What size wing foil board should I choose?   You have to choose it according to your level, your size and your practice. If you prefer to start with boards like the Sky Rider 5’5 (90L, for 70Kg and under), 5’8 (105L for 70 to 80Kg) and 6’3 (for 80Kg and over), experienced riders can choose the 5’2 (77L) and 4’8 (68L) for freestyle and versatile performance, or go down to the Fast Flyer (38L)   The 6′ and 6’4 (144 and 155L) inflatable boards are ideal for beginners. Those who want a high performance board to take with them on their travels should look at the 5’3 (120L).       Which board to start wing foiling?   To start wing foiling, you need a board with volume and above all you should not overestimate yourself. For people under 70kg, it is possible to start with the 5’5 Sky Rider 90L. From 70 to 80, 5’8. Otherwise 6’3. You also need to choose a board that is solid and not a throwaway board. We make full sandwich PVC boards, the best construction on the market.   Are Sroka wing foil boards guaranteed?   Yes, all Sroka wing foil boards come with a two year warranty. We use the best materials and the best construction on the market (full sandwich PVC carbon or fiberglass) so that we do not make disposable products, but durable and high performance. We also offer a series of foil boards entirely made in France.   How to choose a wing foil board?   You have to choose a board adapted to your size and your level. Especially when you are a beginner, you should not overestimate yourself at the risk of not being able to progress. You should not go below the Sky Rider 5’5 and its 90L to start. The Sky Rider 5’8 (105L), 6’3 (120L) and the Air 6′ and 6’4 inflatable models will be perfect for beginners of most sizes, from 70Kg and up. Another criterion in choosing a board is the quality of the construction and materials. The quality of the construction determines whether or not your board will last more than one season and whether it will perform well. We build our boards in full sandwich PVC carbon or fiberglass, it’s the best there is. Check out our video on how to build a wingfoil board here.     What equipment do I need to practice wing foil?   To practice wing foil, you need a board, a foil and a wing. In addition, you need a board leash and a wing leash, which are essential accessories for the practice. A pump to inflate the wing (or the inflatable board) should be added. We advise you to wear a long suit and booties to protect your legs and feet from the foil. Think of the safety equipment!   How to maintain your wing foil board?   We advise you to rinse your equipment well with clean water and not to store it outside or in very hot, cold or humid places. Do not open the decompression screw if you are not flying or leaving your board in a very hot place (beach in summer, car boot).       How long does it take to deliver a Sroka foil board?   Allow 24 hours for the preparation of the order and one to three working days for the delivery of the package in France.