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Which paddle board to practice on a lake?

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the most accessible board sports. Easy, space-saving, it allows you to get around, discover nature, have fun with your family or simply go for a walk alone, with others or with your family. Very popular at sea, it is also becoming increasingly popular in lakes and in my opinion, it is very interesting in lakes, because this type of calm body of water is easier to start with. It also allows you to indulge in various types of practices such as yoga, fitness, fishing, hiking, running or going on a bivouac, picnic…

In this article, we will give you tips and recommendations to help you choose the most suitable paddle board for lake riding.

What type of paddle boards are suitable for lake surfing?

There are two main types of paddle boards: rigid paddle boards and inflatable paddle boards. The Inflatable paddle board is the wisest choice in a lake. A rigid paddle board will be preferred, especially for wave surfing in the sea or for racing. (And still, more and more runners are using inflatable paddle boards for the sake of simplicity. The inflatable paddle board is the ideal option if you are looking for a versatile SUP (leisure, walks, fishing, yoga…).

A good quality inflatable paddle board will guarantee you very good gliding performance, better impact resistance and a more affordable price compared to a rigid paddle. Not to mention the simplicity of transport and storage. In other words, the inflatable paddle board is the best option for paddle boarding on a lake.

Inflatable paddle boarding

1. What are the advantages of inflatable paddle boarding

  • Ease of transport
  • Versatility
  • Ideal for starting out alone or with your family
  • Value for money and performance.

2. The disadvantages of an inflatable paddle board

  • The stiffness of an inflatable paddle board is determined by the amount of material on the paddle. The more layers of PVC an inflatable paddle board has, the stiffer, stronger, and more durable it will be. This will also determine the stability of the paddle. In other words, a low-cost inflatable paddle board will be less stable and resistant.
  • The stability of the inflatable paddle board depends on its width, the more stable a paddle is, the wider it is. On the other hand, a very stable paddle board that is wide will be slower. Paddle boarding on a lake is relatively easy because there are rarely waves so you can afford to have a more tapered and slippery paddle to maximize the feeling of speed.

Rigid paddle boarding

1. What are the advantages of rigid paddle boarding?

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Durability.

2. The disadvantages of rigid paddle boarding

  • More cumbersome and therefore less convenient to transport and handle.
  • More fragile to impact with rocks
  • More expensive

Which paddle board is best for you to sail on a lake?

The shape of the paddle board affects its stability, glide and maneuverability. There are several forms of paddle boards. There is a compromise to be found between glide and stability. A thinner paddle will have better penetration into the water and a better glide. It will push less water, but will be less stable. The advantage of a calm body of water such as on a lake is that it allows you to choose a paddle that is a little narrower than a paddle in the sea and thus maximize the glide.

When using a lake, we advise you to choose a quality paddle board. Depending on your body of water, your bank, the first price paddle can get damaged quickly. By opting for a more reinforced paddle, you will get a better product durability.

Adapt your paddle to your size and needs

Here are some tips to help you choose your paddle:

If you are a beginner

If you are a beginner or looking for a versatile board, you can opt for
an allround paddle
, which is a board with a round and wide nose (between 30 and 34 inches), offering excellent stability and maneuverability. This type of board is suitable for hiking on the lake.

quel paddle choisir pour l'océan quelles réglementation pour faire du paddle Comment dégonfler un paddle

If you are experienced

If you are more experienced, whether you’re looking to run errands or ride long distances, you can opt for a paddle race, which is a long board (over 12 feet), thin (under 28 inches), a pointed nose at the front, giving you a great glide. Paddle races are less stable and less manoeuvrable but faster and have a good ability to stay on course.
Alpha fusion models
less than 28″ wide are suitable; the heavier your weight, the longer you will need to choose to have a suitable volume.

paddle gonflable de qualité à prix abordable

If you are an intermediate paddler

If you are an intermediate paddler, you can also opt for a paddle touring, which is a long board (between 11’6 and 14 feet) tapered, with a medium width (between 28 and 32 inches), with a pointed front and a slightly wider back. This type of paddle is optimized for glide, speed and stability.

Choice of paddle according to the activity on the lake

Paddle boarding for fishing

If you are a fan of fishing, you can opt for
a paddle fishing
, which is a wide (>32 inches) and bulky board, offering good buoyancy and space to carry your gear with an elastic net to secure your belongings.

Paddle boarding for yoga

Abalone Store maillot de bain et sup sroka pour yoga

If you are a fan of yoga, fitness or looking for a relaxing board, you can opt for a
very wide paddle board
(greater than 32″) and very stable, providing a good surface for practicing postures without falling into the water. This type of board is suitable for doing yoga on calm lake waters. Our XL or XXL

giant paddle boards

allow you to be together on the paddle and organize jousts and aperitifs on the water. However, they cannot be used alone.

To paddle with others

giant paddle for family

If you want to practice paddle with several people on the same paddle (with your family or in competition mode), opt for
our duo paddles for 2 people
to practice in pairs, or our
XL paddles
(up to 6 people) or
XXL paddle
(up to 8 people) to practice with family or friends.

The Best Lakes for Paddleboarding

Attached is a non-exhaustive list of fabulous places to discover by paddle boarding. In terms of weather conditions, you don’t need to have precise knowledge of the weather. Check for thunderstorms or strong winds.

  • Lac de Sainte Croix (Var/Alpes de Haute-Provence)
  • Lac du Bourget (Savoie)
  • Lake Pavin,
  • Lake Castillon,
  • Lake Annecy
  • Lake Geneva

Practical Tips for Paddle Boarding on a Lake


In terms of safety, don’t forget that even if you are on a lake, you need to know a minimum of the safety rules.

  • Don’t go out alone at dusk
  • Navigate with a board leash. In the event that a thunderstorm rises, you will always be connected to your paddle.
  • If you’re not a champion swimmer, opt for a buoyancy aid or life jacket
  • Put on an insulated suit if the water is not hot.
  • Let someone know you’re leaving all the time.
  • Avoid going on the paths of motorboats.

Paddle board care

You don’t have a lot of maintenance on your paddle. You just need to pay attention to a few things. in order to extend your equipment

  • by your heat, deflate your paddle slightly to prevent it from exploding
  • Don’t leave your paddle in a car in direct sunlight. In a car, the temperature rises very quickly to 80 degrees. This will weaken the glues and possibly cause leaks on your paddle.
  • Be careful of the banks where there may be objects that could puncture your paddle.

In Conclusion

Opt for a rather elongated and thin paddle if you want to maximize glide and take long walks on a lake. A wide paddle board will offer more stability but will move slower.

If you opt for a low-cost paddle board, beware. To reduce the price of a paddle board, you have to reduce the quantity of material, decrease the quality of the materials. This leads to a loss of stability, a board that will twist in all directions. It’s better to rent a paddle board if you can’t afford it than to buy a low-end product that won’t give you stability and efficiency.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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