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Kitefoil & Kitesurfing

At SROKA Company, it is in the free-ride practice of kiteing that we find our pleasure: simple and free. And it is this pleasure that the SROKA team wishes to share with you, by offering you the best equipment, at the best prices so that everyone can access the practice, and share even more sessions with you.

This water sport was born in the 1970s, when several inventors filed patents for products that today resemble kite-surfing equipment. It was in the 2000s that this board sport became a discipline in its own right, practiced all over the world. It is now a recognized sport in board sports, with its specific equipment, its championships, its brands and dedicated athletes.

Just like windsurfing, kite-surfing is a board sport where you use the force of the wind to navigate. However, the latter allows you to be towed by a versatile kite, also called a wind beach, and a board attached to your feet, whereas in Windsurf, your sail will be attached to the surfboard. The kite will give you more freedom, allowing you to jump and fly over the water. The advantage is that you don’t need to have a wave spot to practice. You can ride from the beach to flat lagoons, such as rough seas or in big waves. All you need is wind and water!

You’ve discovered this sport And you want to buy your own gear? Thanks to their fifteen years of experience in kitesurfing, Bruno SROKA and his team have been able to put their passion and expertise to good use in the production of quality products.

We have thought about and designed, in our premises in Brittany, the versatile OUESK wings, easy to use while being efficient, manoeuvrable and drifting to perfection. Indeed, designed with 3 slats, they have been designed to be versatile, suitable for beginners and the most experienced. Our kites are available in 7m² and 9m², and meet all kite disciplines and all sailing conditions. Our OUESK kites benefit from the best construction technologies to optimize wind grip and maneuverability, and guarantee an easy start from the beach, no matter the conditions. It is important to us that our kites allow you to find the riding style that suits you. Whether you’re a speed addict, a freestyle enthusiast, or prefer to take your time surfing the swell and waves, our products are thought out and designed so that everyone can find something to their liking.

Our SROKA Company Twin Tips kite-surf boards (made in France) offer unique gliding sensations with a solid and durable construction over time. We manufacture high quality boards in Brittany, at a reasonable price, consisting of a wood core and ABS rails. Accessible to all, our boards perfectly combine performance and versatility. Indeed, it is important for us to produce a board that allows you to progress from the beginning, to improve, and to reach the highest level. In order to make this product accessible to everyone, our SROKA Twin Tips boards are available in three sizes:

The know-how of Bruno SROKA, 3 times Kitesurfing World Champion, has made it possible to develop a universal kite bar that is comfortable, solid and ergonomic. This bar has been designed with the aim of offering the best possible grip thanks to an all-new molded grip that is comfortable in all situations. In addition, it fits many wings on the market. We decline our Universal kite bar in 50 cm and 55 cm. These two sizes have been chosen to offer the best compromise: the 50 cm bar will be ideal for wings under 11m2, while the 55cm bar will correspond more to wings over 11m2. The quality of our SROKA products is important, which is why we have chosen to manufacture our T6061 Aluminium bar , which guarantees high quality and high rigidity in the water. Thus, our universal bar will allow you to navigate freely, with maximum control during your session. You can also use this product during a KiteFoil session.

At SROKA Company, we want to make board sports accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we offer complete packs for sale, which we have been keen to keep at an affordable price. Our complete Kitesurf Pack will allow you to be equipped with a Twintip board (available in three sizes), a Kite-Ouesk kite (available in two sizes), and finally our universal bar. Thanks to this complete pack, you will have all the keys in hand to enjoy your kitesurfing session!

The SROKA team is constantly thinking and developing to offer you products and accessories at the best value for money. It is with this objective in mind that we have designed the SROKA Kitesurfing Footstraps and Pads, in order to give you maximum comfort while sailing. Their absorbent foam composition makes it possible to adapt to the feet with a memory foam. You will be able to adjust them easily and have a good hold during practice thanks to the adjustment strap. Our set of Footstraps and Pads is suitable for all types of navigation, on all our board models, for a practice ranging from freeride to freestyle.

Kite-surfing equipment has the advantage of being easily transportable. We have designed a range of accessories and transport and protective covers for your gear, so that you have the least logistical constraints to reach your favorite spots.

We innovate with the aim of continuously improving our products, and offering the best offer on the market. To guarantee the quality of our products, each product is extensively tested and then approved by Bruno Sroka, 3 times KiteSurfing World Champion, and first man to have crossed Cape Horn in KiteSurfing. He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of SROKA Company’s products is of the highest quality, quality and comfort, durable over time and easy to use.

Find our entire range of kitesurfing, and more, on our e-commerce site. You can also view, test and buy our boards through our distribution network in France and internationally.

Flying on the ocean is our passion and it is through Kitesurfing that we share it best.


Inspired by nature, we fly, surf and row with our products developed on the Breton coast. Designed for you: quality products, at affordable prices, and that last over time.

SROKA Company is a Breton brand developed by Bruno Sroka, 3 times kitesurfing world champion and the first man to have crossed Cape Horn in a kite. Born from the desire to share its passion while developing quality and durable products over time, SROKA Company manufactures board equipment such as Kitesurfing and WindFoil, KiteFoil, SurfFoil, SUPfoil, WingFoil, and Inflatable Stand-Up-Paddle. Our approach: to make board sports accessible, by offering the best products at the best price. That’s why each of them is extensively tested and approved by our team on the Breton coast.

Join the family of board sports enthusiasts. Welcome to Sroka.


Kite foil consists of using a foil in addition to kite surfing equipment. Kite foil is one of the oldest practices in board sports to have used and popularized foiling. The practice is developing in competition such as with the kite foil world series but is also very popular on all bodies of water in freeride.

To kite foil, you must already master the practice of kite surfing. It is possible to start kite foil with an intermediate or advanced level of practice. The better you are in kite surfing, the easier it will be to learn how to foil.

Yes, like all our products, Sroka kitesurfing foils come with a two-year warranty.

It takes us about one working day to prepare your order which is then delivered to you between 1 and three working days.

For your very first kitefoil tacks, it is possible to start with the S-Foil and its 1250 Classic or 1190 Speed front wings in a freeride perspective. These setups also work very well in surf foil and wing foil. For those who want foils dedicated especially to kite foil, it is quite possible to start and evolve with the aluminum or carbon K-Foil with the K950 kites.
We recommend small volume boards for kite foiling. So, for those who want a convertible kite and surf foil board, the Fast Flyer 4’6 is perfect. Otherwise, the Pocket Board Sroka will be as comfortable as a kite foil as it is in wake foil or dock start.

In the north of France, we can mention Wissant, very often windy and famous for the wave. Descending a little, Brittany is full of spots, including the bay of Brest and the bay of Quiberon, but also the very beautiful archipelago of Glénans. In the South of France, Leucates, Hyères, L’Almanarre or Marseille offer spots with very beautiful wind conditions and mild temperatures throughout the year. The lakes are not to be outdone, including the lake of Serre Ponçon.

It is quite possible to learn kite foil on your own. We offer guides and tutorials to help you progress. Schools offer kite foil lessons for all levels,
How to position your kite foil feet?
In kite foil, the feet are naturally positioned in the footstraps. Kite foil boards usually offer a Y-mount. However, it is important to have your back foot above the foil mast

Yes, the paddle, pump and carry bag are included in the Easy packs and the Ocean Walker. For other paddles, the complete pack (paddle + paddle, pump and bag) is available as an option (excluding duos, XL and XXL).

Inflating your paddle will only take you 3 to 4 minutes.

The number of people per paddle board depends on the size of the paddle. For example, the 11’6 and 12’6 can carry two adults and one child. For paddle boarding as a couple, the SUP Easy DUO and the SUP DUO are perfectly suited.

If you want to be even more, there are the Giant XL and XXL paddles that can accommodate between 4 and 8 people. On the other hand, a paddle board with a size of 10′ is designed for one person only.

If you don’t know which paddle to choose, we explain everything HERE.

The size of your paddle will depend on the practice you want to have (walking, surfing, duo, race, performance…), but also on your size. Paddles with a round nose are more oriented towards a family practice, for walks for example. Whereas SUPs with a pointed nose are more efficient and faster because they have less drag. They are ideal for a more sporty practice.

At SROKA there is a paddle for everyone, find our advice on which one to choose

If you want to store your paddle as part of a winterization, you must rinse it and then make sure that it is dry before storing it. Otherwise, you just have to fold it up and store it in its bag or carrying bag. You can also leave it inflated in a ventilated area.

To clean your SUP, simply rinse it with water. If you’re not going to use it for a while, it’s best to rinse it with fresh water to remove the salt from the seawater

To start with, the most suitable SUPs are round-nosed paddles. They will provide you with better stability.

The Easy packs are perfect for beginners. Sold with all the necessary equipment (leash, paddle, carrying bag and pump), they are easy to use and will allow you to get started quickly.

In the same vein, we have the Ocean Walker and the Malibus. The Ocean Walker allows you to learn the practice of SUP in all simplicity. Accessible, this is the first SROKA prize, but they are nevertheless light and resistant.

The Malibus, on the other hand, is a perfect compromise to start and progress. These boards are very durable over time, positioned at the top of the range, we equip many clubs and nautical centers with this professional range.

Find all our tips for choosing your SUP right here:

In Paris you can go to the spot of Joinville-le-Pont, accessible with the RER A, it is easy to get there. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful paddle ride on the Polangis canal in the middle of nature. For a more urban ride, it is also possible to paddle on the Seine just outside Paris, to the southwest. This is the spot of Boulogne-Billancourt which will offer you a beautiful walk around the island of Seguin and the island of Saint-Germain.

The first thing to do is to hold your paddle tightly. Place one hand on the handle, the other halfway up and position the paddle so that the angle of the blade is pointing forward. Then, dip the paddle into the water forward and pull it along the board with the other hand (without sticking the paddle to the board either). If you row left, your paddle will go to the right, and if you row to the right, it will go to the left. The wider you take in relation to your board, the more the paddle will turn.

It is believed that it was Laird Hamilton (Hawaiian surfer) who created paddleboarding in 1990 using dugout paddles on tandem surfboards.

Paddle boards are made of PVC. At SROKA we use high-quality PVC. This is the same type of PVC used for professional RIB boats to give you strong and durable paddles.

The best inflatable paddle board is high-performance, strong, and durable. At Sroka we make it a point of honor to offer you inflatable SUPs of the best possible quality. Our paddles are built with top-of-the-range PVC to offer you ultra-quality paddles that last over time.

To choose your inflatable paddle board, you will have to take into account the practice you plan to do (walks, running, surfing, hiking, sports, duo, etc.), your level and your size. At SROKA there is a paddle board adapted to each person. To find out which paddle to choose according to your desires, your level and your size, it’s not here:

A paddle board is a board that is larger than a surfboard, which allows you to move upright with the help of a paddle.

For an inflatable paddle (excluding duo and XL paddles) count between €360 and €850. This price varies depending on the size of the paddle, its type of construction and its shape.