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All Inflatable Wing Foil Boards

Inflatable wingfoil boards are very popular with beginners or those who travel a lot, they offer several advantages.

  • First of all, they are lightweight and sturdy. Almost unbreakable, you can drop it on stones, the board will have a small scratch but nothing more.
  • They are easy to transport. They can be easily stored in a backpack or in the trunk of your car or transported by scooter or even plane. So they are very popular with city dwellers in need of space.
  • Finally, these inflatable boards are very reassuring because you won’t risk hurting yourself when you fall on them.
  • They are easy and stable and easy to maneuver, which makes them interesting for beginners.
  • Finally, the price is reasonable compared to hard boards.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using an inflatable wing foil board.

  • First of all, they are not as stiff as rigid boards, which can affect the performance of the board. This is because the construction is the same as a paddle board. If you want a rigid inflatable board, you need to increase the quality of the pvc, and the quantity of the PVC layers. The entry-level boards are constructed of single skin. The highest quality inflatable boards are constructed of double skin upside down and three layers of pvc on the rails. This brings rigidity, durability but with a little more weight. The weight gain is so great that sometimes you don’t hesitate to get a better-built board.
  • Additionally, they can be more difficult to control in strong wind or heavy wave conditions because they tend to float more than a hard board.

In summary, inflatable boards are a great option for beginners and casual riders who are looking for a board that is lightweight, easy to carry, and impact-resistant. However, for more experienced riders looking for optimal performance, stiff boards will be a better option.

If weight, space-saving, and ease of transport are priorities for you, then inflatable boards may be an interesting option for you.