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What is Wing SUP?

WingSUP consists of using a wing on a paddle board. Standing, kneeling or sitting, you just let the wind pull you along. It’s a great way to enjoy your paddle on windy days. The Wing sup is a great way to learn to wing in a safe and fun way. It is also a great starting point for wingfoil. Thanks to this new practice it has never been so easy to learn Wingfoil !

Using your wing on your sup is the perfect way to get the most out of your paddle ! At Sroka we found this combination so original that we decided to share it with you. We have designed a ready to go pack to allow you to start WingSUP !

The WingSUP pack

Both practical and space-saving, the WingSUP pack contains all the equipment you need to have fun in all conditions :

  • Stand Up Paddle Malibu 10’6 WindSup
    With a centreboard for clean trajectories. Ultra versatile paddle that can be used as a single paddle board, a WingSup, a windsurfer or a kayak, a 4 in 1 board !

  • 3-part aluminium paddle
    Adjustable anodised aluminium paddle for maximum strength

  • Double flow pump
    Ideal for inflating the wing and the SUP

  • 3,3m or 4m wing
    Choose according to your needs and desires, with an extended wingspan our wings offer a perfect stability

  • Leash
    For a safe practice

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