The best wing foil spots around Montpellier

Faire du Wing foil à Montpellier, quels spots

The best Wing Foil spots around Montpellier Montpellier and its surroundings are full of superb Wing Foil spots. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find the right wingfoil spot for you. Wing Foil is a sport that has been booming for a few years. It has even become a water sport […]

How to turn a stand up paddle ?

Comment tourner en stand up paddle

How to turn a stand up paddle ? It is not difficult to know how to turn in a stand-up paddle once you understand the basics. After reading this article you will know the different techniques to make your turns with ease, whether you are on an inflatable or rigid paddle. Prerequisites : how to […]

How to maintain your Wing Foil wings ?

how to maintain your wing foil

How to maintain your wing foil wings ? We explain how to maintain your wing foil wings to ensure a maximum life span. These tips are also applicable to kite surfing wings. Here are some tips on how to maintain your wingfoil or kite surf wings. How to maintain your wing foil wings during the […]

Wingfoil : how to make a successful waterstart

best watersart technique in wing foil

Wingfoil : how to make a successful waterstart When progressing in Wing Foil, it becomes essential to know how to control your waterstart. Indeed, when the volume of the foil board decreases, it sinks and the technique to launch is different. The waterstart may seem complicated at first, but after reading this article, it will […]

Our tips for flying with your Wing Foil equipment

Travelling with wing foil equipment

Flying with your Wing Foil equipment requires a little organisation, but it is possible ! In this article, you will find all the precautions to take in order to travel with peace of mind. If you want to fly with your inflatable SUP, your Kite or your Surf, these tips will also be very useful […]

How to make your foil more manageable?

Whether in Wingfoil or Surf foil, it quickly becomes interesting to make your foil more manageable. Indeed, many foilers, after a certain level, wish to trace curves without concessions, to increase their gliding sensations and to widen their possibilities. To continue to progress it can be interesting to make your foil more manageable. In this […]

How a Surf Foil works

Louis-Arnaud surfing in Mauritius, equipped with the Fast Flyer 4’6 board and the High Aspect 1190 Lift S-foil Surf-foil appeared in the 2000s. Among the precursors, there are big names like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama or Paolo Rista. Originally, it was just a way to fly over the water in a surf-tow, in large swell […]

How to start Wake Foil

Wakefoiling with Sroka on a lake

Originally, the foil was mainly used to fly over water in surf-traction. Its democratization has given rise to many variations of water sports, including Wake Foil. Derived from Wakeboarding, this new practice consists in sailing with a foil on the wake and the waves created by a boat. The operation is simple: towed by a […]

How to learn Wing Foil ?

The wing foil is a great mix between surfing and sailing, which allows to reach unforgettable sensations whatever your level. However, a few good basics are necessary to achieve great sessions and to consider your first flights. Here are all the elements to learn wing foil in good conditions. Can I learn wing foil alone? […]

The spot and the conditions to start Wing Foil


For a good start in Wing Foil, the material is not the only parameter to take into account. It is also necessary to know the spot and the conditions to start Wing. The mastery and knowledge of the sea conditions, the weather or the water surface, depending on your equipment, will ensure optimal progress (and […]

How to jump in Wing foil – level 1

Once they have become familiar with the feeling of flying a Wing Foil, some people want to exploit the potential of this sport to the full. In order to satisfy your desire for freeriding and trickery, we create efficient and manageable products. We take care to ensure that they are scalable, to follow you from […]