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Stand Up Paddle is a water sport that consists of paddling on a large, wide board with a paddle. In just a few years, the practice has been democratised and spread to beaches and waters around the world. Indeed, it is one of the easiest water sports to practice, while remaining a physical practice that solicits almost every muscle of the body. The power of the rowing motion and the balance required on the board work all the muscles. This water sport requires balance and depending on the water surface, a fall can happen quickly. SUP will therefore develop your ability to analyse the waves, wind and currents and adapt your rides to the conditions.

A paddle board adapted to each level facilitates the beginnings and/or allows you to progress and perfect your skills; Stand-Up-Paddle boards exist for all ages and sizes. This water sport allows a great diversity of practices: stroll alone or with the family, sporty stroll, touring, surfing, training, racing… Do not hesitate to use your board for other activities such as fishing or yoga!

On flat water, lake, river or ocean, the Stand-Up-Paddle will offer you the possibility to practice on diversified bodies of water, and to discover many hidden spots. The SUP board is available in inflatable or rigid, while remaining easy to transport, assemble and prepare. An all-round board will be more stable, while a touring board will have a sharper nose and will penetrate the water better. The result is a better glide.

At SROKA Company, our boards range from 9’5 to 14′ in size, so that everyone can find the paddle board that best suits their needs and wishes. Our quality products are for everyone, and to offer you the best sensations, we also offer special boards: SUP-giant, HandiSUP, SUP-Tandem, SUPFoil. We innovate so that everyone can find the board that suits them, all our products are thought out and designed according to precise criteria, with a studied and unique design, while maintaining the best quality-price ratio.

At SROKA Company, the ocean is our playground and it is important to offer the opportunity to practice or learn Stand-Up Paddle at an affordable price. It is with this objective that we design, in our premises in Brittany, ranges with the best compromise between accessibility, stability and glide. Each SROKA board is designed to be as robust and durable as possible. SROKA Company boards are designed to be reinforced where the product could be fragile: the rails. We have reinforced the rails to avoid problems with waterproofing, impact and friction. What is special about our products is that we have placed several layers of a high quality PVC, used for professional RIBs, on the rails to ensure maximum watertightness. This construction, combined with Fusion Technology, guarantees superior finishes, increases the rigidity and performance and durability of our equipment. Fusion Technology also reduces the weight of the board by up to 20%, making it easier to launch and transport.

We are constantly innovating to improve our products, and to offer the best inflatable boards on the market. To guarantee the quality of our products, all of them are tested by Bruno Sroka (3 times kitesurfing world champion, and the first man to have crossed Cape Horn in a kite). He makes it a point of honour to ensure that each of the SROKA Company’s products is top of the range, of impeccable quality and comfort, durable over time and easy to use.

What SUP equipment do I need?

Each paddle is sold with a range of accessories depending on the range. You will find with your SROKA board, a carrying bag, an inflation pump, one or more fins, a leash (Easy range), and a 3 piece paddle (Easy range). In addition, our range of accessories completes all the additional needs that our riders may have. We offer leashes of different sizes and shapes, a wide range of paddles, different types of fins and electric pumps. We also have retractable fins that will allow you to navigate in shallow waters (Exclusive to SROKA in France).

You can find our different ranges of boards on our website. The Waves models are designed for surfers or for the initiation of your children. For family rides, we recommend the Malibu 10′ and 10’6 range. The 10’6 board will be bigger and will allow you to ride with more people for a fun ride. For longer rides and the desire to get away from it all, we recommend the Alpha range. This range allows you to have a similar feeling to a rigid board with the simplicity of use and storage of the inflatable. We have also developed the “Girly” range, designed for women with a slightly smaller Malibu and Alpha SUP board with a refined and feminine design.

Find all our paddle ranges, and more, on our e-commerce site. You can also see, test and buy our products through our distribution network in France and abroad.

The ocean is our passion and it is through the inflatable Stand-Up Paddle that we share it best. Share all your good moments on our Facebook group Sroka Sessions, to discover new spots to share!

Choosing your inflatable Stand-Up Paddle
How to start Stand Up Paddling
Choosing your paddle
Choosing your SUPFoil
Repairing your inflatable board


Inspired by nature, we fly, surf and paddle with our products developed on the Brittany coast. We think for you: quality products, at affordable prices, that last over time.

SROKA Company is a Breton brand developed by Bruno Sroka, 3 times world kitesurfing champion and the first man to have crossed Cape Horn in a kite. Born from the desire to share his passion while developing quality products that last over time, SROKA Company manufactures board sports equipment such as Kitesurf, WindFoil, KiteFoil, SurfFoil, SUPfoil, WingFoil, and inflatable Stand-Up-Paddle. Our approach: to make board sports accessible by offering the best products at the best price. That’s why each of them is tested and approved by our team on the Brittany coast.

Join the family of board sports enthusiasts. Welcome to Sroka.




1 – What is the difference between a rigid paddle and an inflatable paddle?

The inflatable paddle is more practical. It requires much less space to store and is easier to transport with a carry bag. Inflatable paddles are also more robust due to the materials used in their construction. It will withstand shocks better than a rigid paddle. At SROKA we build all our paddles out of semi-rigid PVC, which makes them very durable.
The advantage of rigid paddles is that there is usually more choice.


2 – Are Sroka paddles guaranteed?

Like all SROKA products, the paddles are guaranteed for 2 years (subject to proper use of the product)

3 – What is the delivery time for a SUP?
  • The delivery time varies according to the shipping zone:
  • Northern part of France: 24/48h
  • Southern France: 3-4 days
  • Europe (neighbouring countries): 3-4 days
  • Europe (countries further away from France): 5-7 days
  • Outside Europe: deliveries are made with Fedex or DHL carriers, so delivery times vary according to the carrier chosen and the delivery zone. For example: USA / Canada: 2-3 days, Asia: 1 week

4 – Are paddles suitable for children?

The paddles are perfectly suitable for children, provided they can swim. For children, you can choose our Waves 9’5 Fusion paddle or the Malibu 10′.

If you wish, you can also take them with you on our big SUPs and on the SUP Duo Easy and DUO.

Find all our advice on which paddle to choose at this link

5 – What level do you need to be to paddle?

Paddleboarding is a sport suitable for all levels. If this is your first time, we advise you to start on a calm stretch of water. This will allow you to get your bearings slowly. Little by little you will find your balance and paddling will become child’s play!

6 – What is the maximum weight for an inflatable paddle?

The biggest paddles can support up to 130 kg (except SUP Duo and SUP Géant XL and XXL which can accommodate 2 to 8 people).

7 – How to transport your inflatable paddle?

The most practical way is to carry your paddle in the backpack that comes with it. For Alpha paddles, the backpack has wheels for easy transport.

8 – Are the paddle, pump and bag included with the stand up paddle?

Yes, the paddle, pump and bag are included in the Easy and Ocean Walker packs. For the other paddles, the complete pack (paddle + paddle, pump and bag) is available as an option (except for duos, XL and XXL).

9 – How long does it take to inflate a paddle?

Inflating your paddle will only take 3 to 4 minutes.

10 – How many people can an inflatable paddle hold?

The number of people per paddle depends on the size of the paddle. For example, the 11’6 and 12’6 can carry two adults and one child. For two people paddling, the SUP Easy DUO and SUP DUO are perfect.

If you want to be even more, there are the Giant XL and XXL paddles that can accommodate between 4 and 8 people. On the other hand, a 10′ size paddle is designed for one person.

If you don’t know which paddle to choose we’ll explain it all HERE.

11 – What size should I choose for my paddle?

The size of your paddle will depend on the type of paddling you want to do (touring, surfing, duo, race, performance…), but also on your size. Paddles with a round nose are more oriented towards family use, for example for walks. Whereas SUPs with a pointed nose are more efficient and faster because they have less drag. They are ideal for a more sporty practice.

At SROKA there is a paddle for everyone, find our advice on which one to choose

12 – How to store your stand up paddle?

If you want to store your paddle for the winter, you must rinse it and make sure it is dry before storing it. If not, simply fold it up and store it in its bag or carrier bag. You can also leave it inflated in a ventilated area.

13 – How to clean your SUP 

To clean your SUP, simply rinse it with water. If you are not going to use it for a while, it is better to rinse it with fresh water in order to eliminate the salt from the sea water.

14 – Which paddle should I choose to begin?

For beginners, the most suitable SUPs are round-nosed paddles. They will give you better stability.

Easy packs are perfect for beginners. Sold with all the necessary equipment (leash, paddle, carrying bag and pump), they are easy to use and will allow you to get the hang of it quickly.

In the same idea we have the Ocean Walker and the Malibus. The Ocean Walker is the easiest way to learn to SUP. The Ocean Walker is the first SROKA price, but it is still light and resistant.

The Malibus are a perfect compromise for beginners and those who want to progress. They are very durable boards, positioned at the top of the range, we equip many clubs and water sports centres with this professional range.

Find all our advice to choose your SUP right here :

15 – Where to paddle in Paris?

In Paris you can go to the spot of Joinville-le-Pont, accessible with the RER A, it is easy to go there. You can enjoy a nice paddle on the Polangis canal in the middle of nature. For a more urban ride, it is also possible to paddle on the Seine just outside Paris, to the south-west. This is the spot in Boulogne-Billancourt, which offers you a nice ride around the Ile de Seguin and the Ile Saint-Germain.

16 – How to use a paddle?

The first thing to do is to hold the paddle properly. Place one hand on the handle, the other halfway up and position the paddle so that the angle of the blade points forward. Then dip the paddle forward into the water and pull it along the board with the other hand (without sticking the paddle to the board either). If you paddle to the left, your paddle will go to the right, and if you paddle to the right, it will go to the left. The wider you go in relation to your board, the more the paddle will turn.

17 – Who created the paddle?

The paddle is thought to have been created by Laird Hamilton (a Hawaiian surfer) in 1990 using dugout paddles on tandem surfboards.

18 – What is the material of an inflatable paddle?

Paddle boards are made of PVC. At SROKA we use high quality PVC. This is the same type of PVC used for professional RIB boats to give you strong and durable paddles.

19 – What is the best inflatable stand up paddle?

The best inflatable stand up paddle is powerful, strong and durable. At Sroka we pride ourselves on offering you the best quality inflatable SUPs available. Our paddles are made from high quality PVC to give you the best quality paddles that last.

20 – How to choose an inflatable paddle board?

To choose your inflatable paddle, you need to take into account the type of activity you plan to do (walking, running, surfing, hiking, sports activities, duo…), your level and your size. At SROKA there is a paddle for everyone. To know which paddle to choose according to your desires, your level and your size, click here:

21 – What is a SUP ? 

A paddle is a board that is larger than a surfboard, which allows you to move around in an upright position using a paddle.

22 – What is the price of an inflatable paddle?

For an inflatable paddle (excluding duo and XL paddles) you should expect to pay between 360€ and 850€. This price varies according to the size of the paddle, its type of construction and its shape.