How to repair an inflatable paddle ?

comment réparer un stand-up paddle gonflable

How to repair an inflatable paddle ? Inflatable paddles are a fun and practical way to get out on the water. However, like any piece of equipment, it can wear out over time, even if it is well constructed. If your inflatable paddle breaks or is damaged, don’t despair ! It is possible to repair […]

Which inflatable paddle to choose according to the practice ?

comment choisir un paddle gonflable en fonction de sa pratique

Which inflatable paddle to choose according to the practice ? Increasingly popular with water sports enthusiasts, the inflatable paddle has many advantages. Light, strong and easy to transport, they are ideal for those who want to enjoy the water without any constraints. However, with the multitude of models available, it can sometimes be difficult to […]

How to hang your GoPro on an inflatable paddle board ?

comment accrocher sa gropro sur un paddle gonflable

How do you attach your GoPro to an inflatable paddle board ? Are you a stand up paddle (SUP) enthusiast and want to capture your adventures on the sea or lake ? The GoPro is the ideal tool to film your paddle sessions and share your most beautiful moments with your friends and family. But […]

How to windsurf with an inflatable paddle ?

Windsup gonflable 10'6 Fusion

How to windsurf with an inflatable paddle ? The Windsurf and the inflatable paddling are both popular water sports for those who enjoy the thrill of the ride. If you want to start windsurfing, it is possible to do so with an inflatable stand-up paddle board. Inflatable paddles are practical, light, easy to carry and […]

Can you surf with an inflatable paddle ?

comment faire du surf avec un paddle gonflable

Can you surf with an inflatable paddle ? The inflatable paddle has many advantages. More practical, it inflates and deflates to your liking in no time. The inflatable SUP is also very easy to transport and offers versatility. It is generally practiced on flat water, but it is possible to surf with an inflatable stand-up […]

How to position yourself on an inflatable paddle ?

comment bien se positionner en paddle gonflable

How to position yourself on an inflatable paddle ? Stand up paddling is a popular outdoor activity that allows you to move around on the water using a board and paddle. If you want practical, scalable and versatile equipment, you can opt for an inflatable paddle. The inflatable stand-up paddle is easy to carry and […]

How to turn a stand up paddle ?

Comment tourner en stand up paddle

How to turn a stand up paddle ? It is not difficult to know how to turn in a stand-up paddle once you understand the basics. After reading this article you will know the different techniques to make your turns with ease, whether you are on an inflatable or rigid paddle. Prerequisites : how to […]

Inflatable or rigid paddle ? What are the differences ?

differences between rigid and inflatable paddles

Whether it’s your first purchase, a gift or simply a desire for change, it can be difficult to choose a paddle. There are so many different types of paddle and so many different features. You may be wondering what the best choice would be between an inflatable and a rigid paddle and what the differences […]

Our tips to learn to stand up paddle

start paddleboarding

Learn the stand-up paddle is not rocket science, all beginners go through it. If you follow these tips, you’ll find that learning to paddle is a breeze ! The ideal spot to learn stand up paddle For the first launch, choose a calm water with an easy launch. Starting from the beach will make it easier […]

The WingSUP


What is Wing SUP? WingSUP consists of using a wing on a paddle board. Standing, kneeling or sitting, you just let the wind pull you along. It’s a great way to enjoy your paddle on windy days. The Wing sup is a great way to learn to wing in a safe and fun way. It […]

The advantages of a retractable fin in SUP

Aileron river lake Sroka Stand Up paddle

How a Stand-Up Paddle retractable fin works A retractable fin combines all the advantages of a traditional fin with the advantages of a very short fin. Its specificity is that the fin folds back when it hits an obstacle. This mechanism and its construction make it possible to glide over all types of water, rocks, […]


The advantages of the inflatable paddle for travel

Going on holiday in a van or camper van has many advantages, which justify the success of this way of travelling. Freedom of movement is the main advantage. With a house on wheels, you can move around as you please, stopping whenever you want, without depending on predefined routes and times. It is possible to […]


Sun, turquoise water, all conditions were met for a SUP and WingFoil session in the Glénan Archipelago. Located in the south of Finistère (29), these islets with white sandy beaches, in the middle of translucent waters, are a real haven of peace. It’s enough to make you imagine yourself in a tropical destination, an hour’s […]

Our priority: the quality and durability of our products

The wind, the earth, the ocean, the sand, and nature in general are our inspirations for developing, testing and sharing with you the products we design. We live on the Breton coast (France) and adapt our lives to Mother Nature. Our goal is to reconnect people with nature by producing the best material at the […]

5 reasons to practice inflatable Stand Up Paddle

reasons to practice sup

The Stand-Up Paddle consists of paddling a large, wide board with a paddle, which is for us the most accessible water sport, which allows you to combine physical activity and escape. The ocean is our playground and we want to share with you our passion for SUP. That’s why we’re talking about the 5 good […]

How to choose your SUP Foil

how to choose sup foil

  Do you dream of flying over the swell with a paddle? SUPFoil is a discipline that will allow you to enjoy the first sensations of Foil. Indeed, if you have a good knowledge of Stand-Up Paddle and you want to start foiling, we advise you to start with the SUP-Foil. This will help you […]

How to start and progress in Stand Up Paddle?

tutoriel pour apprendre le sup

  The Stand-Up Paddle is for us an incredible practice, allowing to combine physical activity and escape, while enjoying the ocean. The Stand-Up Paddle is for us an incredible practice, allowing to combine physical activity and escape, while enjoying the ocean. This new water sport has developed very quickly in recent years. Indeed, it has […]

SROKA News: Catalogue 2021

nouveautés wing foil sroka 2021

Discover all the SROKA new products in our 2021 catalogue In 2021, SROKA Company offers a new range of inflatable SUPs, Foil and Wing Foil. This is the result of a long process of research and development. Indeed,we make it a point of honour to make our products accessible to all, without compromising quality and […]

SUP Foil in Corsica, the island of beauty

sroka supfoiling corsica

  No need to go to the other side of the planet to practice SUP Foil in the sun, France has its little Eldorados. Corsica is one of them. This island will offer you a diversity of natural landscapes, with heavenly beaches, not to mention the climate and water temperature: everything is there to make […]

My inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) deflates / has a leak

Article - stand up paddle gonflable fuite, perte de pression, se dégonfle. Comment le réparer? - Sroka

Is your SUP deflating? If you are on this page it is because you have a problem with your inflatable stand up paddle. You are in the right place to fix this problem and resume your walks on the water in complete peace of mind. Before you start looking for possible leaks on your paddle, […]


stand up paddle gonflable haut de gamme - racing - alpha - sroka

The race in stand up paddle is open to everyone, however it is necessary to have good physical conditions and suitable equipment. To get an idea of the performance of our Alpha 12’6×28, here is a video of tests carried out in real conditions in the port of Le Conquet in Brittany: ⇩ We tell […]


the right paddle

THE STAND UP PADDLE : How to choose the right SUP paddle? An essential part of your stand up paddle equipment, don’t forget that the paddle is the engine of the stand up paddle board. Therefore, the choice of paddle is very important according to your different practices. Numerous models, blade and handle shapes, materials […]


How to choose your inflatable paddle

Contents Choosing your SUP according to your level and size Choose your SUP according to the spot SUP Malibu : the perfect range for beginners Girly range  Choosing your SUP according to your level and size Paddles for touring or performance  Inflatable SUP for stand up paddle racing Surfing with an inflatable paddle SUP for […]

Kitesurf Saltwater players in Britany

Kitesurf Antoien

Kitesurf Party A crazy summer week juste after the winter. Britany… wind, waves and Kitesurf… the paradise is one step away ! Let’s play with all the SROKA watersport toys. One part of SROKA team was in brittany to test new product and enjoy spring. They used the Ouesk Kite on wave and hydrofoil and all […]