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Wingfoil : how to make a successful waterstart

When progressing in Wing Foil, it becomes essential to know how to control your waterstart. Indeed, when the volume of the foil board decreases, it sinks and the technique to launch is different. The waterstart may seem complicated at first, but after reading this article, it will no longer hold any secrets for you.
best watersart technique in wing foil
tuto waterstart wing foil

Requirements for a Wing Foil waterstart

  • Have enough water depth to sink the foil. Paddle your board, like in surfing, to get away from the edge.
  • Be well topped or over-roofed at the start for an easier waterstart
  • Have a good level in wing foil : master the basic manoeuvres (jibe, tack, be comfortable in both directions) and know how to make a pumping start

Waterstart : the different types of Wing Foil boards

Smaller boards (less than 45 litres) It is for this type of wing foil boards that it is necessary to know how to manage its waterstart. Boards of this size are ideal for foil surfing or freestyle wing. These boards are more for experienced riders with a good level.
Intermediate volume boards (between 55 and 70 litres) Most of the time, with the volume of these boards you don’t need to do a waterstart. Based on the fact that one litre is equal to one kilo, you can start directly on your knees if the volume of your board is equal to your weight (within 10 litres or kilos).
how to stand up in a wingfoil
  Reminder : How to start a wing foil with an intermediate board ? First of all you have to get on the board and position yourself on your knees, sitting on your heels. This way you are slightly behind the centre of gravity of your board. Then take your wing in hand, once you have gained some speed you can stand up, starting with the front foot.

Technique 1: Waterstart with straps

The technique for a successful Wing Foil waterstart with straps is quite simple. Start by sitting astride your board, like in surfing, and then position your wing in the right direction (handles down). You can use your wing to balance yourself. Then push your board into the water with both hands to sink it so that your feet are inserted into the straps. Once your feet are correctly positioned in the straps, you can pick up your kite by the handles and start pumping with the kite. This way you will generate speed and start to lift the board out of the water. During this step you have to be careful to pitch up your board, i.e. the nose of the board has to be up. Once the board is on the surface of the water you are in the same situation as with a big board. You have to keep pumping to get the foil out of the water and off you go !
a successful water start in wing foil
how to do a wingfoil waterstart
wing foil waterstart technique

Technique 2 : Waterstart strapless

For this waterstart technique the start is the same as for the straps technique. You will first sit on your board like in surfing and position your kite in the right direction. Then you have to kneel on your wing foil board. To successfully kneel you can hold the board with your front hand to get more balance. Be careful to keep the leash of your kite in your hand to prevent it from flipping over. Once you have reached the kneeling balance point, you can balance the board with your back leg. The nose of your board should be pointing slightly upwards. When you feel comfortable, take the wing with both hands to get some wind and generate some speed to increase your stability. This way, it will be easier for you to move from the kneeling position to the standing position. You can gradually lift the front foot as you start to move forward. Once you feel it, you can also lift the back foot and continue to move forward little by little.
technique pour faire un waterstart strapless en wing foil
The important thing is to have a good support in your wing and to start moving forward. The board will gradually come out of the water thanks to the power generated by the wing. Make sure that the nose of the board is pointed slightly upwards. Once the board has reached the surface, you can start pumping to get the board off the ground.

Tips for your wing foil waterstart

tuto wing foil waterstart
  • Use your wing as a support buoy to balance yourself more easily.
  • When doing a strapless waterstart in a wing foil, avoid being perpendicular to the wind. It is better to position yourself with your back slightly to the wind.
  • Be careful with a weakening wind. The waterstart technique only works if there is enough wind to get out of the water. Remember to stop before there is not enough bottom.
  • It will be easier to learn how to do the waterstart on water with little chop.


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