Best Wing Foil and SUP spots in Corsica

best wing foil and paddle spot in corsica

With its many idyllic landscapes, Corsica is a dream destination. It is easy to understand why it is nicknamed the island of beauty. Indeed, it abounds in outdoor activities, from the seaside to the mountains, there is no lack of paradisiacal landscapes. It is also an island that is particularly popular for its many water […]

Best Wing Foil spots around La Rochelle

best wing foil spots around la rochelle

Wingfoil is an activity that has been booming in recent years. Many people are becoming addicted to this incredible sensation of gliding. Are you one of these people and do you want to sail around La Rochelle? Then you’ve come to the right place. Discover a selection of the 5 best Wing Foil spots around […]

Wing Foil in the sun of Fuerteventura

If you want to fly over the swell in a Wing Foil in the sun when it’s grey at home, Fuerteventura is the perfect destination. This Canary Island (nicknamed the Hawaii of the Atlantic) is the perfect combination of turquoise waters, heat and wind. The desert landscapes, the dunes as far as the eye can […]

SUP Foil in Corsica, the island of beauty

sroka supfoiling corsica

  No need to go to the other side of the planet to practice SUP Foil in the sun, France has its little Eldorados. Corsica is one of them. This island will offer you a diversity of natural landscapes, with heavenly beaches, not to mention the climate and water temperature: everything is there to make […]

Lanzarote, a dream destination for Wing Foil

pack complet wing foil

With its unique landscapes, sunny and windy spots, Lanzarote is for us the perfect destination to have fun with Wing Foil. Located in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, off the African coast, Lanzarote will satisfy all your desires for a change of scenery and escape. Indeed, this Spanish island has managed to protect itself […]

Surf Foiling – Martin

Surf Foiling: Flying like a bird is the dream of man. Martin Letourneur, a very good Breton surfer, has just joined our team. He tested the SROKA S-Foiler for surfing and the Sup-Foiler. From the very first sensations, Martin loved the sensation of flying like a bird over the oceans. There is no doubt that […]

Surf Foil in Lanzarote – This is Martin

Surf foil

Surf Foil at the Canary islands: This is Martin Martin Letourneur is one of the top surfers from Brittany. He has been always at the top of the technical and technological point in his surf and so the surf foil was in his target for a while now. A couple of weeks ago Martin tried […]

Kitesurf Saltwater players in Britany

Kitesurf Antoien

Kitesurf Party A crazy summer week juste after the winter. Britany… wind, waves and Kitesurf… the paradise is one step away ! Let’s play with all the SROKA watersport toys. One part of SROKA team was in brittany to test new product and enjoy spring. They used the Ouesk Kite on wave and hydrofoil and all […]


Winter trip for the SROKA kite family in Brazil at Atins, not far from the magical dunes of the Lençois Maranhenses park. Breathtaking landscapes and perfect conditions both for kite and surf. Thank you Brazil, such a great time there!!


fag beach vue de drone

A week of waves, wind and volcanoes on the great Fuerteventura. The opportunity to enjoy SROKA Kite Ouesk Wings, twintips, and the amazing 2018 K-foil. Lunar decorations, heavenly beaches, monstrous craters … and warm greetings. Here is a portrait of this mineral island.

Kitesurfing family in Guadeloupe

Who else had a kitesurfing trip in Guadeloupe with the whole family? Awesome week in Guadeloupe (French Caribbean) under boosted trade winds, blue waters, white sandy beaches, great winds and waves! Sroka team riders had a blast on their Sroka kite Ouesk sizes 7m, 9m and 10,5m and Sroka twintip boards sizes 134×40 and 138×41 and Sroka […]