in La Rochelle ! The beaches of Rivedoux, especially the north beach, are very popular spots for wingfoil and kitesurfing lovers. Its success certainly comes from the fact that the bay is protected, there is little depth, no waves and the beach is easy to access. The winds are generally north/northwest. It is very easy to get there, the beaches have parking nearby. Still, it’s better to get there at high tide. Indeed, when the sea goes down, the oyster bed is revealed and this reduces the available navigation space.

Rivedoux plage, La Rochelle, meilleurs spots de wing foil vers La Rochelle

What equipment for Wing foil to La Rochelle?

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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