Foil adapter plate-Probox for Kitefoil & SUP/Surf foil

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Foil adapter plate-Probox

Sroka company developed a Foil adapter plate-Probox for hydrofoil that allows mounting your foil with the probox box to any board in the market. The Sroka foil adapter fits perfectly with our Sroka Pocket Board

Made from anodized aluminum this Foil adapter plate-Probox has been prepared with the CNC to assure the sizing respect. The open holes in four corners will facilites mounting and dismounting your hydrofoil without taking off your screws completely. All you need to do is to untighten your screws and disconnect easily from your board.

Specially designed Sroka plate / probox adapter hydrodynamic profile has been created to give less drag and to increase the rigidity.

This adapter suits perfectly Sroka S-foil and K-foil.

This adapter work perfectly with the Taaora hydrofoil

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