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All accessories and spare parts Inflatable paddle board


To practice inflatable SUP you will need: a paddle, a leash, a fin (retractable or not), and an inflator (electric or manual). It is much more convenient to also have a carry bag and a repair kit can be useful. The Easy and Ocean Walker ready-to-go packs have all the necessary equipment to go straight into the water. Otherwise, all these essentials are available in the SUP section of our website.

The most important thing before choosing your paddle board seat is to make sure that your SUP has inserts to attach it. Our Malibu 10′ and 10’6 as well as our Easy 10′ and 10’6 are equipped with saddles that allow you to attach a kayak seat.

You will need to choose a comfortable seat, made with quality materials so that it is resistant and durable.

To inflate your stand up paddle board you have two choices, the manual pump or the electric pump. The double action manual pump from SROKA is efficient and powerful, it promises you a fast inflation.

However, with our electric pump your paddle will be inflated without the slightest effort. Compact and lightweight, it is convenient to use thanks to its auto-stop device that stops the pump when the paddle is sufficiently inflated. To make it work, nothing could be simpler, just plug it into a cigarette lighter socket.

The recommended volume obviously depends on what you want to put inside. As a rule of thumb, a 5-liter bag is ideal. It allows you to put your phone, car keys, a small bottle of water, and a sweater. This size is perfect for slipping into the nets of our inflatable SUPs (present on the Girly, the Malibu 10′ and on the entire Alpha range).

For the Easy range (excluding Easy Duo) and the Ocean Walker, the accessories are included in the formula, they are sold “ready to go”. So there are: leash, carry bag, double action pump, fin and three-piece aluminum paddle. You won’t have to pay anything extra for accessories.

All our other ranges are available as a standard pack or as a complete pack allowing you to have all the accessories at a great price. Count about 150€ more for the full pack option.

The standard package includes the board, fin, carry bag and hand pump. The full pack adds to the standard pack: a 50% carbon paddle, a leash and an electric pump (instead of the manual pump).

If you want to buy the items in the full pack individually, it will cost around 230€.

Like all SROKA products, accessories are guaranteed for 2 years (subject to proper use of the product)

A paddle

A fin (retractable or not)

A leash

A pump (manual or electric)

A carry bag