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Little-known spots for wingfoil

At first glance, when you imagine yourself practicing wingfoil, you almost always imagine an ocean, a sea bordered by sand and in the sun. However, this is not always the case, many spots are poorly represented and yet allow a practice and sometimes are even real nuggets. We will therefore present you these few unknown wingfoil spots of the Alps and France.

Unknown spots for wing foil in the Alps (France)

Lake Bourget, Savoie:

Located in the French Alps, Lake Bourget is a real gem for water sports enthusiasts. With its clear waters and surrounded by majestic mountains, this lake offers an ideal setting for wing foil. The steady thermal winds in the area create perfect conditions for skiing sessions. Get ready to soar over the water as you take in the spectacular scenery of the Alps.

Lake of Serre-Ponçon, Hautes-Alpes:

Next is this lake nestled in the French Alps, the Serre-Ponçon lake is a real gem for water sports enthusiasts. With its crystal clear waters surrounded by majestic mountains, this lake offers an idyllic setting for wing foil. The regularity of the thermal winds in the region creates favourable conditions for the practice of this sport. Get ready to soar over the water as you take in the breathtaking scenery.

Lake Monteynard, Isère:

In the heart of the French Alps, Lake Monteynard is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. With its turquoise waters surrounded by majestic mountains, this lake offers a breathtaking backdrop for wing foil. These same mountains allow a venturi effect that accelerates the wind and gives thermals that can exceed 30 knots in June. The region’s steady thermal winds create ideal conditions for soaring over the water.

Lake Sainte-Croix, Provence:

Finally, it is in the heart of the Verdon Regional Natural Park, the Sainte-Croix lake is a real paradise for water sports enthusiasts. With its turquoise waters surrounded by dramatic cliffs, this lake offers a stunning setting for wingfoil sessions. The thermal winds of the Verdon create ideal conditions for taking on this majestic lake.

Unknown spots in wingfoil everywhere in France

The Alps are not the only massif to be full of spots of all kinds, let’s see what the rest of France has in store for us.

Étang de Thau, Hérault

Somewhere between Sète and Marseillan, the Etang de Thau is a little-known spot but full of potential for wingfoil. This saltwater pond offers ideal conditions for the practice of this sport, with steady winds and shallow water. Explore the pond’s many canals and lagoons, and let yourself be seduced by the beauty of this area. In addition, the surface of the body of water and its layout make it possible to sail regardless of the direction of the wind.

Lake Vouglans, Jura

Located in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region, Lake Vouglans is a little-known place but full of potential for wingfoil. With its emerald waters in summer and its beaches, this lake offers an idyllic setting for memorable sessions. The relatively frequent northerly and southerly winds in the region create conditions conducive to the practice of this sport. Explore the different coves of the lake, and let yourself be enchanted by the unspoilt beauty of this surrounding nature.

Pays des Abers, Brittany

The abers, located in Brittany, are inlets of the sea that penetrate inland, creating spectacular coastal landscapes. The abers of the Aber-Wrac’h, the Aber-Ildut and the Aber-Benoît are particularly suitable for wingfoil. With their calm waters and steady winds, these abers provide an ideal setting to soar above the water and enjoy the wild beauty of Brittany. Plan your session according to the tides to take advantage of the best conditions. Be sure to position yourself on the water to avoid any collision with a shoal.

Glénan Archipelago, Brittany

The Glénan benefit from a microclimate that favours the practice of water sports. The winds are steady, especially the famous southwesterly wind, ideal for wing foiling. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you will find spots suitable for all levels. The calm waters and shallow depth provide a safe environment for practicing in complete serenity.

The Glénan archipelago is also renowned for its exceptional biodiversity. The seabed is teeming with life, offering a unique spectacle during your wing foil sessions. You will be able to admire schools of multicolored fish, algae undulating in the current and maybe even spot dolphins or seals that sometimes come to visit the lucky ones.

Lake Gérardmer, Alsace

Lake Gérardmer, located in the Vosges in Alsace, is another little-known spot but full of potential for wingfoil. This freshwater lake surrounded by mountains offers a beautiful setting for wingfoil sessions in peace. The often light but steady winds in the area create perfect conditions for wingfoil. On site, a club will welcome you with amazing facilities for the place.

The lakes of the Paris region

Among the most popular lakes are Lake Enghien-les-Bains, Lake Créteil and Lake Cergy-Pontoise. These sites offer varied landscapes and infrastructures adapted to wing foil practitioners. Snow schools are present on site, offering lessons and equipment rental to introduce you or improve your skills in this discipline.

The proximity to the capital is a major asset of the lakes of the Paris region. In just a few minutes by transport, you can find yourself in the heart of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break from your hectic daily routine and recharge your batteries by practicing your passion.

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In short

In summary, it is important to note that these unknown spots for wing foil in France, with the exception of the Etang de Thau, are located in the mountains. As a result, wing foiling is mainly concentrated during the summer or spring season, when temperatures are milder and wind conditions are favourable. It’s best to plan your sessions with these factors in mind.

In addition, it is essential to point out that the presence of shops specializing in wing foil may be limited in these regions. It is therefore recommended that you check and maintain your equipment before going to the site. Make sure your kite, board, foil, and accessories are in good working order before you head out on your adventure. There’s nothing worse than being in a beautiful place with faulty equipment! We can deliver to you within 24 hours.

Let's be responsible!

Finally, don’t forget to respect the environment and follow local rules when it comes to navigation. These unspoilt spots are natural treasures that should be preserved for future generations. Respect protected areas, avoid littering and be aware of your impact on the surrounding nature.

There you have it, you are now ready to discover these unknown spots of wingfoil in France. Enjoy these hidden gems. Good luck and good sessions to all!

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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