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Our favourite spots in Switzerland for dockstart

Switzerland, known for its mountainous landscapes, crystal clear lakes and ski resorts, also offers an idyllic setting for dockstart and foil pumping . Whether you are passionate about wingfoil, surf foil or wakefoil, this country is full of spots that will meet all your expectations. In this article, we will present you with the best spots in Switzerland for dockstart practice, as well as our tips to best prepare your sessions.

Switzerland's best spots for dockstart

Here is our selection of spots in Switzerland where you can learn or improve your skills in dockstart and pumping. We have chosen places that are accessible, fun and adapted to each foiling practice:

Spot 1: The Lac de Joux - The foil's paradise

ou faire du dockstart en suisse

Lac de Joux is located in the canton of Vaud, about an hour from Geneva. It is a very popular spot for wing foil enthusiasts, as it benefits from a regular and sustained thermal wind, which usually blows from the northwest. The lake is quite large (9 km long and 1 km wide) which allows everyone to foil in peace.

It’s also a great spot for the Dockstart in Switzerland! You will find several pontoons around the lake, especially at the Pont nautical base or at the Lac campsite. You will be able to set off without difficulty and enjoy the water. Be careful, however, to respect the areas reserved for swimmers and other users of the lake.

Spot 2: Lake Geneva - Foil in Switzerland on the largest lake in Europe

spot dockstart et pumping au lac leman en suisse

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Western Europe, with an area of 580 km2. It stretches along the border between Switzerland and France, and offers stunning landscapes, with the Alps as a backdrop. It’s the perfect backdrop for a good dockstart session. You will be able to choose from the many pontoons that line the shores of the lake, such as the one in Rolle or the one in Nyon. 

Lake Geneva is also a very good spot for wakefoil and wingfoil , which has many schools and yacht clubs from which you can rent equipment with ease.

Spot 3: Lake Lucerne - A wild spot for the dockstart

spots de dockstart et pumping en suisse

Lake Lucerne is located in the centre of Switzerland, in the foothills of the Alps. It is a lake of glacial origin, which has a very jagged shape, with several arms and bays. It offers an exceptional natural setting, with green mountains and picturesque villages.

To dockstart on Lake Lucerne, you can take advantage of the pontoons in Brunnen or Weggis, which are good starting points for pumping. You will be able to start from one of these many pontoons and enjoy an exceptional foil setting.

Spot 4: Tropical Corner in Geneva - Refreshments, sunbathing and sliding

Tropical Corner is the ideal spot for the dockstart on Lake Geneva in Geneva! Founded in 1981 as a windsurfing school, Tropical Corner now offers stand up paddle, foiling and winging. With a team of competent professionals, they offer quality teaching and adapted materials, without fees. Having become one of the largest SUP centres in Switzerland, Tropical Corner is the last windsurfing centre in the Geneva region, offering a place to share in a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, young or old, come and enjoy the pleasures of skiing and good humour on Lake Geneva.

Our tips for preparing for your Dockstart session

The dockstart is a foiling starting technique that requires a bit of preparation and equipment. Here are some tips to make your session a success.

→ Find our guide to start dockstart in foil : what equipment to choose, start step by step, learn pumping..

Equipment needed for the Dockstart

To dockstart you will need little equipment, you just need a board and a foil. But you still have to choose the right products!

Ideal weather conditions

The advantage of dockstart and pumping is that the practice does not require many conditions, for your sessions to be optimal we advise you:

  1. A flat body of water or with regular waves or bumps that don’t break.
  2. A light or no wind, or the wind in the direction of the pumping (downwind).
  3. A pleasant temperature : pumping is a physical activity that makes you feel hot but in which you often fall into the water.

Safety & Precautions

Here are some precautions to take to dockstart safely: 

  • Choose a suitable spot : you must have enough water depth not to touch the bottom with the foil, and avoid areas frequented by swimmers or boats. This is especially important if you’re just starting out and don’t have a good grasp of your trajectories yet. 
  • Wear a wetsuit and helmet : dockstart is not a dangerous sport, but it is a practice where you often fall into the water, sometimes very close to the starting pontoon, which can hurt. In addition, foiling can cause injury, so it is advisable to wear a wetsuit to protect yourself. A helmet can also be useful in case of a blow to the head on the pontoon or on the board when you fall.

Find all our techniques to master the dockstart

dockstart pumping moulin blanc 2000 ha

How do I start dockstart in foiling?

Dive into the world of foil dockstart with our complete guide. Discover the secrets to choosing the ideal equipment, from the mast to the front wing, including the fuselage and the stabilizer, in order to achieve outstanding performance. Follow our step-by-step tips to master the dockstart and perfect your pumping technique.

You can also find our FAQ on dockstart to find out everything about this sport and the adapted equipment.

Switzerland is full of exceptional spots for foiling dockstarts, but that’s not all! Whether you are passionate about wingfoil, wakefoil or surf foil, this country offers a multitude of spots that will meet all your expectations. Among our favourites are the beautiful lakes of Joux, Lake Geneva and Lucerne, offering breathtaking scenery and ideal conditions to get started. With the choice of the right foil and board for the dockstart, your sessions on the Swiss spots will be simply unforgettable! Get ready for moments of pure fun and pushing the limits of your performance in this true foiling paradise in Switzerland.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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