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All Wake Foil boards


Wake foil is surfing, foiling the wave of the boat without rudder pedals… Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?.

With the evolution of foils, there is no need for hollow and powerful waves. Only a 30 cm swell is enough to carry you and generate enough speed to stay in the air. Perfect for having fun on the swell of a boat with your friends. Use the boat to get on the board while being towed, then let go of the rudder pedals and try to stay on the wave generated by the boat.

The wake foil or tow foil is often used by wingfoil schools in order to offer the first flights. It’s a good way to quickly learn how to foil. It is the entry point for all foiling sports. It also allows you to focus solely on the flight technique. This will allow you to experience the first sensations of flying.

The foil

To start with, we advise you to have a foil that generates a lot of lift and thus will allow you to fly with little speed and a lot of stability. The SROKA S-foil Classic in 1750 cm2 or 2000cm2 will be an ideal foil for all beginners. If you are of a good level (first flight), we advise you to go for a S-foil HA 1190 L or 1350 L. The 1350 L HA will allow you to fly for a long time with less effort. If you want more maneuverability, you can change the length of the fuselage which will give you a more radical trajectory but with less longitudinal stability.

This same foil will also allow you to dockstart, Wing foil or surf foil (if you change the size of the board)

The wakefoil board.

There are different ways to take off in wakefoil.

  1. Or you take a board with more volume to easily get on the board with little speed. This solution will be ideal for your first flights but will be limiting later on.
  2. You opt for a sinking board (special dockstart or Wakefoil) it will encourage you to leave by sinking the board like in wakesurfing. You will have to learn how to take off smoothly. Bring the board to the surface and then fly. Despite this difficulty at the beginning, this type of board will be much more evolutionary over time and will allow you to evolve from beginner to expert. We recommend the Pocket 4’0 for all levels, and if you’re looking for the ultimate performance, we recommend the mini pocket 3’3


You don’t have to be good at wakefoiling. You can simply start with a board with more volume to make your first flights. For example, by taking a wingfoil board with more volume, you will be able to get on the board easily and with the little speed with the boat, you will be able to have your first sensations of flight. With more experience, you can even let go of the rudder pedals and try to ride the boat’s wave.

You don’t need a special wake boat or a big boat to practice wake foiling. A RIB with a 20 hp will do the trick.

You can totally wake foil with your wingfoil foil. It is preferable to have a foil larger than 1000 cm2 such as the 1190cm2, 1350cm2, 1250cm2 control. And you can go all the way up to the classic 2000 if needed.

A thick, elastic rudder pedal will provide much more comfort during the towing part.

Wake foil is totally accessible to teenagers. Just adapt the speed of the boat or the size of the front fin to fit the person’s size.

A jet ski, often used as a tow or tow in in the waves can be used to wake foil, it will give you more than enough power to take off. But it will be complicated to surf in the wake of the jet-ski.

To start in wake foiling, it is important to opt for an easy quiver in order to progress quickly.

For the board, opt for a larger board such as the Fastflyer 4’6 or the Superfly 4’2 or 4’6, which have a volume of 32L and 38L. It is important to keep in mind that this type of board can be used later in surf foil, or even in wingfoil (unscrambled level). All equipped with a foil like between 1500 and 2000cm2 Last option, opt for the Pocket 4’0 which is a perfect compromise to start in wakefoil;

For a well-resourced rider, it is preferable to take a special wake board such as the mini pocket 3’3 with a foil like the 1350L, 1190 L or a 1250 control. By reducing the fuselage you will increase the maneuverability of the foil.

If you are an expert, opt for the 3’3 mini pocket, super easy to sink with its low volume, you can also install straps for freestyle. With its low volume and compact size, fly light and feel your foil. Its rocker allows you to take the touches with comfort and ease and start again from a jump.

In terms of foiling, you can opt for fins like the 1190S or 1190W, offering more speed and more responsiveness.

The carbon foil will offer you more glide compared to an aluminum mast. With less drag around the mast, it will bring better glide and maneuverability.