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Our advice for preparing your wing

When preparing your Wing for a flying session, it is important to check its condition to ensure optimal performance and maximum safety. Here are our step-by-step tips for successful preparation.

comment bien préparer sa wing pour le wing foil

Step 1: Check the condition of the wing

Preparing your Wing Foil wing is not complicated, you just have to pay attention to a few points. First of all, before setting off, it is important to carry out a visual check of your wing. The aim is to ensure that there are no defects such as cuts or tears in the fabric. There may also be scratches on the leading edge or trailing edge. If you notice any damage, it is strongly recommended that you do not use the wing until it has been repaired.

We recommend that you then test the air pressure in the wing. Use the pressure gauge on your pump to do this. Make sure that the pressure is within the manufacturer’s specifications. For our Wing V3 we recommend an inflation pressure of between 6 and 8 PSI (not to be confused with 6 and 8 bar… if that happens). If the pressure is insufficient, add air until it is correct. If the pressure is too high, don’t go to the water and release some air to reach the recommended pressure.

Step 2: Cleaning the wing

For optimal cleaning of your wing foil wing, you will only need fresh water. It may be hard to believe, but the best way to clean your wing is to rinse it thoroughly with fresh, clear water. Start by inflating your wing (or not deflating it after the session) and run fresh water over it to wash away sand and sea water.
You can rinse your kite after each session to maximise its life. This is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended if you are not going to use it for a long time.

Step 3: Storage of the wing

Comment préparer son aile de wing foil
It is strongly recommended to store your wing foil in a cool and dry place. To ensure the longest possible life for your wing, it is important to avoid damp places. Moisture can cause the fabric to mildew. If you are storing your wing for a long period of time, we advise you to make sure that it is dry and properly folded. To ensure that the wing is folded properly, make sure that there are no pressure points that could weaken or damage it. Be careful, as with kite surfing wings, you should not fold your wing in the same way every time. Indeed, folds that are too pronounced could weaken your spinnaker. One last tip? Store your wing high up if you don’t want rodents to get through.

Common mistakes to avoid :

  1. Leaving your wing in the sun: The spinnaker of a wingfoil or kiteboarding wing is sensitive to UV. It is therefore strongly advised not to leave them exposed to the sun when not in the water.
  2. Rubbing your wing foil to remove sand: rubbing your wing to remove sand will cause the sand to ripple on the wing and damage the protective layer that covers the fabric.
  3. Exposing your wing to heat for too long: heat increases the pressure in the bladder of your wing, if you leave it in direct sunlight or in a very hot place, you risk your wing exploding.


If you still have any questions about this, or any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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