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Where to go wingfoil in the Jura?

Wingfoil in the Jura? Although it is not necessarily the first destination that comes to mind when looking for a place to sail, the Jura is full of spots to practice just about all our sports.

The Jura is nicknamed the “land of lakes”, explaining the presence of a large number of lakes that promote the practice of wingfoil in all conditions and in all seasons.

Spots for wingfoil in the Jura

1. Bellecin

Bellecin is unquestionably the main spot in the Jura. Originally a sports centre, it is home to the Vouglans Sailing Club (CVV). Nestled on the shores of Lake Vouglans, the third artificial reservoir in France stretches over more than 32 km. The spot offers two sailing orientations: in the north with “la bise”, a cold and steady wind rarely exceeding 25 knots, or in the south where the wind can vary from 5 knots to more than 40, accompanied by strong gusts and sometimes an unstable orientation. Upon arrival, the sailing club will greet you warmly, ready to make you feel comfortable and share all the necessary information.

2. Clairvaux

Clairvaux is the kite spot, especially in winter when the other spots are empty, or almost empty. It is not passable in summer due to the swimming area. The wind blows exclusively from the south, no navigation is possible in the north, the wind being stopped by the city. In winging, be careful, as there are a few poles at the water’s edge to spot before you start. Do not hesitate to ask for information on site for more details.

3. Chalain

Chalain is the fallback spot when the wind is not adapted to other spots, especially in winter. The site works in all orientations, depending on the beach where you get into the water.

4. Coiselet

The Coiselet spot works in both north and south orientations, which makes it ideal during the emptying period of upper dams such as Vouglans. The water is often at its highest level in winter. A parking lot, located on private land whose owner allows access to riders, is located directly on the side of the road along the lake.

What activities to do in the Jura?

Currently, the Jura lends itself particularly well to water activities, offering complete versatility! With the exception of surfing, where you will have to go to Switzerland to surf the Wave garden (artificial wave). Whether it’s for the dockstart, where you will find many pontoons in the ports of La Mercantine or Le Meix, as well as at the diving board of Lake Clairvaux, or even for towed foiling, a practice that can be considered in the speed zone of Lake Vouglans.

You can of course practice wingfoil, kitesurfing and windsurfing in addition to the more public activities such as housesailing or dinghy.

spots de dockstart et de pumping en suisse

What equipment to go foiling in the Jura?

The area is rarely affected by periods of strong winds. Thus, you will need to bring your Gear suitable for light breezes, especially in summer. However, be aware that you are never safe from a gust of wind. In this case, prepare your small boards and foils, because the south wind can be violent!

For experienced riders, small foils can allow you to gain flight speed and therefore pass the softs more easily.

Where to rent and take lessons?

If you want to take lessons, you can turn to the Vouglans Sailing Club, a friendly club with a family atmosphere. They will provide you with all the necessary materials during your learning sessions. For rental, the CVV can also offer you equipment at competitive rates.

Advice from the SROKA team

The area attracts many bathers in the summer, so it is essential to remain vigilant against irresponsible behaviour. Many individuals attempt to swim across lakes without any means of identification. So be careful, keep a close eye in front of you.

Otherwise, all we have to do is wish you an excellent stay!

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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