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Where and how to wingfoil in winter?

Wing foil is a sport that can be practiced all year round. So if you too want to sail all year round and make the most of all your sessions even when it’s cold. Here are some tips from the Sroka team on where and how to sail in wingfoil. To sail in winter on a wing foil, there are two possibilities. Either you equip yourself properly to face the winter, or you opt for a trip to a country with mild temperatures and suitable weather conditions for wingfoiling.

How to wing foil in winter while staying at home? How to equip yourself?

Sailing in winter is not the most pleasant feeling if you are poorly equipped. But it can become a real pleasure and sensation if you opt for the right equipment. First of all, it is important to choose a spot that is suitable for the practice as well as the weather conditions. In winter and especially on the water, the weather can change very quickly. So keep an eye on the weather and how it might change. Make sure that access to the spot is secure and that the sailing conditions make it a safe spot. Of course, stay aware of your level as well as the weather. In winter, in cold water, we can quickly get into trouble if something happens.

Secondly, equip yourself properly. Whether it’s wing foiling, downwinding, surf foiling, pumping… Equipment is everything. As for the equipment, here is what you need to go wing foil sailing in winter.

The Equipment

When you go for a session, put your kite surf or wing foil on the beach as soon as possible. It is best to avoid sharp stones and asphalt in strong winds. Indeed, if your kite slips because of the wind, it will rub the ground and this will cause wear on the seams or spinnaker.

1. Winter full-body suit

If you’re not too cold, a 4/3 or 5/4 combination will do the trick.

A wetsuit in winter with a built-in hood is the best choice for wing foiling in winter while staying warm. A full-body suit with a built-in hood will better protect against the cold and also prevent water infiltration into the suit.

What you need to remember is that 30% of our heat escapes through the extremities. For those who are very cold, there are 6/5/4 like at hoalen.

2. Balaclavas, slippers, earplugs

If you don’t have a wetsuit with a built-in hood, the balaclava can be put on separately, keeping the heat and protecting from the cold (wind and water) as well as keeping only one wetsuit for sailing with and without a balaclava

The same goes for winter slippers that keep your feet warm. Choose slippers that are flexible enough to keep a feel on the support.

Finally, don’t forget earplugs to prevent exostosis.

3. Gloves

Gloves are a very important part of winter sailing. Not everyone likes to wear them, but they protect very well from the cold.

There are two main types of gloves: Full-face gloves, which offer maximum protection against the cold but can in some cases reduce the sensations in the hands when holding the handles and cause cramps in the forearms. The second option are open mitten gloves to prevent cold on fingers and hands without losing sensation in the handles.

The Sroka impact vest will insulate you from the cold thanks to its neoprene construction and reinforced foams, while protecting you from impacts.

5. Penultimate tip

If you are in a rather cold place, avoid taking out the 40 l volume boards. If you have the option to take a board with more volume, it will save you from spending a lot of time in the water and swimming for too long if the wind drops.

6. Another solution: go to the sun!

If the desire for the sun is stronger than anything and you can’t stand sailing in the cold, there is only one solution left, find a heavenly solution to sail in the sun. In this section, we offer you a non-exhaustive list of sun destinations.

Here is a list of destinations to travel to in winter to go wing foil. This list is not exhaustive but will surely give you some travel ideas.

Wing foil destination abroad during the winter

faire du wingfoil en hiver à saint martin

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is an area where the trade winds are present in winter. They will offer you a pleasant temperature during the winter, between 24 and 29 degrees. In addition, they benefit from the constant trade winds providing ideal conditions for wing foiling. So the French West Indies like Guadeloupe, Martinique… They are ideal places to travel in winter and enjoy optimal conditions. A little more exotic, you can opt for St Barthelemy or the Grenadines.

où faire du wing foil à Zanzibar


located off the east coast of Africa, is an increasingly popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. It offers ideal wind conditions all year round. December to March is kuzi season, which means that high winds blow consistently, and therefore offer ideal conditions for wingfoil and other water sports. This period is generally considered to be the best for wing foil in Zanzibar.

faire du wingfoil en hiver au Sri Lanka avec Sroka

Le Sri Lanka

In addition to the favourable temperatures all year round, it also benefits from constant winds like Zanzibar and favourable to the practice of wing foil.

où faire du wing foil en hiver à Cap Town

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town and especially Langebaan, is a very popular destination for kitesurfing. Renowned for its very strong and constant winds, especially from November to March, Cape Town works perfectly from November to March. These conditions are ideal for wing foiling if you like to sail in small wing sizes.

Pack Wing avec Planche de foil, Wing et Foil Sroka

The Canary Islands

In winter, it’s not the strongest wind period but you can still have good sessions there, especially in wing foil, surf foil or kitesurfing. In addition, the temperature of the water and the outside is mild and pleasant. (Water temperature: around 18°C and between 20 and 25°C for outside)

faire du wing foil au cap vert

Cape Verde

This archipelago, located off the west coast of Africa, is an ideal destination for board sports such as wing foil. With its landscapes and beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters, it seduces more and more water sports enthusiasts, including wing foil enthusiasts. Boa vista, the island off the coast of Senegal offers perfect conditions in winter, whether in waves, on flat water, you will find what you are looking for with warm water and a steady wind.

où faire du wing foil au brésil


Brazil is known for its constant winds during the winter period in France. Offering strong and consistent winds. Spots like Jericoacoara and Cumbuco are popular with wing foil enthusiasts.

Jericoacoara: Located on the northeastern coast of Brazil, Jeri is famous for its constant winds and waves in lagoons. All of this offers ideal conditions for wing foiling.

Cumboco: is another spot in Brazil, also very famous, it offers fine sandy beaches, lagoons and very good wind conditions especially in winter in Europe which is suitable for wing foil.

faire du wing foil au maroc


Morocco It is often said that there are more waves in the winter and more wind in the summer. Despite everything, the wind remains constant all year round, with an average of more than 20 days per month with an average of 12 to 20 knots. So if you’re going on a trip to Morocco in winter to sail, expect to have wind during your vacation. With spots like Dakhla and Essaouira you will have a multitude of spots to satisfy your wing foil desires.

faire du wing foil à tarifa grâce à Sroka


Tarifa is located in the extreme south of Spain, a few kilometres from Morocco. With more than 300 windy days a year, Tarifa is considered the wind capital of Europe. This makes it one of the most famous destinations for kitesurfing, windsurfing and also wing foiling enthusiasts. With spots like Playa Chica, Bolonia, Tarifa town or even the more challenging spot of Canos de Meca (with its reef of rocks that can sometimes come out of the water in some places), Tarifa offers ideal wind conditions for wing foiling all year round. Allowing you to sail with wind and mild temperatures in winter. When the levante rises, the wind strength is usually 6-7 Beaufort, providing strong and constant wind conditions.

In short

In summary, you have two options. If you want to sail every weekend,you’ll need to be properly equipped to sail in the cold, wearing a warm wetsuit and protecting your extremities so you don’t lose too much energy.

If you only want to sail in the warmth, choose a sun destination to sail in winter with mild temperatures.

In this case, you have two options. Either you opt for a destination where you can rent equipment on site, or you take your board bag with you to sail with your own equipment. In the latter case, check the prices of excess baggage according to the airlines. The price is different for each company.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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