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New Ultra Light Wind and Down Wind Board: SROKA’s DW

New board from ultra Light Wind and the Down Wind, the DW by Sroka. Or the board that will make you forget the nickname of tea bag, which has all too often been associated with Wingfoil practitioners. Here you will find out how to take off with 10 knots of wind and discover downwind.

A wingfoil board for ultra light wind?

Downwind, as well as Ultra light wind are practices that require equipment that can sometimes be specific. The new Sroka DW will allow you to optimize the low range in Light Wind, and take off very early in Downwind.

The type of board for Down Wind and Ultra Light Wingfoil or sup foil.

Starting early comes down to opting for a long, straight board. Indeed, the wider the board will be. The more drag it generates in the water and therefore will slow you down during the take-off phases. Opting for a narrow and long board allows you to reduce drag and therefore accelerate with little wind or few waves in the case of Down Wind.

But why is that?

The drag in the water due to its viscosity greater than air and its density is 800 times greater than in air, it is proportional to the frontal contact surface of the board, so in fact, a wide board will have a wider frontal surface and therefore a greater drag, the length it allows to limit turbulence when sliding the board in the water.
La gamme Elite Downwind

What is the difference between LW and DW?

The LW: this one is dedicated to Light Wind in Windfoil specifically and in general to a versatile Wingfoil practice, it will allow you to do everything in all conditions from five to 35 knots depending on the size.
The DW: This will allow you to glide in as little wind as possible as part of the Lighwind, but above all will allow you to be placed on a rail to allow you to take off in the slightest little bump during your Downwind practice. It will therefore be by definition less versatile, less easy, but will allow you to get your Light Wind and Downwind performances to the fullest.
The DW is currently divided into two models:
– The 7’2 Which, thanks to its 110 l and 20 inches wide, will offer you an exceptional glide, and consequently a higher level of performance.
– The generous 7’2W Plus with its 22 inches wide and 130 l will give access to the Down Wind to the heaviest size, but also to the Light Wind to the same size while limiting the difficulty.
It is important to note that each board in Sroka’s elite range includes a ring edge of exceptional quality, which will allow you to carry your new toy, without any risk.

How to take off efficiently and in the least wind possible with a downwind board?

These boards are made to glide on the water, this is their most crucial advantage that you should use when practicing Ultra Light Wind. It is therefore important to use this ability to take advantage of it.
Let’s take an example, an 88 kg jig with the DW 7 ́2 with a 1350 foil and a 7 m² Wing can take off at five knots of wind if he applies the following method.
Once standing on the board, pump with the Wing, only so that the board slides on the surface of the water. Once you’ve picked up speed, simultaneously pump three or four big times with the Bouygues, and at the same time pump with the Foil so that you can come and perch at the top of the Foil, that’s it, you just have to slide and enjoy your session.
This method allows a gauge of 88 kg to take off in five knots with the equipment mentioned above. You no longer have any excuses in the lake or in the summer at the ocean. Small and larger people will now have a Light Wind wingfoil practice, as well as stronger winds in the image of its brothers and sisters Kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Sroka’s new DW (Down Wind) board is designed for Wingfoil and Sup Foil in light wind conditions and for downwind descents. It optimises performance in light winds and allows you to take off quickly during downwind descents. The DW is less versatile than the LW (Ultra Light Wind), but offers maximum performance in light winds and downwind. It is available in two models and allows you to take off efficiently thanks to its ability to glide on water. It offers new possibilities for wingfoil riders in light wind and downwind conditions.

If you still have questions about this, or for any other request, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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New board from ultra Light Wind and the Down Wind, the DW by Sroka. Or the board that will make you forget the nickname of …