SROKA S-Foil adjustment wedges

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SROKA S-Foil adjustment wedges

This set of shims produced in 3D printer allows to vary the angle of the stabilizer of the S-Foil. This variation in angle increases the range of use of the S-Foil. These SROKA S-Foil adjustment wedges (ONLY FOR S-FOIL 2020) are interposed between the fuselage and the stabilizer. On the one hand it makes it possible to make a galvanic isolation between the fuselage, and the stabilizer but especially it decreases the angle of the stabilizer what has for consequence to make accelerate the S-Foil.


Only for the 2020 S-Foil

More Info

To begin with, we recommend not changing the angle of the stabilizer.

This pack of shims consists of 3 different angles: -0.5°; -1° and -2°.

By cumulating the wedges, you can go up to -3,5°. However -3° is the maximum we identified as interesting

The use of the wedges is particularly suitable for Wing Foil, Kitefoil and Windfoil.

  • In kitefoil with the 1250 cm2, -3 degrees is the best option.
  • In Wingfoil with the S-foil whatever the fin, from -1° to -3° will give better performance. For example, with -3° you will leave a little less early but you will gain almost 2 knots in top speed. This will help you when you want to surf the swell.
  • In Windfoil, -3° will cause the foil to accelerate more strongly.

It’s up to you to play and find the best settings for you.

With this set of shims you can adjust from -0.5° , -1° , -1.5° , -2° , -2.5° and -3°.

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