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Choose your High Aspect foil front wing

In 2021, we introduced our High Aspect profile carbon front wings to complement the classic S Foil range. They have been designed for users who want gliding, super efficient pumping and speed. We have ensured that each high aspect front wing has a unique profile, for a range of complementary products:

  • The HA 1190 S (speed)is predestined for Wing foil at high speed and in strong winds, but also for foil surfing powerful wave trains. Made for speed, it provides pure sensations of speed and glide. Among the 7000 or so hydrodynamic profiles in our database, we have selected the one that would be the perfect complement to the HA 1190 L (Lift). Thus, the HA 1190 S has a thinner profile, with less take off potential but 20% faster.
  • We have developed the HA 1190 L (Lift) for those who want to move up to the next level in Surf Foil, SUP foil, or Wing foil in light wind. For this blade, we wanted a more lifting profile than that of the HA 1190 S. With 15 to 20% of of extra lifting power, this fin generates pumping and gliding with disconcerting ease. It will require no effort from you to connect the waves to infinity.

Discover a new world of sensations with our HA 1190 S and HA 1190 L, and how to choose the right high aspect profile below. Our S Foilis supplied in its protective and transport bag.

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High Aspect Foiling advantages How a low aspect fin works

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Mast aluminium s foil 2021

A stiffer and lighter mast

We have worked on the design of our masts, always with a view to gaining rigidity and weight for better performance. Thus, they gain 50% in rigidity and 27% in weight. Shorter on the rope, they benefit from a significant gain in manoeuvrability. Your manoeuvres will be smoother and your foil more responsive. Our masts are available in three sizes: 90cm, 80cm and 70cm, for all levels, practices and conditions.

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