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How much does wingfoil equipment cost?

Wingfoil is a fast-growing discipline. In recent years, More and more riders have joined the discipline. This sport is accessible to everyone. It is also much less restrictive and difficult than our good old windsurf. It is done much more in flexibility than in strength.

The expansion of wingfoil has also allowed the evolution of its equipment and its accessibility.

Do you want to know how much to charge for your wingfoil equipment? We are here to advise you on how to equip yourself at the best price.

There are different ways to equip yourself with wingfoil. First, buy A complete pack of wing foil or buy the items separately.

The wingfoil pack

Some brands such as Sroka offer complete wingfoil packs. They consist of offering you an equipment pack with Everything you need to sail in a wingfoiL (apart from accessories such as wetsuits, helmets, impact vests, etc.).

What's in a wingfoil pack?

At Sroka we offer two types of packs :

  • The Rigid Wingfoil Pack
  • The Inflatable Wingfoil Pack

The Inflatable Wingfoil Pack

This pack is the most accessible of all, it is equipped with an inflatable foil board, a wing and its backpack. A full foil, sail and board leashes, a pump and a backpack to carry it all. Very affordable and suitable for beginners, as it is equipped with a foil for beginners or intermediates, or for people who travel frequently. It will cost around €1500 to €2000 for a Inflatable pack.

pack wingfoil gonflable

The Rigid Wingfoil Pack

Often offered with fairly bulky boards and large foils, you will have an extremely stable take-off and an extremely stable flight. The pack includes the same equipment as the inflatable pack, i.e. a board, a complete aluminium foil, a wing, a pump and leashes. At Sroka this pack is equipped with a 5m2 sail with a board ranging from 5.7 to 6.3 (105L to 120L). And a full foil of 1750cm2. The pack is scalable with all the boards and foils in the range. He will be able to accompany you throughout your progress. For a Rigid pack, it costs between 2000 and 2800 €.

It is important to note that at Sroka our foils are interchangeable. So you can change your front and stabilizers and even your board as you progress and thus constantly progress.

Separate purchase of equipment

You can also purchase your equipment separately. This is mainly done by the more experienced riders who know what they want, which allows us to better meet your needs and provide you with high-quality equipment “with the little onions”.

It is important to know that it is not recommended to mix brands, especially on the board and foil. Not all foils work under all boards, in fact, each manufacturer has its own specificities.

The Plank

It is the one that will be in contact with the water and that will allow you to take off. There’s no point in taking a board that’s too small. Indeed, it will handicap you more than anything else. So first of all, you have to Keep your level in mind and avoid overestimating yourself… At the risk of finding yourself in much more difficulty. It is essential to choose A board at the right size to progress. It’s always worth keeping in mind that a bulkier wing board will be needed in light wind conditions. And will allow you to return safely to your destination when the wind drops.

For a beginner, it is recommended to choose a board that is about 20-30 liters heavier than the rider’s weight. A rider with better control will rather start on an equal board or 10 liters more. And an expert rider will opt more for a wing board that is lower than its weight.

The rigid board

Offering more ease for learning, it improves gliding on the water and tends to bounce more, thus facilitating an easy take-off. The rigid board is The most used on spots, existing in different constructions, fiberglass sandwich (offering a solid board and cheaper than carbon) or carbon sandwich (more expensive, the carbon sandwich will offer you a stronger and above all much lighter board) and with multiple shapes and sizes…

And therefore all budgets. It’s perfect for all riders, from beginner to expert, offering more room for improvement. Allowing you to offer more Dynamism and control. It will cost between 800€ and 2000€ depending on the brands and constructions. At Sroka we offer a variety of boards suitable for all levels and riding styles, from From Skyrider to Elite, there’s something for every taste and every level.

The inflatable board

Easy to store and transport, the inflatable board is ideal for itinerant wingfoilers. Indeed, it is Lighter and easier to store. Although it is less efficient than a rigid board, and requires inflation to 15PSI… A great warm-up. Its performance remains valuable. It will be perfect for casual riders who are not looking for performance, or beginners. For an inflatable board, it costs €300 to €800. For more information on our inflatable boards Click here.

planches de wingfoil parfaites pour voyager

The foil

The foil, one of the essential equipment of wingfoil. It is therefore essential to Choose a suitable foil but also a quality and scalable foil that will follow you throughout your progress. This is the equipment that has evolved the most over the past few years. It is therefore better to opt for a foil and thus benefit from all the new technologies and to be able to continue to change the fins so that it follows your progress. Composed of different parts, the mast, the fuselage, the wing and the stabilizer.

The carbon foil

The carbon foil, which is the most efficient foil if it is well built. Find out more about The construction of a carbon foil, we wrote an article for you above. But it’s also the most expensive. There is no such thing as a real carbon mast, affordable and lightweight, of good quality. If it is cheap, it may be foamed and therefore supple underfoot. For a carbon foil, you have to count on 2200 € without counting the fins and stabilizers that will be added. A carbon foil is therefore mostly recommended for advanced riders who are looking to surpass themselves even more than with an aluminum foil.

The aluminium foil

The aluminium foil, is the most common foil on the market, indeed cheaper than carbon, it is perfect for most riders. Count about 800-1000€ for a whole aluminum foil. We Sroka offer ultra-scalable aluminium foils with which you can adapt all our fins and stabilizers. If you are hesitating between a carbon or aluminium foil, read article if above.

At Sroka we offer you the best carbon mast on the market, a jewel of technology that will make you exceed your limits on the spot. This high-quality ultra-rigid mast, which can be upgraded thanks to the compatibilities of Sroka foils, will accompany you during all your sessions, whether you are surfing, freeriding, freestyle or racing. For more information on carbon foiling, click here.

The Wing

The Wing is crucial to have maximum pleasure during your sailing, it is important to opt for a suitable wing. Also, for your safety, no need to take the biggest sail on the spot. Choose A sail adapted to the conditions and your size. Choosing the right wing for the right sail will give you increased pleasure and comfort while sailing. The Wing SROKA V4 and the Wing SROKA V4 Elite will be your ally in all weathers.

It is recommended to have a set of 2 sails depending on your size and the conditions where you are sailing. For example, an 80 kg rider sailing in Brittany will rather go for a 4m2 and a 5m2 in order to optimize his sailing range as well as possible and not miss any session. A wingfoil sail costs between 500 and 1000€ depending on the brands and qualities of the sails. The sails can even reach more than 2000€ for the special race sails. At Sroka we offer you the Sroka Wing V4 from 720€. The Wing SROKA Elite is priced at €1500.


Accessories and equipment should be taken seriously, as they guarantee both your safety and enjoyment while sailing. Equip yourself with a wetsuit suitable for the temperatures, a helmet and an impact vest are highly recommended. It costs about 50€ for a helmet and 150€ for a vest. The Impact vest PRO Sroka is 149.00 €. Especially Never forget your board and sail leashes, it’s your 😉 life insurance.

In summary, to equip yourself with a wingfoil you need to count on:

The inflatable pack: It costs between 1500 and 2000€.

The rigid pack: A hard pack is around €2500.

Separately, if you buy the different items out of pack.

For the board it costs about 999 €, for the wing about 850 €, for the complete foil between 1000 € for an aluminum foil and 2500 € for a carbon foil.

It is important to bring a good wetsuit adapted to the temperatures of your sailing area. So count about 250€ or more depending on the model, for the helmet more or less 50€ and for the impact jacket about 150€.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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