New S-Foil 950 High Aspect Speed

After dozens of hours of testing and numerous prototypes we are delighted to present our brand new foil ! With the new 950 High Aspect Speed front wing and the new 240 stabilizer, this combo will not leave you indifferent. We have taken the time to study all the variables in order to offer you […]

Our tips for flying with your Wing Foil equipment

flying with wing foil equipment

Flying with your Wing Foil equipment requires a little organisation, but it is possible ! In this article, you will find all the precautions to take in order to travel with peace of mind. If you want to fly with your inflatable SUP, your Kite or your Surf, these tips will also be very useful […]

How to make your foil more manageable?

Whether in Wingfoil or Surf foil, it quickly becomes interesting to make your foil more manageable. Indeed, many foilers, after a certain level, wish to trace curves without concessions, to increase their gliding sensations and to widen their possibilities. To continue to progress it can be interesting to make your foil more manageable. In this […]

Best Wing Foil and SUP spots in Corsica

best wing foil and paddle spot in corsica

With its many idyllic landscapes, Corsica is a dream destination. It is easy to understand why it is nicknamed the island of beauty. Indeed, it abounds in outdoor activities, from the seaside to the mountains, there is no lack of paradisiacal landscapes. It is also an island that is particularly popular for its many water […]

Best Wing Foil spots around La Rochelle

best wing foil spots around la rochelle

Wingfoil is an activity that has been booming in recent years. Many people are becoming addicted to this incredible sensation of gliding. Are you one of these people and do you want to sail around La Rochelle? Then you’ve come to the right place. Discover a selection of the 5 best Wing Foil spots around […]

Our tips to learn to stand up paddle

start paddleboarding

Learn the stand-up paddle is not rocket science, all beginners go through it. If you follow these tips, you’ll find that learning to paddle is a breeze ! The ideal spot to learn stand up paddle For the first launch, choose a calm water with an easy launch. Starting from the beach will make it easier […]

The WingSUP


What is Wing SUP? WingSUP consists of using a wing on a paddle board. Standing, kneeling or sitting, you just let the wind pull you along. It’s a great way to enjoy your paddle on windy days. The Wing sup is a great way to learn to wing in a safe and fun way. It […]

How a Surf Foil works

Louis-Arnaud surfing in Mauritius, equipped with the Fast Flyer 4’6 board and the High Aspect 1190 Lift S-foil Surf-foil appeared in the 2000s. Among the precursors, there are big names like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama or Paolo Rista. Originally, it was just a way to fly over the water in a surf-tow, in large swell […]

The advantages of a retractable fin in SUP

Aileron river lake Sroka Stand Up paddle

How a Stand-Up Paddle retractable fin works A retractable fin combines all the advantages of a traditional fin with the advantages of a very short fin. Its specificity is that the fin folds back when it hits an obstacle. This mechanism and its construction make it possible to glide over all types of water, rocks, […]

How to start Wake Foil

Wakefoiling with Sroka on a lake

Originally, the foil was mainly used to fly over water in surf-traction. Its democratization has given rise to many variations of water sports, including Wake Foil. Derived from Wakeboarding, this new practice consists in sailing with a foil on the wake and the waves created by a boat. The operation is simple: towed by a […]

How to learn Wing Foil ?

The wing foil is a great mix between surfing and sailing, which allows to reach unforgettable sensations whatever your level. However, a few good basics are necessary to achieve great sessions and to consider your first flights. Here are all the elements to learn wing foil in good conditions. Can I learn wing foil alone? […]

Where to wing foil in Ile de France?

You thought that wing foil was only practicable at the seaside during the holidays? The good news is that the Ile de France is full of water sports centres, within easy reach of the RER or the bus, where you can practice your favourite sport. Here are all the perfect spots to practice wing foil […]

The spot and the conditions to start Wing Foil

For a good start in Wing Foil, the material is not the only parameter to take into account. It is also necessary to know the spot and the conditions to start Wing. The mastery and knowledge of the sea conditions, the weather or the water surface, depending on your equipment, will ensure optimal progress (and […]

How to jump in Wing foil – level 1

Once they have become familiar with the feeling of flying a Wing Foil, some people want to exploit the potential of this sport to the full. In order to satisfy your desire for freeriding and trickery, we create efficient and manageable products. We take care to ensure that they are scalable, to follow you from […]


Les avantages du paddle gonflable pour voyager

Going on holiday in a van or camper van has many advantages, which justify the success of this way of travelling. Freedom of movement is the main advantage. With a house on wheels, you can move around as you please, stopping whenever you want, without depending on predefined routes and times. It is possible to […]

Wing Foil with or without straps?

Planche de foil rigide avec insert de straps pour wingfoil

Should you sail a Wing Foil with or without straps? Many practitioners have questions about the use of straps. That’s why we’re taking the time to explain to you in detail, under which conditions footstraps can be adopted. Wing Foil with or without straps? What is a footstrap? The Foot-Straps have been designed to provide […]

SROKA is in Foiling Magazine !

The Foiling Magazine is one of the first print and digital magazines specialising in foiling and related practices. This magazine brings together SurfFoil, WingFoil, SUPFoil, and WakeFoil adventures from around the world. Shared by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. In the midst of sublime photographs, interviews with sportsmen and women at the peak of the sport are […]


Sun, turquoise water, all conditions were met for a SUP and WingFoil session in the Glénan Archipelago. Located in the south of Finistère (29), these islets with white sandy beaches, in the middle of translucent waters, are a real haven of peace. It’s enough to make you imagine yourself in a tropical destination, an hour’s […]

Our priority: the quality and durability of our products

The wind, the earth, the ocean, the sand, and nature in general are our inspirations for developing, testing and sharing with you the products we design. We live on the Breton coast (France) and adapt our lives to Mother Nature. Our goal is to reconnect people with nature by producing the best material at the […]

How to do a Wing Foil jibe?

  A whole session without touching the sea is the promise of the jibe. Jiber allows you to turn around and provides an exhilarating feeling of acceleration. It is also the fundamental manoeuvre to start having fun on the swell and tackle your first waves in WingFoil. Moreover, mastering this technique will allow you to […]

5 reasons to practice Wing Foil

Wingfoiling is one of the new gliding sports, whose number of practitioners continues to increase, some even abandoning their preferred practice. You may wonder why? We give you 5 good reasons to practice Wing Foil! If you are not familiar with this sport, Wing Foil consists of standing on a board with a foil in […]

5 reasons to practice inflatable Stand Up Paddle

reasons to practice sup

The Stand-Up Paddle consists of paddling a large, wide board with a paddle, which is for us the most accessible water sport, which allows you to combine physical activity and escape. The ocean is our playground and we want to share with you our passion for SUP. That’s why we’re talking about the 5 good […]


instagram by clicking here. How ? By listening to your suggestions, then having each piece of equipment tested and approved by a team of riders. We are inspired by the riders, our passion and our life on the coast. Based near Brest, Brittany, we surf, row and fly with the products we design. It is […]

Wing Foil with an inflatable board

At Sroka Company, inflatable foil boards are not a synonym for lower quality. We have designed the new SROKA Air Wing Foil pack, combining the performance of the hardboard with the advantages of the inflatable. These advantages are found in the ease of transport and set-up that inflatables offer. This means that adventure seekers can […]

The 10 mistakes when starting out in Wing Foil

10 mistakes in wing surfing

Starting Wing Foil is accessible to all but requires a minimum of practice and learning to evolve effectively. If you are new to the practice, the WingFoil consists of sailing on the water, standing on a board and a foil, with a wing held with two hands. The WingFoil will allow you to move with […]

How to choose your SUP Foil

how to choose sup foil

  Do you dream of flying over the swell with a paddle? SUPFoil is a discipline that will allow you to enjoy the first sensations of Foil. Indeed, if you have a good knowledge of Stand-Up Paddle and you want to start foiling, we advise you to start with the SUP-Foil. This will help you […]

How to choose your Surf Foil

how to choose your surf foil

Don’t have the right conditions for surfing? The Surf Foil is a water sport that will multiply your riding possibilities. No matter what the wave conditions are, you can have fun on an infinite number of spots. The practice of Surf-Foiling has exploded in recent years, and we understand why. This water sport consists of […]

How to start and progress in Stand Up Paddle?

  The Stand-Up Paddle is for us an incredible practice, allowing to combine physical activity and escape, while enjoying the ocean. The Stand-Up Paddle is for us an incredible practice, allowing to combine physical activity and escape, while enjoying the ocean. This new water sport has developed very quickly in recent years. Indeed, it has […]

What to choose between a Low Aspect and High Aspect Foil?

When you are just starting out in foiling, or when you want to progress, it can be difficult to know which foil to choose. Low Aspect, Mid Aspect, High Aspect: what are the differences and which foil to choose according to your level or practice? We explain it all to you. The Foil has revolutionised […]

SROKA News: Catalogue 2021

nouveautés wing foil sroka 2021

Discover all the SROKA new products in our 2021 catalogue In 2021, SROKA Company offers a new range of inflatable SUPs, Foil and Wing Foil. This is the result of a long process of research and development. Indeed,we make it a point of honour to make our products accessible to all, without compromising quality and […]

Wing Foil in the sun of Fuerteventura

If you want to fly over the swell in a Wing Foil in the sun when it’s grey at home, Fuerteventura is the perfect destination. This Canary Island (nicknamed the Hawaii of the Atlantic) is the perfect combination of turquoise waters, heat and wind. The desert landscapes, the dunes as far as the eye can […]

Surf Foil Pumping

A key step to take To progress and enjoy your foil surfing session, pumping in foil surfing will be THE technique! This key step will allow you to take advantage of the foil to its full potential, and to evolve in the practice by imitating the professionals. Remember the video of Kai Lenny in Fiji […]

SUP Foil in Corsica, the island of beauty

sroka supfoiling corsica

  No need to go to the other side of the planet to practice SUP Foil in the sun, France has its little Eldorados. Corsica is one of them. This island will offer you a diversity of natural landscapes, with heavenly beaches, not to mention the climate and water temperature: everything is there to make […]

Lanzarote, a dream destination for Wing Foil

pack complet wing foil

With its unique landscapes, sunny and windy spots, Lanzarote is for us the perfect destination to have fun with Wing Foil. Located in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, off the African coast, Lanzarote will satisfy all your desires for a change of scenery and escape. Indeed, this Spanish island has managed to protect itself […]

How to Wing Foil?

how to start wing foiling

What is Wing Foil?   Wing Foil is the latest in board sports. It consists of handling a two-handed kite (“wing”) with a hydrofoil mounted on a short SUP board. It’s halfway between Windfoil, Kite Foil and SUP Foil. In this article you will find all the information you may need to know: How to […]

Surf Foiling – Martin

Surf Foiling: Flying like a bird is the dream of man. Martin Letourneur, a very good Breton surfer, has just joined our team. He tested the SROKA S-Foiler for surfing and the Sup-Foiler. From the very first sensations, Martin loved the sensation of flying like a bird over the oceans. There is no doubt that […]

What we live for


SROKA COMPANY THE OCEAN IS OUR PASSION, OUR LIFE ! SROKA company is not just a simple brand, it was born from the meeting of enthusiasts who seek to share the desire to democratise board sports such as stand up paddle, kitesurfing and all board sports based on foil. Every day, we give the maximum […]

Pack Wing Foil Sroka – Nos Conseils

Guide pour l'achat d'un pack Wingfoil

Nos conseils et explications pour acheter le bon Pack Wing Ça y est, le Wing Foil est partout et tout le monde en parle.  Après avoir lu notre article sur le thème “Comment débuter en Wing Foil“, vous vous rendez compte que c’est la manière la plus facile d’apprendre le Foil, et surtout l’une des […]

How are Wingfoil boards constructed?

how a quality rigid wingfoil board is built is essential when choosing your wing foil equipment

Wingfoil board constructions vary greatly depending on the brand and where the boards are produced. The way your board is constructed will directly influence its quality, longevity and price. We believe that questioning the construction of Windfoil boards is the key to making the right choice. Design can sometimes be an eye-catcher. However, we should […]

Windfoil on Annecy’s Lake

Windfoil on Annecy’s Lake Sun and turquoise water with a light breeze on Lake Annecy at the foot of the mountains for an unforgettable Windfoil session with Jean-Guillaume Charrier of Gomera Production. Let yourself be lulled by the scenery and the magic of long flights over the water surface in Windfoil. You don’t have to […]

My inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) deflates / has a leak

Article - stand up paddle gonflable fuite, perte de pression, se dégonfle. Comment le réparer? - Sroka

Is your SUP deflating? If you are on this page it is because you have a problem with your inflatable stand up paddle. You are in the right place to fix this problem and resume your walks on the water in complete peace of mind. Before you start looking for possible leaks on your paddle, […]


The race in stand up paddle is open to everyone, however it is necessary to have good physical conditions and suitable equipment. To get an idea of the performance of our Alpha 12’6×28, here is a video of tests carried out in real conditions in the port of Le Conquet in Brittany: ⇩ We tell […]


how to choose your kitefoil

 HOW TO LEARN KITEFOIL BRUNO SROKA TIPS, 3x WORLD CHAMPION IN KITESURF : To begin in foil, choose a plan of water as flat as possible, between 10 and 15 knots of wind. Add 5 meters of line to your standard line length because the longer your lines are, the more the power will be […]


THE STAND UP PADDLE : How to choose the right SUP paddle? An essential part of your stand up paddle equipment, don’t forget that the paddle is the engine of the stand up paddle board. Therefore, the choice of paddle is very important according to your different practices. Numerous models, blade and handle shapes, materials […]


How to choose your inflatable stand up paddle according to your practice: First of all, Stand up paddle, just like cycling, consists of several different practices. This results in a wide choice of products adapted to each of these practices. Indeed, there are many stand up paddle disciplines. SROKA’s inflatable stand up paddle boards allow […]



RIDING FROM 6 KNOTS WITH YOUR WINDFOIL AS NEVER BEEN SO EASY!   What’s better than a video of both riders Niels Boucard and Bruno Sroka to tell you about our Windfoil SROKA: W-FOIL? Fascinated by our W-foil, Niels from the Crocodile Club Elorn loves this W-foil SROKA which offers excellent glide and an impressive start. […]

Surf Foil in Lanzarote – This is Martin

Surf foil

Surf Foil at the Canary islands: This is Martin Martin Letourneur is one of the top surfers from Brittany. He has been always at the top of the technical and technological point in his surf and so the surf foil was in his target for a while now. A couple of weeks ago Martin tried […]


Meeting with Henri the bus

The very well know and rising youtuber called Gregsway came by for a visit at our SROKA warehouse. He’s been fascinated by our new SROKA inflatable 2018 stand up paddle range that even the long drive from Belgium, where he is based, was not a big deal for him. This was a great opportunity for […]