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Wing Foil Boards at the Best Price

Discover our range of ultra-strong boards for

wing foil

. You will find the right board for your size and level, as well as advice to make your choice.

The wing board is the rack on which you will ride to wingfoil. There are two main families: inflatable boards and hard boards.

Inflatable boards are a convenient option for those who need gear that is easy to transport and store. It folds completely and fits in a backpack. This allows you to easily move everywhere, by plane, shooting, on horseback or whatever. The key word is to save space. This option is very interesting for all those who have a real need to save space in a car, an apartment or to get around. They are also more affordable than rigid boards and they are also easy and reassuring for beginners because of the solidity, and the fact that you don’t get hurt on them when you fall.

However, if you are a skilled or even experienced practitioner, you will prefer rigid boards. Rigid boards perform better and are faster than inflatable boards. They come out of the water more easily, they bring more rigidity, nervousness and responsiveness to the foil, which makes them ideal for advanced riders. If you are an experienced practitioner and want to improve your level in wing foil, a rigid board is the best option for you. In summary, inflatable boards are a great option for beginners and casual riders, while rigid boards are more capable and more suitable for experienced riders.

Our options for beginners

If you’re a beginner, opt for an inflatable board with 30 to 40 L above your weight.

If you are a beginner and want a hard board, get a board with 15 L more than your weight. Larger riders will start with the 6’3 in 138 L or 120 L. If you are around 90 kg, we recommend the 6’0 in 120 l, 80 kg, the 5’8 or the 5’7 in 105 l and finally if you are less than 75 kg, take a 5’4 or a 5’5 in 94 L.

Our options for the rugged to the expert.

We advise you to start on a board equal to or even less than your weight. Look at the Superfly Elite range or the LW Elite and DW Elite range. These are ranges built in full sandwich carbon that will give you rigidity, solidity and lightness. It will bring your foil back to life by bringing more responsiveness.

If you want to reduce the board size but stick with larger widths for more ease. See you on the Sky rider 5’2 and 4’8 range.

If you’re looking to optimise light wind, go for the LW and DW Elite range. We have created this range to allow you to sail from 5 knots of wind.

In summary, an inflatable board will bring you ease and less bulk, a high-end rigid board like the superfly will bring you: performance, maneuverability, and rigidity.


It should be chosen according to its level, size and practice. If you prefer to start with boards like the Sky Rider 5’5 or 5’4 (90L, for 70Kg and under), 5’7 or 5’8 (105L for 70 to 90Kg) and 6’0 or 6’3 (for 80Kg and more), experienced riders can choose the 5’2 (77L) and 4’8 (68L) for freestyle or you can go for the Superfly Elite range from 5’3 to 4’2 (32 L to 85 L) and a versatile practice and check out the Fast Flyer (38L).

For all those who want to sail in very light winds. We have just released the LW and DW range which will allow you to sail at 5 knots of wind.

The 6′ and 6’4 (144 and 155L) inflatable boards are ideal for beginners. Those who want a performance board to take anywhere on a trip will turn to the 5’3 (120L).

To start wing foiling, you need a board with volume and above all not to overestimate yourself. For those weighing less than 70kg, it is possible to go for the 5’4 or 5’5 Sky Rider 90L. From 70 to 85, go for the 5’7 or 5’8. And over 85 kg, opt for the 6’0 or 6’3. You should also choose a board that is solid and not a board to be thrown away. We manufacture full sandwich PVC boards, the best construction on the market.

Yes. All Sroka wing foil boards come with a two-year warranty. We use the best materials and construction on the market (full sandwich PVC, carbon or fiberglass) so that we do not make disposable products, but durable and high-performance. We also offer series of foil boards entirely made in France.

You need to choose a board that is adapted to your size and level. Especially when you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t overestimate yourself at the risk of not being able to progress. You don’t have to go below the Sky Rider 5’5 and its 90L to start. The Sky Rider 5’8 (105L), 6’3 (120L) models and the Air 6′ and 6’4 inflatable models will be perfect for beginners for most builds, 70Kg and more. Another criterion in the choice of the board is the quality of the construction and materials. The build quality determines whether your board is going to last more than one season or not and whether it will really perform. We build our boards in full sandwich PVC carbon or fiberglass, it’s the best there is. Check out our video on how to build wingfoil boards here.

To practice wing foil, you need a board, a foil and a wing. In addition, there is a board leash and a wing leash which are essential accessories for the practice. You need to add a pump to inflate the wing (or inflatable board). We advise you to wear a long wetsuit and booties to protect your legs and feet from the foil. Don’t forget about safety equipment!

We advise you to rinse your equipment well with clean water and not to store it outside or in very hot, very cold or very humid places. Do not open the pressure relief screw if you are not flying or if you are not leaving your board in a very hot place (beach in summer, car trunk).

Allow 24 hours for the preparation of the order and one to three working days for the delivery of the package in metropolitan France.