Windfoil Accessories

Windfoil accessories. SROKA Company Windfoil accessories allow you to enjoy every windfoil session in the best conditions.
The first Windfoils appeared in the 1980s when windsurfing was developing greatly and brands were competing with each other in innovation to push the boundaries of this nascent sport. It was only a few decades later, following the explosion of kite foil, that windfoil found its place to become a discipline in its own right among other board sports.
The interest of the foil on a windsurfing board is to increase its speed by raising the board above the surface so as not to suffer from friction with chop. The foil also provides a certain elasticity in the jumps and allows you to keep all the speed during a turn. It is possible to take off in a windfoil from only 7 knots with a sufficiently large wing and sail.
SROKA Company has developed the W-Foil (sizes S and M), a hydrofoil designed for free-ride pleasure in Windfoil. It is in the freedom of movement of free-ride sessions that we find the most pleasure, and it is this pleasure that we want to share with you through our W-Foil.
In 2019, we are developing the S-Foil and the SKY RIDER 7’8 which make windfoil easy and ideal. You can also find our full range of accessories to make every session perfect.

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