Foiling. Performance and freedom.

Imagine yourself flying like a bird over water. No more surfing the wave, just the swell! No need to wait for perfect surfing conditions, all board sports with a Foil open up an infinite number of spots and sessions. No need to wait for the storm to have sensations. Indeed, from 7 or 8 knots of wind, you can sail in WingFoilWindFoil or KiteFoil and feel the expression of total freedom.

The Foil is similar to an airplane flying underwater, which generates by its speed a hydrodynamic lifting force that lifts the rider on his support. In fact, like an airplane that uses the suction force of air molecules, it uses the suction of water molecules. The density is higher than that of air, which increases the suction effect of the Foil upwards with speed. The wings are parallel to the board, while the mast is perpendicular to the board, which allows you to act on the Foil with a simple pressure of your feet. The support can be a Kite, a Stand Up Paddle, a surf or Wind Surf or WindFoil board. Thanks to this, it is possible to fly over the swell, to move from one wave to another, partially or totally out of the water. In order to have all the keys in hand to make your session a success, we invite you to discover how it works in our News & Tutos category.

The Foil was originally used on sailing boats. Éric Tabarly, a French sailor, was the forerunner of the concept! The Foiling then briefly appeared in towed surfing, before developing considerably on the Hawaiian and French coasts in the 2000s with the Kite Foil, notably thanks to Laird Hamilton, Paolo Rista or Dave Kamala. Foiling has revolutionized all board sports, no doubt that this practice will be the trend of the next decades.

The Foil has the undeniable advantage of offering the possibility of multiplying the number of waves surfed during a session! Even in unsurpassable conditions, it allows you to sail and surf. Foil is now suitable for all disciplines, from ocean racing to board sports: Kite FoilSurf FoilSUP FoilWind FoilWake Foil or even Wing Foil, the latest addition to the board sports world.

SROKA foil design

SROKA Company imagines and develops, in Brittany, quality Foils with a studied and unique design. Each element (mast, fuselage, front wing and rear wing) has been designed and manufactured from carefully selected materials. Our Foils are entirely developed in France with a construction in Carbon Prepreg technology for the front and rear wings. Our wings are adapted to each discipline to give speed, handling and stability. As far as the fuselage and the mast are concerned, we have opted for aeronautical quality. The fuselage and the mast are therefore made of aluminium, which provides the best price-rigidity ratio and is much stiffer than most carbon masts on the market, for a much lower price. For this, we select the best aluminium: T6061, from Germany (which guarantees us quality and traceability). It is essential for us to offer you quality products that last over time, while reducing our impact.

At SROKA Company, we produce for different practices: KiteFoil, SurfFoilSUPFoilWindFoil, WakeFoil or WingFoil, so that everyone can find something to suit their needs. In addition, we have developed a new model, the S-Foil SROKA. This six-in-one-Foil will allow you to change sports depending on the conditions, thanks to a design that is as efficient as it is versatile. SROKA Company is the first brand to offer Foils at the best value for money, with a design made in France! In order to allow as many people as possible to discover the multiple sensations of S-Foil, we have made a point of keeping an affordable price, by providing this product with its transport case, to make your travels easier. With a paddle, a sail, or in surfing mode, you will be able to sail at any time, on any body of water.

Every day, we give the maximum of ourselves to develop and improve our products continuously, and to offer the best Foils on the market. To guarantee the quality of our products, each Foil is extensively tested and approved by Bruno Sroka, three times world kitesurfing champion, and the first man to round Cape Horn on a kite. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of SROKA Company’s products is top of the range, of irreproachable quality and comfort, durable over time and easy to use.

Today, with so many foils on the market, you can quickly feel lost in your search. Our quality products are intended for everyone, however, Foiling requires a minimum of experience in board sports. The slightest change to your Foil will influence its characteristics and will be important during your session. Factors such as the size and weight of the board, the speed and power of the swell or the weight of the rider will determine the speed.

Here are some indications to guide you in the choice of your Foil:

  • the smaller your kite will be, with little thickness and curve, the faster and more maneuverable you will be.
  • the larger the wing, with thickness and angle of attack, the more stable it will be, but the slower it will be.

The characteristics of the board also have a strong influence on the behavior of the Foil:

The length: the longer a board will be with volume, the easier it will be for you to catch waves and take off. If you opt for a shorter board, you will increase the Foil’s lift.

Width: A wide board will allow you to take the waves more easily with the oar, however the rails will slow you down, as they will touch the water surface more in the turns.

Weight and volume: a heavy board will impact the Foil’s lift and reduce it (as it will be counteracted). However, a board with volume will allow you to take off more easily on the waves.

The shape: the shape will influence your sensations in flight. A nose with a rounded shape and concaves on the deck and under the hull will make you more comfortable when rowing and catching waves. The rocker (at the front) and the bevel (on the sides and at the back) will be ideal for not touching the water when you take off and fly.

Bruno Sroka and his team offer you in the News & Tutos section, some advice to understand how it works, to initiate you or to help you buy your Foil.

Find all our ranges, and more, on our e-commerce website. You can also view, test and buy our products through our distribution network in France and abroad.

Flying on the ocean is our passion and it is through Foil that we share it best.



Inspired by nature, we fly, surf, paddle with our products developed in France. Developed for you: resistant and quality products, at an affordable price.

SROKA Company is a French brand developed by Bruno Sroka, 3 times world Kitesurfing champion and the first man to have crossed the Cape Horn with a kite. Born from the desire to share his passion while developing quality products that are durable over time, SROKA Company develops watersports equipment such as Kitesurf and Wind Foil, Kite Foil, Surf Foil, SUP Foil, Wing Foil, and inflatable Stand Up Paddle. Our objective: to make accessible watersports, by proposing the best products at the best price. This is why each of them is extensively tested and approved by our team on the French coast.

Join the water sports revolution. Share it with passion. Welcome to the Sroka Family. 



What is a foil?

It is a device that is often shaped like an aeroplane. It is placed in the water, on the hull of a boat, to allow it to rise above the water thanks to the lift that the foil generates. The foil works like an underwater aeroplane wing and provides incredible gliding sensations. It was Tabarly who popularised the concept in the 1980s. It can now be found in all board sports.

What are the different ways of using a foil?

You can do everything with a foil, from ocean racing with the Vendée Globe for example to light sailing. All traditional board sports have turned to foils in recent years. You can practice surf foil, sup foil, windsurf foil, kite foil, wake foil… or even wing foil, a unique mix between these sports and more and more popular.

What is the right level for foiling?

Activities such as SUP, kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing require a good knowledge of the medium before starting to foil. It is best to start with the foil sport derived from your original sport (if you come from surfing, start with surf foil). The wing foil remains accessible without any experience of water sports, even if it is easier to progress quickly if you have some previous knowledge.

What is the composition of Sroka foils?

Sroka foils consist of several components. There is the plate that connects the board to the foil. Then the mast that fits into the plate. At the end of the mast is what we call the plane; a front wing and a stabiliser that are connected by a fuselage. On the S-Foil, the deck, mast and fuselage are made of aluminium, while the front wing and stabiliser are made of carbon. The Kite Foil offers a full carbon option.

The S-Foil is supplied with a protective case, protective covers for the fins, tef

gel and screws.

Are Sroka foils guaranteed?

Yes, like all products on the site, Sroka foils are covered by a two year warranty!

How long does it take to receive a Sroka foil?

It usually takes one working day to prepare your order, then one to three working days for delivery.

How do I pay for my foil?

There are several ways to adjust your foil to increase or decrease the lift. You can change the position of the foil in the US rails. The further forward it is, the more lift you gain. You can also adjust the angle of incidence of the stabilizer (this is easier than adjusting the angle of incidence of the front wing or the whole foil) with adjusters. The more you increase the angle at the back, the more you gain in glide.

How does a foil work?

We have a dedicated article on how foils work here.

Where to place your foil?

To begin with, it is best to choose a neutral setting in the US double rail, well in the middle. With experience, you can play with the settings and increase the lift by moving the foil forward in the box. You can also increase the manoeuvrability of the foil by moving it forward in the box, which can be useful when surfing.

How to choose a foil board?

You have to choose it according to your level, your size and your practice. For surf foil, we suggest a board in 4’6 easy to paddle. For SUP Foil, we will go for boards between 5’8 and 7’8 with a minimum volume of 100L to leave standing at the oar. For the wing foil, everything is possible. If you prefer to start with boards like the Sky Rider 5’5 (90L, for 70Kg and under), 5’8 (105L for 70 to 80Kg) and 6’3 (for 80Kg and over), experienced riders can choose the 5’2 (77L) and 4’8 (68L) for freestyle and versatile performance, or go down to the Fast Flyer (38L).

Those who want to kitefoil, dock start and wakefoil will find their happiness with the Pocket Board (17L) convertible. Finally, windfoil boards require volume and width, such as the 6’3 or the 7’8 depending on the size. Do not hesitate to consult our detailed guides to choose your foil boards.

Which foil to start with?

It all depends on the discipline and your size. In general, you should not overestimate yourself. The foil requires a new learning process, even if it is worth it. For wing foil and SUP foil, you choose front wings between 1500 and 2000cm2. For surf foil and wake foil, choose between 1200 and 1500. For wind and kite foil, choose foils between 800 and 1250cm2.

How to maintain your Sroka foil?

First of all, use the supplied gel to grease your screws and connections. There is no need to put any more as long as there is some left. Don’t use too much of it as it can create a deposit at the bottom of the screw threads. Rinse your foil with clear water after an outing and dismantle it before storing it in the protective covers provided. Be careful not to get sand in the screw threads. If you have a full carbon foil, you don’t need to dismantle it every time, the oxidation is between the aluminium and carbon parts.