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Surf Foil

Find the SROKA equipment designed for foil surfing: the Fast Flyer board as well as the High-aspect 1190 (Lift or Speed) and 1350 Lift front wings. You will also find advice on how to choose the equipment that suits you best.

Unleash your potential on the waves with the <strong>Fast Flyer 4’6</strong>, the foil surfboard <strong>Made in France</strong>! Designed and manufactured in Brittany, this board guarantees <b>easy paddling</b>, <b>fast takeoff</b>and <b>stable flight</b> and <b>agile</b> >.

Surf foil foils

Find our 2 ranges of foils, for two totally different programs


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the S-Foil offers you the ideal fin for surf foiling: the 1250 or the 1500 for carving in the waves, and possibly the 1750 for larger sizes or very small conditions

Surf foil spare parts


Surf foiling is a practice of sliding sports which consists of adding a hydrofoil to a surfboard. The surf foil is more and more popular because it allows you to surf swell trains of less than 50cm and does not need breaking waves to offer extraordinary sliding sensations. It is also possible to take several waves in a row thanks to pumping, without stopping.

You need at least a good level in surfing to hope to start in surf foil. It is possible to get started with a good mastery of another foil support, but the take off is complicated to understand in this case.

For the board, you need a short and easy to paddle board like the Fast Flyer 4’6. High volume boards should be avoided, preferably under 40L is ideal. For the foil, beginners will head for surfaces between 1190 and 1500 depending on the spot and the template. The ideal for more experienced practitioners is a high aspect ratio front wing such as the 1190 L or 1350 L to have great gliding sensations and excellent pumping efficiency to reconnect the waves. A short fuselage (61 or 56cm) helps to have more maneuverability and better pumping. We recommend short masts like 70cm, 80cm maximum.

We guide you to choosing your surf foil.

The operating principle of a surf foil is fluid dynamics. The front wing is pulled upwards as it moves forward, as water molecules passing over the upper surface of the front wing accelerate to catch up with water molecules passing over the lower surface (which is shorter because flat). The acceleration of molecules on the upper part of the wing creates a depression and the slowing down of those on the lower part creates overpressure. The consequence is an upward suction effect. The higher the foil speed, the more the foil is “pulled” upwards (at equal profile and angle).

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