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FAQ Wind foil

What is the wind foil ? Windfoil is the evolution of traditional windsurfing. Arrived with the foil revolution in water sports, windfoil is practiced with a traditional windsurf rig, a board often wider and stronger than the average (like the Sky Rider 7’8 or 6’3) and a foil instead of the fin. What are the different ways of wind foiling? There are many different ways to practice wind foil. It is a very competitive sport with categories like IQ Foil, an Olympic discipline in which Sroka ambassadors race. But it is also a discipline that can be practiced in freeride at any level of performance, with equipment such as the Sky Rider 6’3 and the S-Foil HA 1190 Speed convertible into a wing foil, or dedicated foils such as the Sroka W-Foil. What is the level of skill needed to windsurf? It is essential to know how to windsurf before considering windfoil. Knowing how to plan with your feet in the straps, how to jibe and how to use a harness are prerequisites for wind foil sailing. What is the guarantee on Sroka wind foils? Sroka wind foils are guaranteed for two years. Which wind foil to start with ? It is possible to start wind foiling with the S-Foil. In this case, the 1500, 1250 or 1190 S front wings will be perfect to make your first tacks. For those who really want to get into wind foiling, we offer a dedicated foil, the W-Foil. It is easy to start with but offers a new performance potential thanks to the choice of materials and the high quality of the profile of its front and rear wings.