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All our High Aspect foils

Want to glide longer? further?
Are you a master of the basics and looking for new sensations, superior performance and the ability toglide longer on waves and swells?

You’ve come to the right place.

Incomparable Flight Experience : Imagine gliding smoothly, even on waves as small as 30 cm. The feeling of gliding is just awesome, and what’s even better is that you can prolong this feeling for long minutes.
Mastery and Ease : With a few well-placed pumping strokes, you’ll instantly regain lift and speed, allowing you to move from wave to wave with ease. This ability to maintain speed gives you more time to land every turn, every jibe, and every tack.

Find your ideal High Aspect foil from our simple and effective range.

  • For speed enthusiasts : The 950 High Aspect foil offers exceptional gliding sensations from the first minutes of use, giving the impression of being on a cushion of air that is constantly accelerating. With a wingspan of 85 cm, a relatively thin thickness and a rope of 14.5 cm, this foil is fast and slippery. It is suitable for a wide range of practitioners, providing excellent forgiveness for beginners while also performing well enough for advanced users.
  • To unleash your sensations : The 1190 HA Speed is also a high-performance foil for wing foil, surf foil, windfoil and kite foil, but more accessible than the 950 HA Speed. It offers a smooth and controlled speed (26kn recorded so far), as well as excellent glide and efficient pumping. It can be combined with different stabilizers depending on the rider’s preference.
  • For surfers : The 1190 HA Lift is a surf foil, SUP foil and wake foil. It has a more load-bearing profile than the 1190 HA Speed, which gives it more power and lift. It optimizes pumping to reconnect the waves without stopping. It is also very effective in wingfoil in light to medium wind conditions.
  • To glide endlessly : The 1350 HA Lift is a versatile foil, suitable for wing foil, surf foil, dockstart, SUP foil and downwind. It has a very load-bearing profile, which gives it great stability and ease of take-off in very light winds. Ultra effective for lake practice, because it passes the softs very well while gliding until the next gust of wind. It glides endlessly and allows you to glide endlessly over the slightest semblance of wave, swell or chop with fluidity.
  • For dockstart lovers : The 2000 HA foil is for dockstart enthusiasts. With this kite, you’ll be able to take off easily, glide endlessly, and pump with ease.

Our customers’ satisfaction:

Our customers are delighted with their SROKA High Aspect foils. Their testimonials are a guarantee of quality and performance.

Personalized Contact : Do you have any questions or need advice on choosing the perfect foil? Contact us, we are here to guide you.

Satisfaction Guarantee : We’re confident you’ll love our range of High Aspect foils. To put your mind at ease, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Try them and feel the difference!