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Wingfoil destination in Leucate

The reputation of the “wind city” is well established, host of the Mondial du Vent for more than 20 years, Leucate is an ideal destination for Wingfoil : it is the place to be for wind and board sports in general. Located in the corridors where the tramontana accelerates, the region is swept throughout the year by more than 300 days of annual winds. Accompanied by a significant amount of shops to stock up on equipment or the usual repairs.

Which spots for wingfoil in Leucate?

1. Coussoules (la franqui)

The first spot on our list is coussoules. Spot of the mythical World Wind Championship as well as of many competitions, it is above all the spot where the wind is always the strongest thanks to its venturi effect. The wind is channelled through the hinterland and the Cap Leucate on which the village of the Franks has clung to. And what’s more, the area is incredibly pretty!

Thus the wind enters the north-west (tramontana) or south/south-east depending on the thermal orientations in summer.

Wing foil La franqui Leucate

2. Sea, sand, sun

Imagine a riders’ campsite… Well, there you have it! Leucate is a perfect destination to spend a holiday around wingfoil. The spot is at the exit of the mobile home, infrastructures to clean/dry the equipment, are located at the foot of the beach. The same goes for storage. But above all, there is a great atmosphere with only surfers and “wingers” around you. The spot works in all directions, since it is at sea. (the prevailing wind will be North-West by Tramontane and South-East by sailor)

4. The Goulet (leucate pond)

In this region, a lot of spots are on ponds. Unfortunately, the practice will depend on the amount of algae at the time of your visit, but one of the most famous spots remains the Goulet, famous for its club, the Wesh center crew, run by Julien Taboulet, former windsurfing champion. The place is clearly a little piece of paradise, possibility to eat on site but also to shower and even access a skate ramp when the wind drops.

The idyllic wind is the tramontana, of course, the gully is one of the spots where the wind is strongest. On the other hand, with sailor winds (sea wind) the spot is windy by Cap Leucate.

5. The Oyster Bed

The Leucate Oyster Park, affectionately nicknamed the “parca”, is an emblematic place widely recognized by windsurfing enthusiasts. It is THE safe spot par excellence, offering ideal conditions for practitioners, whether they are beginners or experienced. The park is renowned for its low water level, making it the perfect place for beginners, especially when using short masts.

Located in the beautiful region of Leucate, the park attracts riders looking for a unique experience. Thanks to the shallow depth of the water, beginners can progress without fear of walking back during breakages or during their first attempts.

Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a passionate beginner, the Leucate Oyster Park remains a place imbued with magic where communion with nature and the wind creates an unforgettable experience. Come and live the wing adventure at the “parca” and discover the joys of this sport in an exceptional setting.

spot parc à huitre leucate wing

What activities?

Even if Leucate is an ideal destination to progress in Wingfoil, its magnificent surroundings will allow you to practice many other activities. Whether it’s wingfoil on windy days or even paddle when the calm returns. The practice of dockstart is of course possible, provided that you find a pontoon. Otherwise, all you have to do is learn the beach start in foil.

In addition, take advantage of the hinterland to walk in the mountains and enjoy this beautiful nature that surrounds us. If the wind isn’t there, there’s a water ski lift for wakefoil and wakefoil.

If you’d like to do dockstart, take a trip to Barcarès, in addition to a community of riders who love dockstart, you’ll probably find pontoons there.

What equipment for wing foil in Leucate?

The Tramontana is a very strong and irregular wind from the land. Therefore, it will push you to your limits if you are not accommodated to it. To be as comfortable as possible in these conditions, two scenarios open up:

  1. First, you are a seasoned practitioner. In this case, bring as much equipment as possible (that’s always what we do no matter the spot), think especially about small equipment, whether it’s boards or foils. To give you an idea, in Leucate, the SROKA team would take, for a size of 85 kg, with a good technical level: a Superfly 4’6 or 4’8some Wingfoil Wings in 3, 4 and 5m² and a Elite 14 mm foil Embellished with its carbon fuselage, a 180cm² stabilizer and three front fins to adapt to all eventualities, take with you a 1350 L HA For calm days and possibly the Dockstart if you have mastered the discipline, the one nicknamed the Swiss Army knife, the 950 S HA, enjoyable at all times. Finally, our little 670 S HA to go faster than my friends!
  2. In the second case, you are on your way to progress. In this situation, it is important to take equipment that you are familiar with. The Tramontane pushes hard and is quite unstable, so you shouldn’t be surprised. A front wing in 1250 Control will bring you comfort and ease whatever the conditions. Finally, uNE 820 Control will give you ease in very strong winds. Finally, if you’re riding at sea, the wind will be offshore, all the more reason to stay safe. So go to sea with equipment adapted to your level and conditions. Otherwise, we advise you to sail on the lakes and ponds.
Naviguer en wing à leucate

Where can I take lessons? Where can I rent equipment?

The area is full of schools and shops that can rent equipment. If we had to name just one, you can turn to the Cap Leucate sailing circle, which, in addition to being very welcoming, is an association full of enthusiasts!

Regarding the rental, we recommend directwind leucate. A cool and dynamic team that will provide you with recent and maintained equipment.

Advice from the SROKA team!

The surroundings of Leucate are very popular, beware of theft of equipment which can unfortunately still happen although less frequent at the moment.

No matter the trip, SROKA equipment will adapt to all wind conditions encountered. Therefore, there is only one thing left for you to do, ENJOY!

Leucate, destination Kitesurfing, Wingfoil and Windsurf foil.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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