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Wake foil

Discover the SROKA equipment designed for the practice of wake foil. You will also find tips for getting started with wake foiling and choosing the equipment that suits you best.

Wake foil boards

Two wake foil boards for all tastes and all levels with the Surf Foil 4’6 Fastflyer (38L) or the Pocket Foilboard (16L).

Wake foil packs

Two foil packs for all tastes and all practices with the Pocket Foilboard (16L) or the Surf Foil 4’6 Fastflyer (38L). These packs are accompanied by an S-Foil 1190 or 1350 foil.

Our ranges of foils

Wake foil spare parts

The wake foil is a nautical activity which consists of sliding on the water using a board equipped with a foil and a boat, a jet-ski or even pulled by a person (yes yes it works). The foil creates lift that lifts the board out of the water, providing a smooth and quiet gliding experience.

We also speak of wake foil to express the practice of surf foiling on the wave of a boat. We would have to use the term “wake surf foil” to be exact. On our site, we mainly talk about the practice of wake surf foil. Here is a wake surf foil demonstration in Annecy with the Pocket foilboard and the S -foil 1190 Lift.

To start wake foiling, it is advisable to have some knowledge of wakeboarding. You need to be confident and able to control the direction of the board. Then you can equip your board with a foil specially designed for wake foiling. Favor a flat body of water to start, and agree with the pilot of the boat to have a stable speed, around 10/15 km/h to start. Start by practicing small take-offs: slide slowly on the water and when you reach sufficient speed, push on your legs to lift the board out of the water. Keep your knees slightly bent and keep your eyes fixed on the horizon to maintain your balance. Then familiarize yourself with the sensations of flight and persevere until you have mastered your balance.

To do wake surf foiling, use a shorter rudder bar or get closer to the boat by going up with your arms. Place yourself in the hollow of the wave and find the best position to surf the wave of the boat.

The operation of the wake foil is based on the principle of lift. The foil is made up of a vertical mast and a horizontal wing. As the board glides through the water, the foil creates lift which lifts the board out of the water. As the speed increases, the lift increases and the more the board is lifted. We often compare a foil with an airplane, which flies in the water instead of on the air.

Yes, you can wake foil with most SROKA foils. We design our foils in such a way that they can be used perfectly in 3 different disciplines, so that you do not have to buy a fin for each type of sport. Beware however of kites like the 950 HA or Classics and 1190 HA Speed which will be too fast for small boat waves. All the rest of the range will be compatible with the practice of wakefoil. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by chat, email or phone at 02 98 32 53 69.

The 80 mast is the most versatile.

The 62cm fuselage is the perfect compromise for maneuverability but if you are new to foiling, take the 68cm fuselage (standard) to navigate in complete stability. The ultra-short 56cm fuselage will appeal to riders who want maximum maneuverability and pumping efficiency. All fuselages here.

You don’t need a special wake boat to wakefoil. If you want to do wake surf foiling, a simple semi-rigid that produces waves of 30 to 70 cm will be sufficient, provided you have a suitable foil.

To start wake foiling choose a foil that carries enough for your size. If you want to wake surf foil on the wave of the boat, we recommend our S-foil High Aspect 1190 Lift (templates < 85kg) or 1350 Lift (templates > 85kg). These fins will allow you to slide on the waves of boats to infinity, and will be perfect in other sports such as wing foil, surf foil or dockstart.

A SROKA foil for wake foiling costs between 900 and 1050 euros on average. An adapted board like the Pocket Foilboard 2023 costs €799 excluding promotions.

Like all foiling sports, wake foiling can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Wear a helmet and an impact vest for maximum protection.

We recommend that you equip yourself with a protective helmet and an impact vest.

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