Wing Foil or Wind Foil : which water activity to choose ?

Wing Foil and Wind Foil are two activities that look very similar at first glance, so how do you choose ? Both sports are about flying over the water thanks to a foil, using a board and a wing that allows to catch the wind. If in both cases the sensations are magical, after reading this article you will know which nautical activity will suit you best.

Comment choisir entre wing foil et windfoil

Choosing the Wind Surf Foil for windsurfers

Windfoil is a very popular activity among windsurfers. Indeed, the Windfoil can be seen as an extension of windsurfing. It is simply the addition of a foil under a wind surf board. Thanks to the foil the drag is reduced and the gliding sensations are multiplied. The feeling of speed is quite impressive, even in light winds.
The disadvantage of the Windfoil compared to the wingfoil is that it is not possible to stop short. The Windsurf Foil has more inertia, so it is necessary to plan its trajectories more. Finally, the equipment is heavier and takes up more space than Wingfoil equipment.

The advantages of the Wind Foil for windsurfers :

  • Learning the Wind Foil is very quick. The board is longer and bulkier, so it will provide more stability.
  • The Windfoil is easy to master. Thanks to the basics of windsurfing it is easy to find your bearings and to progress quickly.
  • In Wind Surf Foil there is no need for a large sail area. So you can keep your Wind Surf quiver !

Choose Wing Foil, the new discipline with many advantages

Wingfoil is a new discipline that combines windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, surf foil and sup foil. Unlike wind foil and wind surf foil, in wingfoil the wing is not attached to the board. This allows for more freedom, for example you can switch from wing foil to surf foil in one movement. The wingfoil can be neutralized very quickly.
What is striking about this new activity is the simplicity of the material, its lightness, its space saving and its ease of use. Wingfoil offers freedom and versatility, all with lightweight equipment.

choisir entre wing foil et wind foil, quelles différences

The advantages of wingfoil :

  • Ease of transport and storage : the equipment does not take up much space and can therefore be stored in small spaces. Moreover, you can easily transport it, and if you choose an inflatable wingfoil all your equipment fits in a backpack !
  • The wing foil is the gateway to many other sports : SUPfoil, Surffoil, Wakefoil, Downwind, Pumping…
  • Possibility to sail everywhere, there are no massive restrictions as we can see in kitesurfing for example. Make any spot your new playground !
  • The equipment is simple and easy to install. Unlike kitesurfing, wingfoil requires very little space on the beach to assemble the equipment. Moreover, the installation is very fast.
  • The wingfoil provides maximum freedom : as the kite is not attached to the board you can handle it as you wish. You can start the session in wingfoil, go through freesurfing, downwind and pumper between the waves to reconnect them without limit.
pourquoi faire du wingfoil

In short, what to choose between Wing foil and Wind foil ?

Wingfoil and Windfoil are two different sports that use foil. Wingfoil is a more accessible sport. It is a light and practical sport that costs less overall than Wind Foil. The Wingfoil will also allow you to exploit more easily many spots that would not be interesting for the Windsurf foil. The Wind Surf Foil will be easier to learn for windsurfers. In light winds, the Windfoil will be more efficient than the Wingfoil. Moreover, by progressing in Wind foil it will be easier to learn Wing foil later on. Conversely, doing wingfoil will not make learning windfoil any easier.

Wing Foil or Wind foil, the choice is yours !


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